Foamatic Review 2020 – Best Handwashing Device?


This pandemic has changed everything and the practice of hand washing in public places has become absolutely mandatory now. Before leaving a place and entering a place, hand washing has become absolutely essential.

The purpose of washing hands is to get rid of any germs or bacteria and to maintain hygiene, but the problem is that the tap of the water faucet that we touch is used widely and by literally everyone who uses it. There isn’t anything that can release the soap or the water without touching it.

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, doctors have advised that the only prevention for this disease is to wear a mask and keep hands sanitized and clean at all times, besides maintaining social distancing. As several people have adopted the practice of washing hands, everyone uses the nozzle, which invokes the doubt of whether it is safe or not.

For this, Foamatic has come up with a solution, which is a soap dispenser that dispenses without any kind of touch or intervention. This product is a great product for eradicating the fear of contracting the virus.

It is quite a cost-effective product and reaps tons of benefits and is introduced to help us get rid of the harmful bacteria, that can infect us and make us ill. The Foamatic soap dispenser is automatic and can be used easily by anyone and everyone.

This device is considered to be the best hand-washing device of 2020 and is the best bet for public places specially.


Foamatic soap dispenser is an automatic, sensor-enabled dispenser that is made to store and dispense different hand washing liquids. It is completely touch-free and does not require the touch of any kind of button. It is made to mix liquid soap wash and dispense it in the form of foam for the purpose of washing hands, whenever they come under the nozzle.

The touch-free sensor gets active as soon as they sense that your hands are getting close to the dispenser and offer a great amount of protection, creating a more hygienic and clear environment. It is actually the best effortless way of washing hands and is highly recommended in places like homes, offices, hospitals, and other public places. The Foamatic soap dispense comes with effective sensitivity, great design, and appearance and is water-resistant.

It is quite a trusted product for making sure that your family is safe at all times.


Foamatic is such a great product that if we talk about the features, the words will fall short to describe this product. Nonetheless, this device is quite a useful and convenient one and comes with an exclusive design to fit any area of the house, offices or other such places.

  1. BUILT-IN INFRARED SENSOR: The device comes with a built-in infrared sensor and comes with a no-touch system. All that one needs to do is, bring the hand below the dispenser and wait for the liquid to dispense automatically. Multiple people across the world can use the same dispenser without having the worry of spreading or contracting any kind of germs.
  2. INSTANT FOAMING SYSTEM: Another great thing about this device is that the liquid wash that has been poured inside it, instantly gets converted into foam and one can access large amounts of this foam without having to touch it.
  3. LONG-LASTING BATTERIES: This product is great and works longer using 4 rechargeable AAA batteries and can last for over 6 months. It also includes an automatic sleep mode system that makes the device go in standby mode when nobody is using it. This helps in extending the life of the batteries and the device as well.
  4. LARGE TANK CAPACITY: The dispenser comes with a capacity of 350 ml and you do not have to bother about refilling it again and again.
  5. HIGHLY HYGIENIC: There is no compromise on hygiene with this product and it comes with inbuilt sensors to avoid any kind of human contact. Without touching the knob, it dispenses the liquid and helps in preventing the spread of any harmful germs or bacteria.
  6. NOISE-FREE DEVICE: The device comes with a motor that rotates 50000 times at a speed of 7000 rpm. It is equipped with a silent motor and hence, reduces or avoids any kind of noise. One is not likely to get disturbed by the noise when using this product
  7. SUITABLE FOR MULTIPLE LIQUIDS: This device can dispense any kind of liquid soap, hand soap, shower gel, shampoo, facial cleansers and even dishwashing liquids.


This device is simple and easy to use and helps in developing hygienic and safe habits, protecting you from touching it and contracting any kind of illnesses. It is made for utmost protection and is quite comfortable to have.

  • Insert 4 AAA batteries inside the battery slot.
  • Add and mix the liquid of your choice along with some water, inside the tank.
  • Next, switch on the power button and there is no need to put it off because it goes into standby/silent mode automatically, when not being made use of. If you need to switch it off completely, then press the power button and wait for the red light to flash once.
  • The dispenser is simple and ready to use and you can enjoy the large amounts of foam by simple placing your hand under the sensor.


This soap dispenser is packed with advantages and makes for easy and safe hand washing.

  • Durability: Quality is the most important point to consider when it comes to buying any product. But this product is great to use and is a high-quality product made to serve a particular purpose, unlike other soap dispensers that might come with a damaged circuit board or failed sensors.
  • Water-resistant: The dispensers are usually placed near the sinks and are usually in close proximity to water, which might end up damaging the circuit board and the batteries. But, this particular device is completely water-resistant and is always safe to use.
  • Fast-acting but not over responsive: The inbuilt sensor is the use of this product. The Foamatic soap dispenser makes use of infrared sensing technology that is quite fast dispensing and takes about 0.25 seconds to release the soap. The range of 70 mm if maintained is perfect for this soap dispenser. Other products with sensors are usually over-responsive and usually get triggered with the presence of anything. But, this infrared sensor is great and avoids any kind of accidental triggering during normal use.
  • Fearless to splash while cleaning: This foam soap dispenser has great water resistance ability and comes with an IPX4 rating, which prevents it from getting damaged even if tons of water is splashed on it.
  • No leakage problem: Other soap dispensers mostly start leaking the foam soap dispenser, reduces the chances of leaving out any foam from the spout and this problem doesn’t occur too often with this device.
  • Affordable: Along with its other features, the Foamatic soap dispenser is actually quite inexpensive. It offers 350 ml of capacity and is quite economical in nature.
  • Batteries are protected: The batteries are always protected owing to their placement. They foam soap dispenser has the battery slot hidden inside the top unit, above the soap chamber protecting it from getting wet and spoilt easily.



  • The product offers a complete wash and rinse within 12 seconds
  • The device is completely noise-free and is equipped with the best silencer mechanisms
  • The product is fully automatic and requires no touch
  • The device is simple and easy to use
  • Very useful device for kids
  • Great durability and long lasting battery life
  • The tank capacity of 350 ml is considered to be quite large


The only con that is noticeable about this product is that if you slant the liquid dispenser, the liquid might just flow out. But, most of the soap dispensers have this problem, but this product is great for daily use and hygiene purposes.


  • This product helps in improving hygiene habits and leads a more sanitized life.
  • This product helps in protecting you and your family from any kind of germs and bacteria.
  • It is so compact that it can be fitted anywhere in the house.
  • Easy and simple to use for kids and adults.
  • The device is quite compatible with different liquids and ensures completely contact-free and hygienic hand washing practices.
  • It comes in a stylish and elegant design.


This automatic hand wash is quite useful and is quite a revolutionary product. It is an affordable product and is always in high demand. The Foamatic dispenser is available on the official website.

It can be ordered simply and comes with certain discounts. The device is delivered quickly and has no shipping cost. Moreover, it is a commodity that is easy to order at the comfort of your homes and for the safety of you and your family.


The Foamatic Liquid Soap Dispenser is a touch-free device that prevents you from touching any germs or bacteria, which is imperative and mostly mandatory nowadays.

It helps you stay protected without having to touch the device and wash your hands. A soap dispenser that helps one improve their hygiene and is easy to use, the Foamatic soap dispenser is a revolutionary product.

It comes in a minimalistic and simple design and looks quite stylish. It can be filled up with various liquids and is completely water resistant making it a great buy and a long-lasting product.

The dispenser is multi-functional and is great for encouraging a hygienic practice of washing hands and keeping clean.