The Photo Stick Mobile Review 2020 – A Tiny Solution for Your Storage Problems

Photo Stick Mobile Review – Introduction

As everyone loves taking pictures, and save dozens or even hundreds of these pictures in your digital camera, or on the social media network, or computer at home. You might also have a collection of many physical photos. Any person who has collected a lot of pictures over the years is likely to suffer from the tragedy of losing many of those photos. Sometimes they slip behind some furniture or maybe were destroyed by water damage or a computer virus. People are likely to lose photos all the time, and those cherished memories are often destroyed forever. The device is effortless to use a little tool that can solve any problem. According to the manufactures of the product, this small device can easily find your photos at a fast pace, store these photos in a portable memory stick and make sure that you don’t lose any of those pictures again ever, so long as you have the device with you. We will see the difference between the Photo Stick and its other product- the Photo Stick Mobile. We will review these devices for you so that you can see if they are the right product for you and if they are quality products that are worth the asking price. These products are specifically made for making picture storage easy for the user as no one likes losing their cherished memories and want to keep them forever. These products are beneficial if stored safely and last a lifetime. Both the products are handy and can be carried anywhere. They can easily fit into your pant pockets or purse. Let us see how exactly they are so forthcoming in their performance. 

What is Photo Stick Mobile?

The Photo Stick Mobile is a simple and a tiny device which stores all of your videos and photos for a lifetime. You can relate it to a USB thumb drive for your phone for storing a lot of pictures and videos so that we do not lose them in any way.

The Photo Stick Mobile is one of the most innovative and promising gadgets of our generation that is so tiny and yet is helpful in so many ways. This gadget helps to easily back up all of the photos on your mobile device and store them forever. It works very fast and is very handy. The Photo Stick Mobile is tiny, so you should be careful while carrying it around so that you do not lose it. It works for both iOS and Android-based mobile phones. This gadget will help you tremendously with the problems of losing your pictures and videos by backing them up. There is an app on the Google play store and on the apple store that you will use with the gadget for storing the pictures. You have to plug it in, backup and your photos and videos are safe for a lifetime. Photo Stick Mobile can hold up to 15,000 photos and videos at once. There is a lot of space in the gadget. Most of the people do take as many phots as the device can save in it. Imagine the amount of space you can make available on your phone by transferring your photos and videos over to the gadget for storing them. Backing up these photos and videos is not the only thing this device can do – it can also organize your memories. It helps in setting the order of your photos by arranging them in such a way that you can see your memories according to the date you created them. It is an advanced feature by the company to help catch people to find their old photos easily without any problem. This way, one does not have to sort through a thousand pictures for searching the one image; instead, you only have to remember the date, and you can find the photo easily without any significant problem. 

Photo stick mobile review

How Does Photo Stick Mobile Works?

  • The first step is to download the Photo Stick Mobile application on your phone and run it. The second step is to plug the Photo Stick to your smartphone and then click on backup now. The Photo Stick Mobile will then takes over and run through all the folders in your phone, backing up all the photos and videos and while skipping the duplicates.
  • After the files are backed up in the Photo Stick, then you can delete them from your phone to free up space.
  • The photo sticks are different for iOS and Android, so you have to check before making the purchase.

Features of Photo Stick:

· The device does all the Searching and Organizing of photos and videos for you. The device organizes the photos and videos for you according to the date for the ease of the user. 

· The Photo Stick Mobile automatically Scans, Identifies, And Filters Duplicates so you can save the space on your phone and create many more memories.

· The device provides Fast Backup – it backs up a thousand of Images and Video Files in Minutes without any crucial steps. It is accessible to use this tool, and anyone can easily use it. 

· The given information on The USB Device can be accessed on a Computer easily without any problem.

· The device helps to back up at your convenience. You could Store Files as often as you choose. There is no limit to the saving of images or videos on the file. 

· The Photo Stick Mobile requires no passwords or Online Cloud Storage, but just 2-3 simple steps that have to follow, and your files are safe forever.

