Seed Sheet Review 2020 – A Beautiful Garden for Your Beautiful Home

Seed Sheet Review: Introduction

The current times we live in, especially considering the pandemic times, we have all tried to delve into some of our hobbies, which had taken a backseat because of being too busy. A lot of people today, especially the family people and the older adults have taken an interest in gardening activities lately.

While gardening is considered to be a stress-reliever, in the initial few stages it can get very daunting and tiring to use. It could also be quite discouraging to carry on with the activity. But, now for the beginners and the experienced people out there, there is a product available today that can make your gardening process a lot easier, called Seed Sheet.

Easy to figure out, the Seed Sheet is basically a sheet that contains curated seeds, for easy planting and can be used by individuals at home. Every seed sheet includes organic, non-GMO seeds that are placed in a biodegradable, dissolvable pouch that makes for easy growing as well as sprouting.

The product is unique as it comes in an anti-weed fabric, which is used for encouraging weed-free gardens. The package includes a garden container as well as some supportive soil, but the seed sheet can also be bough individually without these things.  A single package contains all materials that you need to meet your gardening needs.

What is Seed Sheet?

A house full of plants is indeed so beautiful to look at and refreshing to be around at the same time. Seed Sheet is one product that helps enhance this process. It is basically a herb garden that comes in biodegradable dissolvable pouches containing organic and non-GMO seeds.

The seed sheet is considered to be quite convenient and can be planted in your own blooming garden or in any separate container as well. It is basically a healthy herb that can fit in a box. Each and every Seed Sheet is capable of producing up to $92 of produce, which is considered to be incredible.

seed sheet review

How to use Seed Sheet?

As we have stated above, Seed Sheet is quite convenient and easy to use the product and comes packed with convenience for its user. Although for people who are just starting out, it may seem to be a complicated process, Seed Sheet is there to make it a simple and quick process.

All that is required is for you to simply place the Seed Sheet in a pot that contains soil, send a message to Seed Sheet from your smartphones and add water as and when you receive an alert from them.

A single seed sheet of the product contains 6 different herbs; cilantro, parsley, dill, onion greens, basil and sorrel. It is so easy that all you have to do is water the container or the pot when notified by the company.

Versions of Seed Sheet

Seed Sheet being such an easy product to use comes in different versions offering different kinds of seeds and herbs:

  1. The herbs that are used in our day to day lives that include green onions, basil, parsley, sorrel, dill and cilantro. These herbs add to the flavor in your food cooked at home, on a daily basis.
  2. The next is a sheet that contains 8 commonly used salad ingredients. Ingredients included are beet greens, French breakfast radios, pea shoots, golden frills, red Russian kale, tatsoi and arugula.
  3. The Seed Sheet kit also offers ingredients that are essential for making Italian food: Sweet basil and glacier tomatoes. This is a must have for all the Italian food lovers out there.
  4. Next, you also get Seed Sheets to make your favorite tacos. It includes six unique toppings that are white icicle radish, Valentine’s Day radish, purple plum radish, cilantro, scallions and arugula. Combinations of these are used for taco toppings.
  5. Not only does it help with making foods yummier, it can also be used for making amazing cocktails. Eight different kinds of ingredients can be used for making cocktails; cutting celery, bronze fennel greens, purple basil, tulsi, borage, Thai basil and pea shoots. All of these products are used to make yummy and memorable cocktails.
  6. Lots of hot sauce lovers out there as well who would love to make their sauce even yummier? Seed Sheet contains ingredients to create the best hot sauce, which are the dragon red carrot, purple bunching onions, ring-o-fire Cayenne peppers. All of these ingredients are used in different ways to make for the best hot sauce ever.

Who is the Seed Sheet For?

Pretty much everyone can use the Seed Sheet. Whether you live in the countryside or in a small apartment, Seed Sheet can be used anywhere possible. Whether it is a student on campus or a lady in a retirement home, Seed Sheet can be used to add flavour to home-cooked food with the use of these homegrown ingredients.

Even kids would love to use the Seed Sheet as is it easy to use and also an activity that can keep them engaged and interested in. The entire feeling of growing a plant from scratch is a sight that kids would love to watch out for.

