Fresh R Review 2020 – Can This Portable AC Beat the Heat?


When the summer months arrive, it gets very tough to deal with them because one feels so hot that they can’t sit inside their rooms anymore. Often some offices have no air conditioners, and it makes you sweaty and uncomfortable. Fans are great but don’t provide much help during warmer temperatures, and if you direct the air directly towards you, you can end up catching a cold quite easily. 

Getting new air conditioners is very difficult and effective but can burn a big hole in your pockets. There are tons of portable air conditioners that are expensive and not very convenient. But now, there is a solution called the Fresh R Cooler, a small, portable air conditioner that provides relief from hot summer days and is also pretty affordable.

The Fresh R helps to cool and humidifies as well as purifies the air around. It is a lightweight, compact cooling unit that can easily turn any standard electrical outlet into a USB port by providing fresh and cool air, providing cooling inside and on the outdoors. You can comfortably perform all activities like reading, watching TV etc. while using this Fresh R personal cooling device that can be carried around anywhere quite easily.


Fresh R is a modern air cooler that can be carried along anywhere, and you don’t necessarily need a power source to make it work. It helps to refresh and purify the hot air in the summer months, replacing it with a cool breeze and humidifying the air around.

Fans are not made to change the temperature from hot to cold; rather, they make one feel cooler because it easily evaporates the sweat directly from your body. But for cooling, you need a device that helps lower the air temperature. Hence, the Fresh-R is a little, compact device that is an evaporation-based cooler, making use of a water tank to cool the air around you.


Ordinary and standard fans are made to distribute the hot air in the room and do not provide any cooling effect. The air conditioners are cooling but come at a high price.

The Fresh-R humidifier is affordable and is used to refresh and purify the air in your surroundings by ensuring a pleasant environment for sleeping, relaxing or simply just sitting. Compared to the conventional fans and air conditioners, this air conditioner is perfect for traveling and moving around.

It comes with a humidifier and works quite efficiently in the hot summer months. Normal fans only distribute the hot air in the room. The Fresh-R is affordable, helps refresh the room’s air, and ensures that you are always relaxed.


The product is a great innovation and provides tons of advantages:

  • There is no installation needed with this product, and you don’t have to call someone to install this device
  • The Fresh-R is quite easy to use
  • This particular product does not pose any health risks
  • The product is quite effective
  • It is energy-efficient
  • It comes with small dimensions that make it easy to carry around, no matter where you go


The main features of the Fresh-R cooler are as follows:

  • Durable Tank: This product comes with an inbuilt tank that is supposed to be filled with about 0.6 liters of normal water and then is required to be plugged in an electrical source. The water tank can last for over 8-10 hours easily.
  • Adjustable Rotor Blades: To control the cooling direction, easy adjustments can be made to the wind outlet rotor blades. These blades are easy and can move up and down when adjusted properly.
  • Air purification: The Fresh-R cooler also helps filter out the dirt and dust particles from the air and improve the overall health of its users. It can make for quick recovery, and the air that comes out of it is fresh, clean and pure to breathe.
  • Three stages of air cooler: This particular cooler comes with three different air cooler settings and easily meets all your needs and specifications. This cooler can easily be used while working, sleeping, relaxing or performing any other kind of activity.
  • Available in multiple colors: The Fresh-R cooler comes in seven different colors, and these colors are quite soothing, particularly during the night hours.
  • Easy filter replacement: The filter of the air cooler is easily removable. It can easily be cleaned and re-installed inside the cooler without any help from any professional. The filter should be replaced within six months.


This particular device is a compact air cooling unit that uses an evaporative filter, which easily sucks in hot and impure air into a cleaner, moister and much cooler air. It is quite easy to use this device, and all you need is to add water, plug it in, set the speed built-in thermostat control, switch it on and put it around your environment to enjoy fresher, cooler air.

There is no Freon involvement, and hence, this device is completely environmentally friendly, energy-efficient and provides fresher, cleaner and cooler air in your homes, offices, campers, tents, terraces, etc.

This device weighs about 2.2 pounds only and comes with a small footprint that makes this device easy to carry around, and one can use it anywhere they want. 

This device uses the same principle and power of water evaporation without using any harmful, damaging chemicals. It is completely energy-efficient and is great for the environment. Moreover, it features built-in controllable and energy-efficient LED light for the night.


The Fresh-R comes with an advanced proximity motion sensor that reduces your electricity bill by automatically switching off the device when not in use. When there is no activity for about a couple of minutes, the built-in motion sensor turns off the Fresh-R unit and saves tons of money. 


The Fresh-R personal cooling unit can be used anywhere to access a standard outlet or a USB port. This air cooler is great for offices, teachers desks, mechanics, garages, tents, etc. It helps cool the areas that could never be cooled before, like kitchens, terraces, balconies etc.


The Fresh-R provides ultimate personal cooling and is cost-efficient at the same time. By turning the air conditioner on or off, the thermostat can be raised and helps keep your surroundings cool and comfortable and purified at the same time. To use this device, you need some water and a power outlet to bring in cool air and to cool the atmosphere around no matter where you are.


This humidifier comes with a fan that takes in the air outside through its integrated wet filter cushions and filters the air from the contaminants, thereby lowering the temperature due to water evaporation. The air immediately gets cooled and is distributed throughout the surrounding room.

To make this device work, you have to fill the inbuilt water tank with normal tap water and easily plug it inside a USB port. The USB port is energy efficient and can easily be connected to a laptop or telephone battery.

The adjustable thermostat can easily be adjusted according to your specifications and lets the air be cool and pleasant. It also comes with a quiet fan that is quite soothing at night and can be used to sleep peacefully at night.


The Fresh-R provides great value and can help in cooling the personal space at quite an affordable price, making use of technology that is quite environmentally friendly and is completely free from chemicals. This product is quite an energy-efficient and perfectly designed with an Advanced Proximity Motion Sensor, an LED night light, three-speed control, a reusable filter and is quite lightweight.

It is made to replace an ineffective portable fan and lets you enjoy a cool, comfortable and relaxing environment for any activity. 


The Fresh-R is available only for a limited period and comes with tons of offers and free shipping. It is available on the official website only, and you get a great price for this product on it.


The Fresh-R air cooler can be used through any standard power outlet and USB port.

It is a great cooler and can be used easily for office workers, teacher’s desks, garages, tents, RV’s, patios etc. It helps in cooling the areas that have never been used and helps provide cleaner and fresher air.


The Fresh-R cooler is a great valued product. It helps cool the personal spaces indoors or outdoors, using technology that is completely environmentally friendly, free from chemicals, and completely energy-efficient.

It is well designed and works well with an energy-saving advanced proximity motion sensor. It is also quite a great innovation and helps replace any portable fans that only distribute hot air. This particular can cool your surroundings and purify it to make it cleaner to breathe. It also comes with a built-in humidifier used to make the environment around mois