· The user does not have to have Knowledge of The Exact Files and Folders as the gadget arranges them for you to look at any time you want.

· The gadget is a One-Time Investment, and no additional price has to pay at any stage.

· The device works on its own, so the user does not have to do anything. Everything that has to back up will be taken care of by the device.

· The device can Save You Money and Time and also save your files safely for a lifetime.

· The device gives you a ton of Storage Space on your device by backing up on the device and deleting those files from your phone.

· The device will Search and Organize Files on its own and the user does not have to do anything about it.

· The Data the device saves can be opened on any Mac or PC at anytime and anywhere for the ease of the customer.

· You Can Back Up your photos in a convenient way on the Photo Stick Mobile without any complicated steps or techniques. You have to plug it and run it, and the device will do the rest of the work

· There are no Additional Costs Beyond the one-time purchase, which is to be made by the customer.

· You don’t have to sort or find any files or folders on the device. It will sort and organize them on its own according to the date.

· It gets rid of all the duplicate photos for you while backing up the folder. It sees the duplicates on its own and deleted them accordingly. 

Advantages to Using the Photo Stick Devices

The product has all sorts of benefits that are wanted by the customer in a product. It’s not a perfect gadget, but it does do a great job of offering good value of the price and ensures that you get a quality product that is super easy to use and also at a low price. First and foremost, this is a free product which means that anyone can use it easily. It is made to be used anyone without a piece of computer knowledge, or any technical knowledge has to be acquired by the user for using the device. The simple design of the Photo Stick Mobile does not require some impressive technology for using it, and that makes this product a perfect gift or personal storage device for any person willing to buy it. The storage space on the device is awe-inspiring and massive. A single terabyte can hold hundreds of thousands of photos and a similar number of other kinds of files and helps the user from not losing their treasured memories. It will be challenging for you to fill up all the space on this stick and most people will never entirely run out of room on this device as it has a massive storage space. The Photo Stick Mobile doesn’t offer nearly as much space as a photo stick, but it shouldn’t need to. Most people won’t be able to use all the available space that the stick offers them on the mobile version. If you think the 32-gigabyte version is too small and limited, then opt for the 64-gigabytes one as it is available in both the versions. The most exquisite feature of the device is the storage space and the easy to use the feature. The storage space is now a day’s issue with most of the gadgets, and the device helps in solving that problem. The easy to use feature is also helpful as it can be gifted or can be used by anyone without any technical help.  

What is the difference between The Photo stick and The Photo stick Mobile?

The Photo Stick is used mostly for Windows and Mac for photo and video backup. However, The Photo Stick Mobile can be used on iOS and Android. They have different purposes, and they are meant to serve the user in different ways. The goal is image backup without too many problems.

The Photo Stick Mobile is:

· Easy to use

· Convenient

· Worth the price

How to use Photo stick Mobile?

This gadget is used to save photos from your smartphones, and it is effortless to use. You need to plug-in the device; photo stick will automatically save the images. This is the mobile version, and it also offers the same features except for the storage feature. The storage space provided on the mobile version is a little less, but still, it can be used by the user.  

Where to buy The Photo Stick Mobile?

You can buy the photo stick mobile from different places. However, not many of these places are safe or deliver the product as expected. We recommend purchasing the photo stick mobile from the official site.


Photo Stick Mobile offers a backup solution that is much-needed in this digital era, especially when you consider how much smartphones and computers are likely to fail or get lost and take with them essential memories. Its usability is outstanding – it practically does everything for you. Suppose you wish to protect your memories and get past the inconveniences of insufficient storage space, cloud storage requirements, duplicate or unorganized files and device crashes. In that case, The Photo Stick is your ideal solution. The photo stick is a recommended product, and everyone should have it. The stick provides very efficient features at a low price for the usage of the customer. The stick is the right product, and it helps you save your memories of a lifetime. The photo sticks mobile version is also very good at storing the images and videos of the customer. The photo stick is a must-have product from my side to the customers, and everyone should keep one in their pocket so that you do not lose your memories ever.