How to use the Seed Sheet?

  1. Plant Seeds: The first and foremost step to using Seed Sheet is to simply place the Seed Sheet in a container of soil or a pot of soil. It is important for the seed side of the sheet to face the soil and then by using your hands you can gently flatten the sheet.
  2. Place Stakes: With each Seed Sheet Package, three green stakes are provided. All you have to do is place those stakes through the ‘X’ slits, which are located on the different edges of the sheet.
  3. Pouch Dissolving: Next, you have to dissolve the pouches by giving them water every 10 seconds. Once the water has been applied, you have to wait for about 30 seconds to check whether the pouch has been dissolved or not. You have to repeat the process until all the pouches are dissolved and completely gone.
  4. Provide Sunlight: The last step is important and tricky at the same time. Especially, if you live in a place that does not get enough direct sunlight, it could be a little difficult. Either it needs to be placed on the windowsill or on the patio, wherever there is a certain amount of sunlight available. Instructions are provided along with the package to assist you through this process. The exact time when the plants should be harvested is mentioned as well.

How to buy Seed Sheet?

Seed Sheet is directly available on their website and it is recommended to purchase the product directly from the website. In case you buy it from the website, you are provided with an option of 30-day money back guarantee, which will not be available elsewhere. The freedom of trying the product and seeing if it works for you is available, which is a great way to understand and try the product.

Advantages of Seed Sheet

  1. No Weeding Necessary: As it has been stated earlier, the Seed Sheet comes with a weed-blocking fabric that helps prevent the growth of any kind of weeds in your gardens. The fabric it is made up of is a non-woven polypropylene fabric that ensures that the water drips through, preventing any kind of moulds. When the growing cycle of the seed is ending, the weed-blocking fabric cannot only be recycled, it makes the product completely waste-free as well.
  2. Customizable: The company does come in a standard size and contains curated plants, but the flexibility of customizing your Seed Sheets is also provided. For someone who is looking to cater to a larger garden, the standard ‘4×8’ Seed sheet can be customized and shipped by the company itself. Along with that, you can even start a raised bed garden according to your preferences with the help of Seed Sheet.
  3. No pesticides or Herbicides: Seed Sheet does not require the use of any kinds of pesticides or herbicides, owing to the principles of sustainable farming. An activity called companion planting is applied wherein plants pair together to attract the necessary amount of pollination required. The weed-blocking fabric it is made of, eliminates the need to spray the plants with harmful and hazardous chemicals.
  4. Save Time: A kit is available with this product that contains an expandable fabric container and nutrient-rich soil, which makes the whole process of growing easier and quicker without having to waste time in buying these things separately.  The products it includes make for a perfect fit and can be done easily within a few minutes.
  5. Save Money: If you are looking in the long run, Seed Sheet is a great investment as it helps save money by yielding a product that far exceeds its price. In about 40 days, you will get your first fresh product and in total, one seed sheet can help grow hundreds of dollars of produce. As long as the directions are being followed carefully, the product will yield maximum benefits and results.

Disadvantages of Seed Sheet

  1. Long Wait time: One of the only drawbacks that can be associated with this product is that it takes around 40 days to yield the first harvest. If you are looking to incorporate healthy, fresh produce into your diet quickly, you are going to have to wait for it.
  2. Difficult Indoor Growing: Not all plants can grow without sunlight and for seeds except herbs, salads and tacos, this is not considered too much of a viable option. Some varieties require and LED light for growth while some can be put on the windowpane to receive at least 8 hours of sunlight.


In case you are the kind of person who dreams about having his or her own garden by investing a little bit of money, Seed Sheet is definitely worth investing in. The produce is fresh and safe and yields great benefits long-term. Without using any kind of pesticides and herbicides, this product helps not only in saving time but money as well.

Moreover, it can also be used as a great gifting option for your family and friends, especially for those health-conscious people who want to cook delicious homegrown meals at home. Seed Sheet is a value for money product and allows its users to grow their own herbs, giving them a sense of accomplishment. Fresh, safe, pesticide-free and affordable, this product is a great buy for all the garden lovers out there.