UV Cleanizer Zoom – Best UV Light Sanitizer Robot, World’s First Bacteria Killing Machine


The start of the winter makes for more germs and bacteria in the air, which results in added and more illnesses. When children go to school and come home, their constant interaction results in many bacteria from their playgrounds and schools. 

The germs spread all over the home in such weather, and it might become inevitable to catch on to certain illnesses that might cause inconvenience to be mental and physical well being. Also, when one is traveling, you never know how clean your surroundings are. Hence, to aim for utmost protection, you should use gadgets that help protect against bacteria and germs in your environment to keep you and your family safe.

For this purpose, a bacteria-killing gadget called UV Cleanizer Zoom helps clean out the harmful bacteria from our surroundings.


UV Cleanizer Zoom is one of the most powerful devices that are used by hospitals around the world. It is a bacteria-killing robot that makes use of UV-C rays to get rid of all the germs and bacteria around most quickly and efficiently. Because it is compact, you can carry it along with you wherever you go. The UV cleanizer zoom is developed by Infection Prevention Technologies, a reputed company for dealing with bacterial cleaning devices.

The UV Cleanizer Zoom helps prevent the spread of airborne diseases and viruses and kills dust mites, cockroaches, and any other such insect. The device’s portability feature is used to cover cornered surfaces that one cannot reach if they do it manually. Also, to make sure that the sterilization and sanitation are done most effectively, the device comes installed with regulators, which are used to control the amount of light inside the surfaces.

This device is quite popular and is relatively safe to use because it doesn’t make use of any chemical sanitization products and is entirely non-hazardous to use around children.

With the advent of technology, disinfection with the UV-C is an additional feature, and it can be used for cleaning in homes and hospitals, and hotels. It is also quite user-friendly. 

The ultra-violet bed sheet disinfection product works in three different modes for better and efficient cleaning- one is under the blanket mode, the handheld mode, and the power bank mode. You can use the 18 different sensors for using the various functionalities of the product. The product comes with excellent battery power and recharging, which helps keep the work activities long. This product is made to prevent one from harmful germs and bacteria.

UV Cleanizer Zoom Review


A robot is quite helpful for the environment in hospitals and other places where one is exposed to thousands of germs. Robots help in performing the task by minimum intervention by the staff.

The single operator is for monitoring the robot for sterilizing the room. The UV light goes inside the distance fixing everything in proximity. It can clean rooms much better than humans, and it can help eradicate harmful germs and bacteria. The disinfectant-cleaning robot can easily maneuver around the room and uses UV-C rays for disinfecting equipment.


UV Cleanizer offers comfort in living and helps you lead a happy and healthy life cost-effectively. The device is suitable for anyone, regardless of age, gender, etc. In the current times, pollution has become a part of everyday life, and the responsibility lies in us taking care of ourselves. The UV Cleanizer Zoom helps in disinfecting 99.99% of germs and bacteria from our surroundings. 

It is not possible to manually sanitize big and large spaces, and hence to make it happen effectively, the UV Cleanizer Zoom works quite well. It works simply with a single operator and is capable of covering a huge area. Therefore, if you buy the UV Cleanizer Zoom, you can clean your surroundings in a quick yet effective manner preventing any kind of future illnesses.


  • It helps in sterilizing and cleaning rooms in about 30-60 minutes.
  • The device is easy to use and maintain.
  • The device is portable and can be moved around easily, owing to its size.
  • The UV Cleanizer Zoom is lightweight and can be carried anywhere.
  • It comes with long battery life and is quite a durable and reliable product.
  • The UV device is completely safe and non-hazardous.


