Spatial Sound Edge Review 2020 – Powerful Conduction Speaker with Remote Controller


So many innovations are coming up all the time due to enhanced technology and up gradation. Every year we see some or the other innovation and it is quite exciting to see all that is coming up. Whether somebody is working or not, one needs to use technology for recreational, professional and entertainment purposes.

With the advent of Bluetooth speakers, there is a lot of advancement that has occurred in making the devices produce the highest quality of sound. There are tons of different companies that are constantly making sure that the best speakers are being made available to the users and for this reason, a great innovation called Spatial Sound Edge is here, which is far more superior when it comes to the quality of sound.

The best Bluetooth speakers today are made of high quality and are portable audio wireless speakers that are built with the best sounding audio and better and stronger battery life, which enables playing the music for a longer duration. It also comes with a strong Bluetooth connection and has the functionality of optimum performance, which can be used both in indoor and outdoor spaces.

The sound quality works differently on different surfaces and makes for less acceptable sound on a flat smooth surface, with small thickness. Usually the expectations in terms of the sound is not met that easily and hence, one has to go for a device that is high in sound quality.


This speaker is an advanced Bluetooth speaker and comes with a remote controller to make sure there is enough flexibility when it comes to playing music or the device can perform doing other things that easily. Moreover, the speaker is quite different from others available in the market and the quality of sound reflects better sound bass, which makes sure the music is supplied with utmost quality.

The high vibration Bluetooth speaker is an audio frequency fixture and is quite different from the standard or traditional ones, which are based on the electromagnetic coil. This Bluetooth speaker has the capability of making any hard surface play euphonious musical notes, such as wood, glass, floor metal surface, etc. You can hear all the different kinds of materials around you and you can play different or varying music quality for different sides, which will ensure that you enjoy the tunes of melodious music.

The Spatial Sound Edge comes with high connectivity and offers enhanced compatibility to devices like phones, DVD players, and also tablets.

Spatial Sound Edge review


  • It can help turn any surface into a powerful speaker with lots of bass.
  • It is a multimedia speaker that comes with mic input.
  • It includes two speaker drivers inside; one is for high frequency and other is the vibration for the bass sound.
  • It also includes line in and line out functions by an audio jack.
  • It has the RMS 15 W output power.
  • It can play up to 2-3 hours with a charge time of a couple of hours.
  • The power supply comes through a rechargeable lithium battery and a USB cable.
  • It includes a built in lithium ion battery.
  • The output source of the audio can be: PC, MP3, MP4, CD, DVD player, mobile phones, Iphone, Ipad, tablets or any other such Bluetooth output devices.
  • Certification: CE FCC ROHS
  • Sensitivity: 550 mV
  • Color options are in black only
  • Product weight is about 0.3kgs
  • It comes including a 12 month warranty


If you are someone who is into music and loves listening to different sounds with optimum quality, then the Spatial Sound Edge is the speaker you need for enjoying the music because the quality of sound offered is impeccable. It includes an enhanced bass that comes with the speaker and ensures that the tempo of the music does not get lost anywhere. The edge word in the name of the speaker denotes that it is quite superior compared to its competitors that are being used in the market.

The gadget is far more superior to other products that have been there in the market because of the uniqueness of its features. Once you read about it and go through all the information, you will understand how beneficial is this device to use.


The Spatial sound edge speaker is impressive as it works at a great distance and provides great sound with increased distance as well. Other speakers have a distorted sound when their connectivity is not strong enough, but the Spatial Sound Edge ensures that the quality of sound does not suffer at an acceptable range.

Once you use the device, you realize the kind of benefits it can offer, which include:

  • It offers great connectivity to all devices.
  • The battery life is long-lasting and durable.
  • It offers great sound quality and it is capable of providing sound at a distance as well.
  • It is quite a portable device and is lightweight.
  • The Spatial Sound Edge comes with a 12-month warranty, in case the product does not function properly.
  • It offers connectivity to a wide variety of devices and is not only limited to phones.


  • Test Distance: While most of the Bluetooth speakers work the best when placed right near the source that is supplying the sound, the Spatial Sound Edge speaker has the capability of connecting to the device from a distance of about 9 meters, which shows that the device is quite durable and capable of providing the best music experience to listeners all around the world.
  • Great sound: The most important objective of Bluetooth speakers is to produce high-quality sound and it should be heard clearly by the listeners. This device offers the best quality of sound compared to all the others that exist in the market today.


The Spatial Sound Edge speaker can be bought directly from the official website of the company. The company is offering special discounts to make sure that it attracts more customers to purchase the product. If you go for added quantity, you would be offered a better price compared to others.


The Spatial Sound Edge Bluetooth speaker comes in a very interesting design with a stylish and sleek design. It offers incredible sound, which can surprise the users as soon as they listen to it. It is a wireless speaker that is quite compact and portable and these speakers are quite different from other traditional speakers due to the use of electromagnetic coils.

The Spatial Sound Edge wireless Bluetooth speaker can transform any hard surface into a powerful speaker and is compatible with all devices such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops. It comes in a diameter of 40 mm and weighs only about 300-350 grams, which makes it possible to carry it around quite easily. It can also fit easily in your pocket and you are going to always have an experience full of excellent sound and quality. The speaker also comes with remote control, which offers a great amount of control and utility to the user.

The Spatial Sound Edge wireless Bluetooth speaker is quite easy to use and has all the control buttons placed on the side of the product. The control buttons placed to make it easy to change the settings and track the selections that one has made. Moreover, setting up this device is quite simple and it only takes about a minute to get it started.


Spatial sound edge conduction speaker connectivity

This is a conduction speaker that easily connects to different media devices via Bluetooth or an audio jack. It is compatible with different smartphones, tablets or computers and does not offer any restriction in terms of the distance and sound between the speaker and the sound source. You can easily wirelessly connect any device to the speaker and enjoy the experience of music.

Spatial sound edge sound quality

The design and technology used by this Bluetooth speaker is quite unique and it can make use of different surfaces to produce high quality sound. You are also provided the flexibility of altering the sound based on the surface that you will be utilizing to produce the sound. If you are looking for extra bass and volume, you can simply place it on a cardboard box. No matter where you place this device, be rest assured that the sound will always be incredible.

Spatial sound edge battery life

This speaker only needs about 30 minutes of charging to deliver over 3 hours of continuous playtime. If it is charged for a mere 15 minutes, you will get about 80-90 minutes of usage, which is quite great for something that is so compact in size. Moreover, the short span of charging time can let you use this device anywhere and at any point of time.

Spatial sound edge Bluetooth speaker performance

This speaker offers enhanced performance and powerful sound. It is easy to use and highly durable and the sound coming out from it is also something that is amazing. You can make use of this speaker to play any kind of music and it will offer great sound in all given circumstances. This speaker is quite affordable and offers value for money.



  • This device provides a strong Bluetooth connection lasting up to 9 meters.
  • It is quite easy to use and does not require any technical know-how.
  • The device products high quality sound.
  • The device is also quite affordable.
  • You can use it easily while you are busy doing other activities and it does not cause any interruptions to your work.
  • It is quite portable and lightweight to carry.
  • It is a durable device that does not get damaged too easily.
  • This speaker is available at great prices and discounts.


  • The Bluetooth speaker is limited in stock and is quite in demand at all times.
  • It offers discounts that are not always there for longer durations.


The Spatial Sound Edge wireless Bluetooth speaker is a great option to buy and produces high-quality sound, which makes it quite unique compared to all its competitors in the market. It is a must buy and is so portable that it can be carried along with you everywhere you go.