SonicX Pro Toothbrush Review – Enjoy Your Smooth Clean Teeth

SonicX Pro Toothbrush Review – Introduction

Most of us according to Dental Health Hygiene are not brushing out teeth the right way. As a result, there are many dental problems prevailing among the people today. Un proper brushing can cause bacteria on your teeth and leave residues of food in your teeth. It can also cause bad breath and yellow teeth. But now with the introduction of SonicX Pro Teeth, this problem can be solved.

What is SonicX Pro Toothbrush?

To brighten your smile and whiten your teeth, the SonicX Pro Toothbrush is made for you. Instead of going to the doctor and using harmful chemicals and treatments on your teeth for it, SonicX Pro will help you do it. It is an electronic toothbrush, which cleanses your teeth better than the normal toothbrush. It efficiently cleanses your teeth. There are 4 modes of the SonicX Pro Toothbrush. Each mode targets a different part of the mouth. With this advanced teeth brushing product, you experience an advanced solution that will take your teeth brushing routine to a whole new level.

Why Should You Upgrade to Using An Electric Toothbrush?

Well, aside from reaching all areas of your mouth, here are more reasons to use electric toothbrush;

  • Studies show that electric toothbrushes are more effective and efficient at removing old stains and plaques from teeth than manual toothbrushes
  • These brushes are also enjoyable to use, which encourages users to brush their teeth the right way and regularly. This is especially important to kids who have to be reminded to brush regularly
  • They provide more rotations per minute than manual brushing and thus clean your teeth better and faster

This explains why electric toothbrushes have been gaining popularity in the recent past. One of the electric brushes that have stolen the headlines is SonicX Pro, and today we will be discussing this interesting product.

Good thing that you now have the choice to avoid that nightmare from happening. And that is SonicX Pro, the supersonic Toothbrush.

Features of SonicX Pro Toothbrush:

  • Powerful Tooth Brush:

The sonic toothbrush is designed to give effective and strong sonic vibrations. It removes plaque, even in areas that are hard to reach with a normal brush. It is capable of 45,000 strokes every minute. 

  • Intelligent Brushing:

Besides its exceptional sonic technology, SonicX Pro includes four intelligent brushing modes. These will improve your teeth brushing routine: Each of these modes is designed to improve different areas of your teeth. And an option of gentle cleaning is also added for people who prefer it. These intelligent brushing modes offer soft brushing for better health.

  • Timed Brushing:

In the brushing mode, the brush runs for 2 minutes and then halts for 30 seconds. This gives the time to switch from one area of the mouth to the other. It allows you to exercise effective brushing technique.

  • Light Weight and Portable:

It is a compact device, which can be, carried anywhere and is incredibly durable. It can be kept in your hygiene pouch or can be just slipped into the luggage if there is no time to organize.

  • Waterproof and Durable:

The device is waterproof and also durable for a long period of time. Being an electronic device, it is waterproof as it can be used in any way the customer wants.

  • Simple to Operate:

The product is designed to be very simple and easy for anybody to use. There is no complicated manual attached to it to raise any complication. It only takes a moments time to figure out how to use the toothbrush.

  • Replaceable Heads:

After using the toothbrush for 3 months you can replace the head of the brush with a new one and not the entire toothbrush.

Pros of SonicX Pro Toothbrush:

  • It gives 45,000 brush vibrations per minute. 
  • Battery life is very good and longs at least 2 weeks. 
  • You can travel with it easily. 
  • The brushes are interchangeable
  • It has Four brushing modes 

Cons of SonicX Pro Toothbrush:

  • Its price is slightly high
  • You have to replace the brush after a certain point of time.
  • That battery will die, and when it does, you will hate using your regular toothbrush.

Specifications of SonicX PRO Electric Toothbrush

  • Made with Sonic Technology
  • 100X powerful than manual brushing
  • About 45,000 Brush Strokes Per Minute
  • 4 brushing modes- Soft, Cleaning, Whitening, and Massaging
  • Smart timer of 2 minutes with a 30-second interval to switch brushing areas
  • Use at home or carry on a trip
  • Available on 50% Discount

Technology used in SonicX Pro Toothbrush:

It is a game changer technology and is created for the well being of the people. It puts the worry of oral hygiene in the past with its efficient feature and benefits: 

  • Intelligent brushing. The toothbrush has four features of brushing modes: cleaning, whitening, a massage and soft clean.
  • Power. High-frequency acoustic vibrations create secondary cleansing action, that way producing a powerful brushing force (45,000 brush strokes per minute!), which guarantees the removal of plaque in the hard to reach areas of the mouth.
  • Timer. Each mode runs for two minutes with intervals every thirty seconds, so you can switch to other areas of your mouth.
  • Long lasting battery. The batteries of the toothbrush last for two weeks of regular brushing and are rechargeable.
  • Compact. This lightweight and easily carried toothbrush can be used at home or can be carried anywhere you feel like.
  • Simplicity. The entire brush is controlled with one button on the front.
  • Waterproof. The toothbrush is IPX7 grade waterproof, so after brushing your teeth it can be washed as a usual toothbrush.

How does SonicX Pro Toothbrush Work?

Many people have difficulty using an electric toothbrush in the past because of complicated designs, which can often be hard to use. One of the common problems with people using electric toothbrushes is their poor ability to retain charge for a long time.  However, this issue is a thing of the past with the SonicX PRO toothbrush. It is a single button device that is good for your health.

Why Do I Need SonicX PRO?

Proper oral hygiene is crucial not only for the health of your teeth and gums but also for lowering the risk of multiple medical conditions that are associated with oral health. These include heart disease, stroke, blocked arteries, endocarditis, pneumonia, diabetes, pregnancy and birth complications as well as osteoporosis. Unlike conventional toothbrushes, SonicX PRO employs high-frequency vibration ranging from 40,000 to 45,000 brushstrokes per minute ( depending on the model that you select) to efficiently remove plaque and stains and rapidly whiten your teeth.

If you’re brushing your teeth 2-3 times a day using a regular toothbrush, but you’re quite unhappy with your oral hygiene, then it’s time to switch to the ultra-modern, professional and more efficient electric toothbrush SonicX PRO. You will no longer struggle to clean those hard-to-reach areas of your teeth, and its superior, ultrasonic power will ensure that plaque and stains will be quickly removed so you can enjoy a brighter, cleaner, and whiter teeth in just a few days. SonicX PRO is the low-cost alternative to expensive whitening treatments at your dentist’s office and your trusted ally for optimal oral health.


The SonicX Pro Toothbrush is an easy use product, which is good for health and also sets to achieve all the teeth goals that are set by you. It is a bit high on cost but it justifies the high cost with its great features and compatibility. It is a must recommended product to use.