  1. PORTABILITY: The UV Cleanizer Zoom is completely lightweight and provides absolute comfort of moving around with it quite easily. It is a pocket-sized UV sanitizer, and you can easily travel with it wherever you go.
  2. FLEXIBILITY: There are tons of bacteria and germs floating around, and one doesn’t know how to prevent them from causing any illnesses. The UV Cleanizer Zoom helps with reaching corners that are impossible to reach. Therefore, it is quite a flexible product and can be used even in the smallest of places.
  3. SENSORS MAPPING: The UV Cleanizer Zoom comes with 18 built-in sensors and is used with a combination of artificial intelligence. Also, this device is capable of getting rid of about 99.99 % germs efficiently from any surface. The sensors in it make sure that no germs are remaining after the sterilization process.
  4. MAXIMUM LIGHT PENETRATION: The UV Light penetrates right inside the germs and bacteria and ensures that it sterilizes everything possible easily and quickly. 
  5. GREAT BATTERY LIFE: The UV Cleanizer Zoom has a great battery life of up to 3 hours and uses only 60 minutes to sterilize a particular surface. The battery life is long-lasting, and it ensures that it covers a larger area quite effectively.


There are three different modes used by this device for cleaning:

  1. UNDER BLANKET MODE: It helps disinfect germs under the blanket and helps get rid of all the insects and germs from under the bed and helps keep every corner completely disinfected.
  2. POWER BANK MODE: It comes with an inbuilt battery of 3700 mAH, and when you are not using the robot for sanitizing, it could be used as a power bank, and you can charge your electronic devices with it.
  3. HANDHELD MODE: It helps in disinfecting gadgets like phones and other electronic devices. Daily, we are constantly touching a lot of things. But, when we wash our hands, we take care that we don’t transfer any germs and viruses to the surfaces we use. Therefore, the UV Cleanizer Zoom helps protect one from harmful bacteria and eventually keeps everybody safe and secure.


  1. MODERN TECHNOLOGY AT ITS BEST: There are tons of gadgets available in the market today, and the best ones are the ones that keep you safe and sound. The UV Cleanizer Zoom makes use of UV-C lights and 18 sensors that help in killing dust, bacteria, and other invisible pathogens. 
  2. INCREDIBLY CLEVER: When you look at this device, you realize that the device is quite intuitive, and it makes use of sensors to move to the edge of the bed, preventing it from falling off. 
  3. CHANGEABLE MODES THAT WORK: The UV Cleanizer Zoom comes with two timers, which can be set for 30 minutes or 60 minutes. 
  4. LIGHTWEIGHT AND STURDY: UV Cleanizer Zoom is pretty lightweight and can easily be carried in your travel bags. It is a strong device that can withstand knocks and bumps that other devices cannot take.
  5. VERSATILE PRODUCT: The UV Cleanizer Zoom is quite strong and powerful and can easily be placed under the duvet, and it makes use of sensors to cover larger areas in the environment. 
  6. A SAFE WAY TO GET RID OF BUGS: The UV cleaner zoom can be quite useful for eliminating bugs and bacteria that use harmful chemicals. It helps in making surfaces clean and is safe to use. This device represents the future of cleanliness and uses UV technology, which is better for human skin.
  7. USE IT ON ANY SURFACE: The handheld mode helps clean all surfaces and is great for killing all the harmful bacteria from kids’ toys, ensuring that the whole family is safe and secure.


  • It comes with an automatic cleaner.
  • It comes in a dual-mode, robotic, and manual.
  • It is a battery chargeable, which lasts for about 3 hours.
  • It takes about 30-60 minutes to clean the room.
  • It comes with 18 sensors with UV light.
  • It helps in eradicating up to 99.99% of germs.


Certain steps need to be followed to make sure the UV Cleanizer Zoom works effectively.

Step 1: Under the blanket mode, you have to pull the top and bottom halves of the UV Cleanizer Zoom away from each other and press the power button to turn it on. The device cleans the space in about 30-60 minutes. You have to press the button once to use it for 30 minutes and twice if you want to use it for 60 minutes.

Step 2: In the handheld mode, you have to place your hand under the device’s strap and hold the power button for about 3 seconds to turn it on. To turn on the UV-C lights, you have to press the power button again.

Step 3: For the power bank mode, use the USB port for powering the device.

Step 4: For easy storage of the device, you are supposed to place the handle on the wheeled part of the CleanseBot. You are supposed to hold the power button for 3 seconds to turn it off.


The UV Cleanizer Zoom robot is available directly on the official website and also comes with a discount, which makes it to be quite an affordable buy. 


While most of the products today are using the latest technology, it has solved many problems for several people worldwide. This automatic robot and cleaner is quite useful and is recommended to invest in.