Trump Coin Review 2020 – Celebrating Success

Trump Coin Review – Introduction

If you are an ardent Trump fan and you want to show support for your president or if you consider Donald Trump to be the best president and your support for him is unwavering, then there is one solution to support this leader. It is called to be a one-of-a-kind Trump coin. 

You can easily support President Trump by purchasing and making use of this coin, which can serve to be a great product for your friends, family and a great investment for yourselves too. This product is quite exclusive and is only available through his team.

This can be added to your collection of history and is also a genuine piece of U.S currency that goes through a special colourization process, which is not done anywhere else in the world.

What is the Trump Coin?

The Trump coins were initially launched to celebrate the first year of the American President. Donald Trump had won the nomination from the Republicans side and took the position of the 45th President of the United States of America. 

The Trump coin is made through the authentic U.S. JFK half a Dollar and comes in the form of an acrylic coin capsule. The product looks high in its glory and will be surprised to see all of its glory.

The coin is made only in the United States of America and can only be applied and used here. The Trump coin is made from using the best form of craftsmanship and is gold-plated. It has been specially curated to be a part of everyone’s coin collection and is durable enough for lasting the entire lifetime.   


Trump Coin Review

Specifications of the Trump Coin

The coin is completely gold plated and measures 1.5 inches in diameter and about ¼ inches thick. It is quite an impressive coin to look at and whoever sees it, falls in love with this coin. It is quite a durable product and with proper handling and care can you can use it for a long time. 

The product is quite carefully curated and designed wherein Donald Trump’s features are replicated on the product and it comes packed with vibrant colours. 

If your luck is good, then these are the possible ways of getting this coin:

  1. 1 Victory Coin for free, all you have to pay is the shipping.
  2. 2 victory coins for $8.95 each with free shipping and handling.
  3. 3 victory coins for $7.95 each with free shipping and handling.
  4. 4 victory coins for $6.95 each with free shipping and handling.
  5. 5 victory coins for $5.95 each with free shipping and handling.

Who Created the Trump Coin?

A professional team of Trump lovers who wanted to show their love and support for President Donald Trump created this intending to create a memento for the President. 

Advantages of the Trump Coin

  • The product is considered to be a great gift for someone who loves President Donald Trump.
  • The product is specially curated and highly durable.
  • The product is made up of high-quality materials that last long.
  • It also comes with a protective plastic covering.
  • The product serves as a token for Trump’s leadership.
  • You can purchase this product to show support to the President.
  • It is considered to be an image of celebration and victory. 
  • The product comes with free shipping and handling if you buy more than 2 coins at a time.
  • The product comes with great positive reviews from its users.
  • The product comes packed with money-saving options.
  • There is a support team that ensures that any issues that you have encountered can be easily addressed.
  • The product comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee.

Disadvantages of the Trump Coin

  • The product is limited in supply and at a time you can only get a maximum of 5 coins.
  • The product is not readily available and is not available worldwide.
  • The product is not available at any retail store and can only be purchased online.

Origin and Background of the Trump Coin

The Trump Coin was launched in 2016 as a Trump Contribution Vehicle with 200,000 coins that were used for donating to the movement. The Trump Coin comes with no official connection to Donald Trump and the coin’s supply is maximized at a fixed rate of 2 per cent every year. 

The system behind the coin is set and a total of 6 million coins are ready to be used for trading. The proceeds from this trump Coin will be donated to Trump’s Crusade, on reaching a considerable value.

The coin dealer and IRA precious metals company Noble Gold has brought this coin to the Trump lovers and fans to celebrate his tax reforms and other achievements on the economy. Currently, the coin is sold in limited production quantities and is considered to be a great gift for President Donald Trump supporters. 

Who is behind the Trump Coin?

An eminent coin dealer called Noble Gold is selling it. The company is based in Pasadena, California and it regularly deals with metals and other gold IRA’s. The founders of Noble are CEO Charles Thorngren and President Collin Plume.

The two men launched this company to focus on educating prospective clients regarding their investment and retirement plans.

Physical Characteristics of the Trump Coin

Coin Design

The coin features the President in the centre with the 45th President of the United States encircled around it. On the reverse side of the coin, an eagle is holding a shield and listing the economic achievements of Donald Trump’s first term that includes:

  • First major tax reform in 30 years
  • The lowest employment rate in 18 years
  • Highest Dow Jones level in the entire history of the United State of America and
  • The lowest unemployment rates since 1973

The top half states ‘ Delivering as Promised’ and the bottom says ‘ One Troy Ounce’. 

Coin Specifications

The Trump coin that comes on the one-ounce silver size includes the following:

  • Diameter – 38 mm
  • Metal Content- one troy ounce
  • Silver Purity- 99.9% pure

For the gold coin, the gold purity is 24 karat gold.

Trump 2020 Coin Pricing

These coins are called collector’s coins and come at higher prices than the spot price of gold and silver in the market. The silver coins are priced at $50 while the gold ones are priced at $2100.

It is essential to understand and determines the true value of these coins considering the investment and retirement portfolios. As these coins are mainly collectables, there is not much change in their prices.

Can IRA Accounts Contain Trump 2020 Freedom coins?

For the coins to be a part of the Internal Revenue Service, there are two different tests or parameters they need to pass. The first is the need to meet purity standards and the second is that they cannot be inventoried in other precious metal IRA accounts.