VIZR BY FIXD Review – Best Car Head Up Display

VIZR Review – Introduction

We spend most of our times travelling today, and that requires a lot of time, effort and focus too. For the car to get smashed, it doesn’t even take a split second, and that can cause damage to your lives and the car’s life as well. When one is driving, it is mandatory to give full focus to this activity as it can cause irreparable damage in the future. Whether you want to pick something up, that’s fallen or changes the radio stations or get through easy navigation, and you mustn’t take your eyes off the wheel.

To avoid such circumstances easily, there is a product called VIZR that helps with all your travelling and driving needs. It is one of the top-rated designs in terms of reliability, easy usability, outstanding technology and value for money product.

What is VIZR?

VIZR is a product that helps you with whatever you need and lets you get to where you need to go, while not compromising on the focus of the road. It is a device that turns the smartphone into a heads-up display and provides the convenience of accessing all your essential apps.

It is one product that is compatible with all sorts of smartphones in the digital world that we live in today, and it doesn’t matter what kind of phone you use. All models and phones work with this. It is recommended to be mounted in the centre of your dash or on the top of your steering wheel to follow the directions simultaneously.

With the help of VIZR, you can avoid the dangers of distracted driving that include high fines and fees, jail time, damage to vehicles and personal stuff, injuries, increased insurance or sometimes even death.


Who is VIZR for?

Everybody who drives regularly or often is the right candidate for the usage of this app. Easily mountable on your dashboards or top of the steering wheel, VIZR also features a heads-up display that pops up on your phones to show you where you are heading.

It also comes with a model called the ‘fighter jet’ mode where the device uses bright colours and a new form of technology to give the experience of a cockpit. And it comes with a trip mode as well that display information about your recent trips, like the miles and the speed.

It is an easy-to-use gadget and is quite handy when travelling with family. The navigation that you need to get to where you want is easily accessible and available with this product, and it is right in front of you. You can use the device easily at night as well. With the display being bright enough for use at night, this app helps track progress and displays any turns or directions you need to take.

How to use the VIZR?

This product is easy and straightforward to use and requires the following steps to be undertaken:

  • Remove the packaging: As soon as the product arrives at your doorstep, you need to open up the product, which will include a small mounting device and a plastic screen that will pop up.
  • Clean your Dash: Before you start doing anything, it is recommended to clean your surroundings, including your dash. If there were any obstruction to mount the device, the time taken to set it up would be more.
  • Apply the Device: Place the device flat on the dash with the adhesive facing down. Once you decide and figure out where to place the device, you can remove the strip from the bond and push it down to attach it to the dash.
  • Choose your App: This device works with almost all apps, and all you have to do is choose the appropriate app and let it load.
  • Adjust the Display: Once the VIZR has been placed, all you have to do is adjust the display according to your requirements.

What Apps are compatible with VIZR?

One of the handiest tools available for your vehicles, VIZR can work with multiple navigation apps like Google Maps that are pre-installed in our smartphones today. These apps help with the movement from one place to another and the distance that has been covered in between. It also recommends the following apps:

HUDWAY Go: This is a navigation app that helps find the way between two places and shows step-by-step directions with a voice navigation feature, to get you from one place to the other. Also, multiple paths can be viewed between two locations, and you can choose whichever one works for you.

FIXD App: Because FIXD makes it, it is evident for it to work with VIZR. With this feature, you can monitor and diagnose any problems with your car and even get the regular maintenance check on time, due to its repeated alerts.

Benefits of FIXD

  • Universal Design: With easy navigation and versatility usage, this product can be placed on any vehicle, like a truck or an SUV. The design is so universal that the heads-up display can work on any vehicle. Also, it can work on all smartphones, big or small, old or new.
  • Follow The Law: While we all know that it is imperative to follow the driving laws, many countries do not allow the use of a device while driving. With the help of VIZR, you do not have to break any rules and still get all the help in terms of vehicles. You can navigate through with step-by-step directions without holding a device in your hand. You can view all the information without taking your focus off the road.
  • Durable Design: VIZR is one of those products that is so durable in it’s making and comes with a heads-up display that is quite resistant to any damage. You can let go of the worry of scratches and smears and can even use the screen if your hands are dirty.
  • Limited Distractions: So how it works is when you mount it up, the screen is right in front of your face. It enables you to get a clear view of whatever is going on simultaneously while seeing straight through the windshield. Also, it helps with the reduction of any distractions around you and enables you to take the right routes, through its intuitive ability.
  • Slip-Resistant: This means that the product has quite a good grip and comes with a slip-resistant design that reduces the chance of any damage.  It also ensures that the product doesn’t slip while driving.
  • Secure Mounting: With VIZR, the worry of the device moving as you drive is eliminated. It keeps your phone intact at the right place and can support the weight of even the largest phones available in the market. Easily removable and attachable, this product is a great buy.
  • Adjustable: It is one of the most versatile and compatible devices to work with. You can move the display according to your preference and adjust the whole setting according to your needs at any given point of time.
  • One-Year Warranty: With this product, the warranty you get lasts up to 1 year and even provides the flexibility of exchanging the product, if there is a problem with the manufacturing and design of the product or if it isn’t compatible with your phone or if it can’t be mounted where you want it.
  • All Climates and Weather Conditions: One of the unique tools that can work in all temperatures, whether high or low, and it is safe to use, whenever, wherever.
  • Customer Service: There are multiple ways to get in touch with customer service when the user faces any problem. You can get in touch via phone or email, and the company is quite accessible in terms of the support they offer.

Disadvantages of VIZR

There are certain negative aspects of the product as well, which includes:

  • The guarantee of the product only lasts up to 30 days as compared to other companies that offer at least two months of warranty.
  • Some of the apps are not entirely compatible with VIZR, and especially; some of the navigation apps struggle to work well with this product.
  • Few users also have trouble mounting the device on their cars, and sometimes the adhesive does not stick to the vehicles. If there is any dirt, the adhesive won’t stick.
  • On usage, sometimes VIZR disables certain features on the phone for example; incoming calls get blocked automatically, and it stops users from seeing their text messages, while some had the problem of using their favourite apps.

Reasons for using VIZR for Driving

  • Provides easy instructions for navigation purposes.
  • Bits of help stay safe and secure on the road while driving.
  • The product also has FIXD, which is again a precautionary app for the car.
  • You can use it on any vehicle and any phone.


Although it does serve to be one of the best devices to work within your cars, it does have a certain amount of competition to deal with as well. Yicota 5.5 HUD is one of them, which is top-rated and one of the top Amazon choices for cars. The only con of the product is that it works only with the OBD port, which does not work on most of the devices today. The display is also quite colourful but is not compatible with as many apps as VIZR.

Another product by Hudley called the Wireless Heads up display is compatible with all vehicles. It is quite useful and comes with a display more prominent than that of VIZR, but it is a little higher priced than VIZR.


VIZR BY FIXD is simple and easy to use and helps with keeping your family safe and secure. Easy navigation with step-by-step directions is provided, which allows you to get from one point to another quickly. The risk of continually looking at your phone and running into accidents is also removed and helps you focus on the more important things while driving. Without looking down at your phones, you can get the work done, and with the tons of benefits it offers, there is no harm in purchasing the product and buying it to try it one time, to reap its benefits, and if it doesn’t work for you, you do have the freedom to return it.