Soul Insole Review – High- Performance Memory Gel Shoe Insert


Feet are an essential part of our bodies and are the only base in our bodies that provide the balance that is required for your bodies and at the same time makes one move around comfortably, wherever they want. Without the presence of your feet, neither will you be able to work nor run and you wouldn’t even be able to move around comfortably. 

Nowadays, people around the world are using tons of products to take care of their feet. From high heels to sneakers, there are tons of styles available, but they aren’t the most comfortable if worn for a long duration of time.

Feet come in an arch-like structure and do not have the flexibility of being flat in all kinds of surfaces and hence when one wears shoes or sandals, they experience some sort of pain while doing activities like walking, playing, cycling, dancing, skating etc.

But now there is a solution that can take care of all these problems, called “ The Soul Insole Shoe Bubble”, forgetting the perfect arch support and also helps with relieving pain to a great extent. Once you start using this product, you will enjoy the benefits it provides and be comfortable in your daily activities.


This product is a revolutionary product that is made to help get rid of Neuroma pain, Mettatarsalgia, Sesamoiditis, Plant Fasciitis, Heel Spur and other such painful conditions.

The Soul Insole shoe bubble is a clinically proven orthotic soul that helps in providing the desired comfort that is required when you are wearing shoes or sandals every day. This product helps with providing the perfect arch support, impact absorption and alignment and also helps with getting rid of any kind of pain from the feet effectively.

Soul Insole works well within shoes and sandals and is comfortable enough by leaving enough room for your toes. It is proven to take off the pressure and uncomfortable pain from the feet. It helps in providing relaxation to the bones and reduces pain to quite an extent.

Soul Insole Review


This product comes in different sizes and varieties and helps provide the perfect cushioning and comfort to our feet. This product was launched by a Canadian brand and they have been providing great orthopaedic footbeds since 2001. Professional sports players; mountaineers, football players and aim to provide ultimate comfort to the feet use these insoles. This company offers both lifestyle medium inserts and even active thin inserts for sports and daily use.


  1. MOULDING: The product comes offering perfectly moulded footbeds that are essential for and can fit into different sizes to provide great comfort and perfect fit. The sole provides two kinds of moulding; wear moulding and heat moulding. When it comes to wearing moulding, all you need to do is insert the footbeds in the shoes and then eventually they set themselves automatically due to bodyweight and gravity. And when it comes to heat moulding, it is required to heat them first. They can do this by placing thee footbeds on to a baking tray and placing them in the oven for a couple of minutes. Once they are heated, they mould themselves instantly for the perfect fit.
  2. ECO-FRIENDLY PACKAGING: The product comes in recycled material, which can eventually be further recycled and this contributes as a small step to saving the environment and our planet.
  3. SIZING: The soles come in a variety of sizes for men and women and a unique thing about these footbeds is that they can easily be trimmed off if they are a little bigger, making it to be a perfect fit for your original shoe size.
  4. UNMATCHABLE COMFORT: The reason why one purchases this product is because of the comfort that it provides. Soul Insoles aim to provide ultimate comfort to its users. Once you start using these footbeds, you will see a huge difference in how your arches feel after a long tiring day, hence providing an enhanced experience.


The product is packed with tons of features and is a great product to use.

  • The Soul Insole is a non-intrusive, reusable and universal orthotic that is made to eliminate pain in the feet.
  • The product is proven to drop the pressure while wearing heels and reduces tons of pressure, providing immense relief.
  • It helps in increasing the support to the arch of the foot and is suitable for any shoe to touch the flat surface and helps with walking quite comfortably.
  • The Soul Insole helps stop the over-pronation that occurs often, by having flat feet and high arches that work as a healthy and comfortable position for all individuals.
  • It is designed mechanically and provides great and extreme support especially during activities like sports and other casual activities.
  • The product provides high-level performances and is anti-shock with high elasticity and great durability, unlike any other product.
  • The product is quite easy to clean and can be washed easily underwater. You have to let the product dry out for the adhesive to regenerate.
  • The Soul Insole is easy to remove from one shoe to another.


  1. UNIVERSAL FIT: The product is suitable for almost anyone in the world. All that one needs to do is slide this pair of the insole in your shoes or sandals, which can be used for athletic, casual or daily purposes.
  2. PAIN RELIEVER: The Soul Insole is a proven product that helps reduce the pressure from the heels and the balls of the foot. It helps in providing support to the feet, the ankles, knees, hips and even the back while providing the perfect alignment that your body needs.
  3. IMPROVES HEALTH: This product helps provide complete support to your foot and trains your feet to achieve the full strength that your feet need, due to their natural arch. The product eventually helps improve the balance of the foot and the body posture, enabling one to walk comfortably.
  4. GENTLE MASSAGE: This product gives a little bit of a sense of massage to your feet, making you feel comfortable on each step.
  5. BOOST ENDURANCE: All kinds of walking and physical activities can be performed for a longer duration without experiencing any sort of pain or discomfort.


  1. The product helps with existing foot disorders.
  2. It also helps in preventing any harmful foot conditions from developing over time.
  3. It provides a flexible foot.
  4. The footbeds help in providing instant comfort.
  5. It also helps in reducing plantar fascia strain.
  6. It also helps in providing lightweight support.
  7. This product calls for improved balance.
  8. It helps in promoting the natural alignment of your feet.
  9. This product helps in distributing pressure and weight equally.
  10. One can wear and even heat the moulds for a customized fit.
  11. It exhibits the perfect amount of pressure that is provided exactly where one needs it.


  • The Soul Insole is a great product for providing ultimate comfort along with providing instant relief to your foot pain.
  • The product is quite user-friendly and at the same time provides great health benefits, along with greater relaxation to your feet.
  • The footbeds are easy to clean and are washable and re-usable in your daily life.
  • It is recommended to simply wash it underwater, to let the adhesive regenerate itself quickly.
  • The product helps in saving time and money by avoiding any foot problems in the future.
  • This product is available at an affordable price.
  • In case you are not satisfied with how this product works, it comes with a money-back guarantee that can offer a full refund.


  • The product comes with detailed instructions and if you miss any step or instruction, you will be sure to face any kind of problem.
  • The product does not provide instant results. It is a game of patience and time when it comes to experiencing the benefits attached to this product.


The product has not been launched in the market yet, therefore it isn’t available anywhere online on Amazon or Walmart. The product is only available on the official website and you can simply choose the option you want to go for on their website.

The soul insoles come in three different packages of a single pair, three pairs or a 6 pair package. Whichever option you prefer has to be clicked upon and immediately your order will be placed. Once you have placed your order, you will receive an instant notification. This product also provides a 60-day money-back guarantee feature, wherein if you are not satisfied with the product, you can ask for a refund easily.


There are tons of products available in the market today and many cheaper alternatives are available for these orthopaedic insoles. The other alternatives are of low quality and provide tons of discomfort and pain. The soul insole footbeds are made to provide great comfort and help to relieve pain in the feet by paying special attention to the shape and alignment of the products. With the use of this product, one can enhance and make their walking and running experiences much better over time. You can enjoy the plethora of physical activities with more relaxation and it helps in preventing over-pronation, creates a better posture and helps to maintain the original balance in your bodies. The product aims to provide flat feet and high arches, which helps in getting the pressure off from the feet.

So, go buy this product and reap its benefits soon.