Y-Bra Ultimate Review 2020 – Invisible Lift – up Bra for Modern Women


All the women across the world have encountered some of the other situations with their breasts, that ends up leaving them embarrassed and in a difficult situation. The feeling when breasts are hanging looks horrible when wearing a dress that is revealing from the cleavage area. It is quite inappropriate to wear a bra with straps in that case. 

There are tons of bras available in the market today like the strapless ones, but they can be quite uncomfortable as they might not be able to hold the breasts together. The other thing about the different bras available in the market is that they can only be used one time and some of them over promise and under deliver, which makes it quite difficult for women across the world in situations where they have to wear something that might make their breasts look inappropriate. 

But, there is one such bra called the Y-Bra that helps provide a solution to this recurring problem.


The Y-Bra is a bra that can be stuck on to the breasts and is not only attached below the breasts or around the curve but ends up covering the entire breast and can easily be pulled into one position so that the cleavage area looks good. The Y-Bra offers the following uses:

  • It covers the entire breast including the nipples
  • It is self-adhesive and is completely reusable
  • The bra is waterproof and can easily be washed with your hands
  • The bra is available in a variety of colours
  • This one is quite easy to carry
  • It makes for a discreet and elegant, yet sexy look

The best thing about this bra is that it cannot be seen from the outside and you will not have to face any more uncomfortable situations with this bra. It is elegant and provides added security.



Every woman knows how to wear the traditional bra, but the Y-bra is a little different. It is quite easy to wear, and it only takes a few seconds to wear.

Step 1: You have to fit the non-adhesive part to the centre of your nipple and attach it directly to the breast.

Step 2: The bunny ear that comes in it should be raised to a higher position, and you can lift it as much as you want.

Step 3: Next, stick the bunny ear onto the desired and comfortable position, press it in place for a few seconds and you are done.


  • The bra comes in a comfortable design.
  • It offers a great push-up effect.
  • The material is sticky natural silicone.
  • It comes in invisible nude colours.
  • The bra is quite easy and simple to wear.
  • The shape of the bra is ergonomic.
  • There are no straps or seams in this bra.
  • It ends up covering the entire breast.

The bra comes with silicone technology on the back and ensures that the pads can be reused again and again, without a problem. They also stick back perfectly and are quite efficient for further use.


Several times certain situations arise wherein you can see the nipples of a woman through their dress. That could also be because the wearer might be feeling a little chilly. Therefore, they must hide their nipples because it ends up looking too inappropriate. 

The Y-bra covers the nipples and breasts entirely and also give a good grip to the breasts. Also, they are extremely easy to peel off due to the silicone adhesive coating, and the product offers multiple functions quite efficiently.


The Y- Bra is aimed for women who want to get rid of all their cleavage problems. Especially, those women who are social and end up going out a lot. This product is an ideal buy for them as it helps them deal with all these difficulties quite easily.


The first thing to do is order the product in the right size, and for that, all you need is the cup size that you already have information about. Once the product has arrived, you can easily remove the film that comes on the back and directly place the pad on your chest. 

The bunny ears or wings that are attached above can be used to make the chest in the correct shape, and it is simple to glue it on then. In case you want to remove the pads again, and then they can be removed from the top. You can easily wash these pads as they are completely waterproof and they are also reusable, making them useful for a long duration.



  • The Y-Bra is completely waterproof and reusable
  • The Y-bra is easy to use
  • It ensures that the nipples are not visible anymore
  • There is no feeling of pain when pulling off the bra
  • It is made up of skin-friendly material
  • There are no straps or seams attached to this product
  • It ends up covering the entire breast


  • The stock for this product is quite limited
  • The discounts run only for a limited period
  • At one time, only one design can be purchased
  • You can purchase this product online only


The product is quite efficient and covers up the whole breast, making it perfect for every occasion. It helps prevent the nipples from coming out and being visible from the outside. The material is also quite comfortable and pleasant to wear.

The Y-bra is completely waterproof and reusable, and you can easily wear it a few numbers of times. While testing, it showed great results and is perfectly made for dresses that show the cleavage.

The product came out with satisfactory results and provided the opportunity to every woman for wearing a dress comfortably without worrying about the shape of the breasts or the nipples coming through. 


  • Skin-friendly material

The Y-bra is made up of high-quality silicone material that does not end up harming the skin at all. It comes in a skin-friendly and breathable material that provides coolness and comfort to the body. It also does not end up causing any skin rashes, itchiness, and irritation for longer periods.

  • The ergonomic shape of the bra

The Y-bra comes with an ergonomic shape and helps provide an exact and good fitting. It also helps enhance and make the figure look quite appealing, with a great push-up effect. Also, this bra can go with every chest size.

  • Easy to wear

The Y-bra comes in the shape of a cup, and one can easily wear it without any hooks and straps. It also sticks easily on the skin and does not cause any allergies or itchiness. It helps keep the chest structure in shape at all times.

  • Good colour

The Y-bra comes in a nude, skin colour that is suitable for all skin types. It can go with any dress or costume and can easily be worn under any party dress or t-shirt.

  • Easy to store

The Y-bra is small and can be stored anywhere. It can easily be placed in a box or pouch, and it does not lose its shape or colour over time. You can easily move around with this bra anywhere, and it makes for great usage for outdoor activities.

  • Washable

The Y-bra can remain fresh for a long period. It does not lose its colour or shape over time even after you wash it with hot water or cold water. You can also wash this silicone bra in the washing machine quite easily.


The Y-Bra is directly purchased from the manufacturer and is available in a lot of different colours. It is a simple process to make the order, and the payment is also made quite easily. 

There are lots of deals and offers that are available with the purchase of this product and are available at quite an affordable price.


The Y-bra comes with a silicone adhesive and material that is quite soft and comfortable. The portion that covers the nipples is non-sticky and helps in peeling off the bra quite easily. This bra is a unique one and makes for quite an invisible and versatile bra. Other bras are much more expensive than this one, and the stick on the bra is disposable. 


The Y-bra is quite a cost-effective and comfortable bra to use. It comes in a soft silicone material and makes for a great choice during summers especially. It is machine washable and does not wear out over time. It is also completely waterproof and hence is safe to use. Wearing this bra is quite simple, and you can rest assured that your breasts will always look in shape and the nipples will never pop out, whenever this bra is worn.