Air Moisturize Max Review 2020 – Is This Best Ultrasonic Humidifier For You?


The climate in our homes is essential to keep a check on because we stay and spend most of our time. While hot and cold temperatures can be easily adjusted, understanding the air’s humidity is also highly essential. If it is dry, it might lead to perspiration in the throat, allergies, drying of the skin, mucus discharge because of increased amounts of dry dust, etc. Lots of people are now considering keeping humidifiers to maintain the humidity levels in their homes.

A humidifier can relieve the suffering caused by allergies for tons of people due to all the plants and greenery around us. With the help of Air Moisturize Max, you can help prevent you and your family from the pollen present in the air and protect yourself from allergies and other such disturbing experiences.

If you are somebody who is more prone to dry skin or sinus and wake up with the flu or red-eye, then you can definitely breather better with the Air Moisturize Max, which is made to help users through extreme temperatures.


  1. Affect your respiratory tract: The respiratory system that consists of our throat and noise is made up of moist membranes. They catch the dust, dirt, viruses, and bacteria before it reaches the lungs. When the membranes do not sustain too much moisture due to dry air, getting hold of these things reduces. With the proper amount of humidity levels, the throat and the nose prevent harmful particles from getting inside the lungs and causing any major illnesses.
  2. Dry air isn’t good for your nose: Dry air can often cause feelings of itchiness and uncomfortable nasal passages amongst people. Low humidity levels cause the nose to become dry and itchy. Hence the breathing is affected. It can also cause nosebleeds. Hence, it is important to maintain a certain set of humidity in your surroundings.
  3. Low humidity hurts the skin: The skin starts to dry out with low humidity, causing itching, flaking, and tightness around the joints. Chapped lips, cracking of the skin are all signs of dry skin. Humidified air can keep your skin look cleaner and healthier.
  4. Static electricity: If there is enough humidity in your surroundings, the static electricity automatically gets dissipated. If it is too dry, the same static electricity will start building up, causing linen to stick together, and you could often get electric shocks from doorknobs or metal surfaces in such conditions.
  5. Damage to your homes: Dry air absorbs all the moisture it can find, and it could end up pulling the moisture from the structure of your homes as well. During dry and colder temperatures, it is often noticed that the floors begin to creak more. It also makes the opening and closing of doors harder, increasing the cost of bills.
  6. Damage to your furnishings: Even inside the house starts to get damaged due to lack of humidity. Wooden furniture can start to crack, and paper items might become wrinkled or brittle.


Air Moisturize Max is basically a humidifier that helps increase humidity levels in a single room or the entire building. These devices emit water vapor or steam to increase the moisture in your surroundings and can be quite effective in treating dryness of your nose, throat, skin, lips, etc.

Using this humidifier in your rooms can reduce symptoms of flu and the common cold. This is a unique product and helps make the air that a person breathes clean and pure and full of adequate moisture. With the help of this humidifier, one can easily deal with skin irritation and allergies as this device adds the moisture in the air, with the help of its diffuser and a special liquid to make the air clean and safe.

Air Moisturize Max review


  1. It is quiet: These ultrasonic humidifiers use high-frequency sound vibration and create mist out of it. It makes use of a pan of boiling water, which can be troublesome for some people.
  2. Long-Lasting: The Air Moisturize Max can run for weeks without having to refill the tank every day. It is low maintenance and helps in improving the quality of sleep.
  3. Less Cleaning: The Air Moisturize Max humidifier is quite easy to clean, but the instructions must be followed to prevent it from getting damaged. Different models are available, and their assembling would also be done differently; hence following the instructions provided is the best bet.
  4. Safe to use: These humidifiers are quite safe to use in nurseries and around pets as well. One doesn’t necessarily need to boil water to create the vapor. Hence it is safe to use.
  5. Low maintenance: This product’s cleaning is quite easy, and refills are not required quite frequently. Therefore, this product needs relatively low maintenance and is effective.
  6. Breathe easier: With the help of the Air Moisturize Max humidifier, the air that we breathe is safer. The cause of many respiratory illnesses is the air we breathe, and if you are constantly taking in dry air, it might cause snoring and increase congestion. But with this device, the air in the surroundings is moisturized and minimizes the chances of obstruction in breathing.
  7. Easy to use: After assembling the product, all required is to fill the tank and regular intervals and maintain it well.


