ZenMind XP Eye Massager Ultimate Review – Is It Really Effective?


Nowadays, people often suffer from headaches around or behind the eyes and sometimes one suffers from dry eyes. It also happens that sometimes our vision becomes blurred and one isn’t able to focus.

We spend most of our times today in front of screens from laptops, computers smartphones, television sets etc. And because of that are eyes are impacted in a major manner. They can suffer from dryness, stressed eyes, sore eyes, discomfort, swelling as well as low blood circulations in the eyes. If you are suffering from too many problems, then one must consult an eye-specialist as soon as possible. Moreover, one must take care of their eyes on a daily basis to make sure they stay healthy and in no way is the vision impaired.

The Zen Mind is a product that is designed to provide ultimate comfort to the eyes. It helps in relieving problems of dryness, swelling, discomfort, and low blood circulation in the eyes. Also, if someone suffers from frequent headaches and migraines or upper back tension, the eye massager is a great solution. It also helps with detoxification and can help provide relief from conditions of insomnia, anxiety, depression, and sleeplessness.

This eye massager works as an eye mask and comes with a remote in order to control it. It works easily around the temples, eye sockets as well as pressure points around the eye.


A device that massages your eyes can seem like something dangerous at first. However, the technology is made to massage your eyes around them, but never on them. The massage provided is quite gentle and makes use of water and air to achieve somewhat of a soft compression.

There are some eye massagers available in the market that directly apply heat to the eyes and even get the blood circulation going quite effectively. Most of the eye massagers that are available in the market are placed over the eyes similar to glasses and can easily go over the head like you wear a helmet. You can easily travel with these eye massagers and they are quite durable that last for a long time. The value and relief that they offer to your eyes is quite an awesome investment and makes for a great gift as well.

Eye massagers are quite beneficial for those who spend a lot of time in front of the screens or for those who work for longer hours.

Zen Mind XP review


Zen Mind is basically an eye massager that works with heat compression and with the use of multi-frequency vibration stimulation. The hot air compression makes up a heated reflux layer and it can fill quite well with the human facial contour linings. It helps in getting over the tiredness in the eyes as well. It comes with an inbuilt Bluetooth music player, which makes for added relaxation.


  1. Acupoints Shiatsu Massage: The massage acupressure points around temples offer human hand like comfort and are made to increase blood circulation.
  2. Vibration: You can easily exercise muscles around the eyes to relieve exhausted and tired eyes.
  3. Heat Therapy: It makes use of hot compression to relax tired muscles.
  4. Airbag Kneading: You can gently apply a little bit of pressure with the use of multiple airbags around the eyes and provide ultimate relaxation.
  5. Precision: it comes with 180 degrees portable design that makes for accurate eye position.
  6. Music: It offers relaxing music that helps in relieving stress and also helps one with sleeping well.
  7. Rechargeable: The product is rechargeable within 3 to 5 hours and it can be used for about 7 times a day.
  8. Sanitary: It includes a soft and clean fabric, which helps one feel quite comfortable and easy.
  9. It automatically shuts down after about 15 minutes or so.


  • The Zen Eye Massager helps to prevent any kind of eye problems that are caused due to tired and fatigued eyes.
  • It helps reduce the formation of wrinkles.
  • It helps relieve any kind of stress around the eyes.
  • It helps to take good care of the eyes.
  • It can easily fit into different sizes, which makes for a great buy.


  1. COMFORT: It is always a great idea to invest in comfortable eye massagers. It is something that you will be using on your skin and therefore, it should be lightweight and comfortable to prevent any kind of skin irritations from popping up. One must also check the materials that they are made up of. Many of the massagers make use of special silicone that can be used quite safely on the skin and some even come padded material in them. Therefore, one must definitely choose to invest in a comfortable eye massager that comes with a simple and great design for keeping the skin pampered and relieving it too.
  2. AMOUNT OF SETTINGS: Eye massagers come with different kind of settings and it helps one choose the different pressures and techniques that can be adjusted for massages. The variety in the different types of settings helps in customizing and personalizes the whole experience of massaging and also helps one meet their needs. Therefore, one must always check the different settings that are available for an eye massager.
  3. ADJUSTABILITY FEATURES: An eye massager that is wearable is used by different kinds of people across the world and therefore, eye massagers should come with an adjustability feature. If it were made in a single size, it would not fit all and those that fit poorly do not work too well. Therefore, it is so important to check if the eye massagers can be adjusted or not. Also, with the adjustability feature, it can easily fit on anyone’s head.
  4. MUSIC PLAYING ABILITIES: Music playing abilities are not the most important feature to look at in an eye massager, but having then is always an added advantage. Some of the eye massager models have inbuilt music in them and have nature sounds inside it providing healing and relaxation. Some of them also come with features that let you sync your music in it.


The Zen mind eye massager is only available for a limited time and is directly available on the official website. Also, it comes with free shipping. Ordering the massager is quite easy and makes for a great deal.


The Zen Mind eye massager is heat compression and includes stimulation of multi-frequency vibration. This hot air technology helps in creating a layer of heated reflux combination that fit well with face contour lining. It also helps with relieving eye fatigue. It also includes music that helps in providing ultimate relaxation.


The thing about the eye massager is that it is not at all harmful and it provides relief as it combines massage with heat power. With this device, there is nothing to worry about as it is suitable for everybody and can also help one enjoy great music through Bluetooth, which makes for a calm and relaxed atmosphere.

Even if you use it for a short period of time it helps get great amounts of relief and relaxation. Therefore, you have to buy a model that suits you and this device makes for an amazing job.


  1. It brings your youth alive: The Zen Mind uses heating as well as ventilation effects that make for longer and stronger endurance. It helps to heat up the back muscles to increase blood circulation.
  2. Choose among four types of massaging modes: The Zen Mind eye massager targets nine acupuncture points that provide relaxation around the eyes. Choose from air and compression heat, sound vibration, massage duration, and much more. It also helps in improving blood circulation, puffiness, and dark circles.
  3. Bluetooth speakers facility: The Zen Mind eye massager helps provide the flexibility of linking your phone to the Bluetooth on the device and makes for a relaxing eye massage.
  4. One device fits all: The Zen mind can be used by everybody and is adjustable enough to fit everybody through the flexible straps. Neither is it too big nor is it too small. It is the perfect size for all.


The Zen mind eye massager is the perfect eye massager that doesn’t let you waste a single minute and helps provide ultimate relaxation. It is the perfect investment and offers tons of advantages of stress relief and better, healthier eyes.