SmartDot Ultimate Review 2020 – An Eco-friendly Device for Your Safety


The generation of the 21st century is constantly on some of the other devices. We have tons of devices around us all the time like phones, speakers, tablets, earphones, laptops etc. and these machines throw a lot of radiation out to us, which can be quite harmful to us. Different devices emit a different level of radiation, for example, laptops generate a higher level of radiation as compared to speakers, which emit low-level radiations. 

Our high-tech lifestyles have become quite harmful for us and the electromagnetic field exposure is also increasing day by day. We are now exposed to 100 million times higher electromagnetic radiation than we were about 50 years ago. But this entire radiation can be reduced by the latest innovation called smartDOT. This revolutionary technology approved by Scientists is an electromagnetic field protection technology that helps in protecting us against the dangers of radiation.

EMFs are known to be quite harmful and even have the potential for cancer-causing forms of energy, as per the information gathered from the World Health Organization. Not only can it cause harmful effects like brain damage in children, but it could also lead to infertility.

What is SmartDOT?

SmartDOT is considered to be a proactive electromagnetic field shield that helps in solving the electromagnetic fields from the point of origin before they could cause any harm to the body, as the radiation is absorbed. This is a stick-on solution that instantly removes and absorbs the harmful radiation from its source before it makes its way to penetrate your body. This SmartDOT EMF protection device is popularly known as the “gold standard’ when it comes to this particular genre of technology.

A company called ‘Energydots’ developed SmartDOT and the company aims to provide solutions by offering a technology that helps in reducing the radiations present in your environment and your surroundings. It is an altogether new revolution to fix the issue of harmful radiations. It works by removing the energy that is around us and that could be harmful to us. 

This product was quite imperative to develop, as getting rid of these gadgets is not an option, but coming up with solutions that help reduce the harmful effects is more of a practical solution. 

smart dot review

How does SmartDOT work?

SmartDOT comes in the form of a 17mm thin wafer-like device with Phi energy that communicates and interacts with the radiation that is emitted from the electronic devices. It comes in the form of a sticker that is attached to all the devices that emit electromagnetic radiation. It works well with devices that emit low-level radiation as well as those that exhibit high levels of radiation. 

The device includes magnetic discs and is registered as a medical device. The company that has made this product also offers similar products that serve the same purpose and are made with their specific energy signature.

The energy from the radiation acts as a shield between the user and the frequencies generated by the devices around you. The human body can no longer absorb the energies that exist in the discs, works by retuning the magnetic radiation that eventually. This device helps with getting rid of the negative effects of radiation by creating an environment that is not harmful to you and those around you. 

How to use SmartDOT?

SmartDOT is one device that is very simple to use. Certain steps are required to be followed when using this device:

  1. The first step is to figure out which particular electronic devices are causing the changes in mood, anxiety or fatigue to the user. When you have figured this part out, you can attach the smartDOT to the chosen gadgets and get started.
  2. To attach this device, remove it from its case and stick it on your device. No specified location is mentioned to stick to this device. It is your prerogative to choose a spot and place the device accordingly.
  3. Also, you can attach this phone to your phones or on the routers where your Wifi is working.
  4. Once the device has been stuck, you can use the products as you do usually and start experiencing the difference in your surroundings.

By using the smartDot, one can relieve the symptoms of electro-stress. It is recommended that one device be placed on each gadget, for example on the phone or the laptop. smartDOT can be used on various devices including mobile phones, laptops or computers, tablets, Wi-Fi routers, gaming consoles, baby monitors, cars, televisions and even your hairdryers. All in all, it can be used on any electronic device and helps prevent everyone from the harmful rays and providing a safe and secure, radiation-free environment.

Is it safe to use the smartDOT?

These magnetic discs are completely safe to use and are not harmful to your skin since their interaction is only with the radiations that are being emitted from the electronic devices around you. The energy signature present in these devices is unique and is made to be completely safe from human contact. Even children can make use of this product, hassle-free. The product is quite safe for all devices and it does not cause any trouble or harm to your gadgets. 