Moisturizing the air in your homes and other surroundings is absolutely essential and the Air Moisturize Max humidifier does the job effectively and helps in reducing symptoms of illnesses.

  1. Moisturizes your skin and lips: Dry air causes itchiness and irritation to the skin that can be quite uncomfortable. The skin starts to lose its moisture when the humidity levels dip even 20 percent. The skin on your hands is very vulnerable, and your lips too are made up of tender skin that makes them dry up and crack more easily and frequently. Using a humidifier can help get rid of such problems by adding moisture to the air around and rehydrating your skin.
  2. Protect your throat: When there is a lack of moisture in the air, the vocal cords start becoming dry and scratch, and if left like this for longer durations of time, your throat might become hoarse, and you may lose your voice. It becomes worse when you are exposed to any flu or virus and causes inflammation in the upper airways, leading to coughing. It is absolutely imperative to maintain levels of humidity in your homes to keep your throats hydrated. This will lead to a lack of inflammation in your windpipe and voice box.
  3. Soothe your sinuses: Low humidity can cause stubborn sinuses that are hard to get rid of. It can cause a lot of discomfort in the nose, the sinus passage, headaches, and even nose bleed. The Air Moisturize Max helps keep the air moist and clears out the mucous, reducing the chances of suffering from any nasal congestion.
  4. Halt the spread of flu germs: Using the Air Moisturize Max humidifier can help avoid getting flu. If the air’s humidity is low, the flu virus ends up surviving for longer and spreads easily. Using a humidifier can make the environment safer and reduce the chances of catching the flu.
  5. Ease symptoms of illness: This humidifier helps reduce the symptoms of any cold or flu and can provide the ability to breathe better.
  6. Keep your cilium healthy: The Air Moisturize Max helps keep the cilium in the nose healthy and effective. This is located inside the nasal cavity and act as the first line of defense against many illnesses. When you breathe cilia and mucus inside your nose, it helps trap the pollutants and keep your nasal tract healthy.
  7. Reduce snoring: Dry air can cause snoring because of the insufficient moisture causing the throat to swell and nose to become ingested. Once this happens, breathing through the nose becomes quite difficult, and having a humidifier can ease the dryness, eventually reducing the snoring.
  8. Help warm your home: The moister the air in your homes, the warmer it will be. Drier air actually ends up being cooler, and having a humidifier around can help keep the temperatures at a comfortable level.
  9. Humidify Houseplants: Lots of indoor houseplants in our homes also lose moisture with dry air. This humidifier helps provide an abundance of moisture and gives the plants a better chance of thriving.
  10. Protect your furniture and floors: All the wooden furniture in your homes can become weaker due to lack of humidity. They can crack and split due to lack of moisture. If you maintain a certain level of humidity in your homes, you can maintain the wooden furnishings’ integrity.


The Air Moisturize Max is quite easy to use and the following steps have to be followed to use this device:

  • Unscrew the top cover counter clockwise
  • Add some fresh water in the tank
  • Then screw the top cover clockwise and insert the USB power
  • Switch it on and reap the benefits.



  • The device is portable in nature and can be taken around anywhere easily.
  • The humidifier helps with respiration and prevents the spread of airborne diseases.
  • You do not require any technical skill to use this device; it can literally be operated by anybody.


  • The product is only available online.
  • The stock for this device is quite limited owing to its popularity.


The Air Moisturize Max helps in maintaining a certain standard of humidity in your surroundings. It is quite helpful in getting rid of any illnesses and keeping you and your loved ones’ overall health. By maintaining the levels of humidity, one can avoid any kind of skin problem. People who suffer from respiratory and inflammation problems can definitely benefit from this device. It helps aid the process of breathing and gets rid of any congestions in the nose and throat. Moreover, it is recommended to purchase this product directly from the website as the website offers a 30-day money-back guarantee if the user is not satisfied with the product. Hence, go ahead and get this product to make your environment safer and moisturized.