Features of smartDOT

smartDOT as a device is freely available in the market and offers tons of benefits to its users:

  1. PROTECTS FROM EMF RADIATIONS: Electronic devices emit tons of radiation that is harmful to you and those around you. These radiations are very hazardous for your body. With the help of smartDOT, there is a guard between you and the radiation from the electronic devices, which prevents your skin from absorbing them.
  2. RELIEVES UNWANTED SYMPTOMS: It is scientifically proven that the harmful radiations that are emitted from the machines affect your mood. Emotions like anxiety, insecure and being uncomfortable are the result of the radiations around you and this device helps protect one from such unwanted symptoms, which is caused by such radiations from gadgets.
  3. LONG-LASTING: This product is a one-time investment and does not have to be purchased again and again. Once it has been stuck on the chosen electronic device, it will protect you from the radiations forever and helps in creating a positive environment.
  4. EASY HANDLING: The device is quite easy to use and works very simply. All you have to do is choose a gadget and stick the smartDOT on it. Once stuck, the device can be used normally without any hindrance, the same way you were using it before.
  5. TESTED, RESEARCHED AND PROVEN: This innovation has come into place after years of study and research. This device has been rigorously tested and completes all requirements and specifications of experts in creating a safe, free and happy environment.
  6. PRICE: This product is quite affordable but usually come with additional shipping and handling charges. The company has tons of payment options to offer and your details are safely registered with the company, on purchase. 
  7. MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE AND REFUND POLICY: The product is the need of the hour in today’s times and you can easily return the product, in case you are not satisfied with it, which is highly unlikely. The product comes with a 90 days return period and includes the money-back guarantee. One must ensure that they return the product in the same packaging it was received in.
  8. MADE WITH THE HIGHEST QUALITY MATERIALS: smartDOT uses the revolutionary quantum technology that is the gold standard in terms of the EMF technology. It helps prevent you and those around you with its technology and usage with the use of premium materials.


smartDOT comes with smart technology and is a tech patch that behaves like a filtering system and helps protect against harmful electromagnetic radiations. It is considered to be the only energy dot that can stop the effects of electromagnetic radiation from its source. Also, the device does not require any kind of setup or installation and all it needs is interaction with the radiation of the gadget.

In addition to this, the electromagnetic field shielding materials negates and removes the electromagnetic field radiation that is found in devices that we use every day and helps filter the toxic radiation to a natural state, without providing any harm to the body.


  • The device has been scientifically tested to prove its viability and is quite an authentic and legitimate product.
  • The smartDOT comes with a gold standard magnetic strip, which says a lot about its durability and usage.
  • The strong adhesive that is used to stick the device on to the gadgets lasts forever.
  • smartDOT is quite affordable and is a one-time investment only.
  • The device can be attached anywhere on any gadget possible.


The product is quite authentic and does not come with any such disadvantages attached to it but a drawback one could think of is that once it is stuck on one device, it cannot be removed and stuck on another one. 

In addition to this, all the claims that have been made on the working of this device are not proved a hundred per cent, hence there is a little bit of lack of knowledge when it comes to the working of this product. 


The modern lifestyle calls for some changes and that is only possible with improving it and finding solutions for it. We cannot go back in terms of technology, but we can always find practical solutions to get rid of the troubles that come with it. smartDOT is a necessity now and definitely, a must-have as it acts as a proactive tech patch that helps to prevent any kind of electro-stress and illnesses that are caused due to radiation. Moreover, having such a safe gadget around you, at such an affordable price and something that you only have to buy once, has to be a must-buy for all. Hence, go buy the smartDOT today at affordable prices and enjoy the radiation-free benefits from it. This product is known to work well and protect everybody from electromagnetic fields and the harmful radiations that come with it.