Screen Klean by Carbon Klean Review 2020 – Keep Your Gadgets Clean

Screen Klean By Carbon Klean Review – Introduction

The gadgets today are not only costly but also require high maintenance. The cleaning of devices is a task, and a lot of money is spent on them. There are various types of products promised in the market that can clean the gadgets, but you eventually end up seeing scratches on the product. The microfiber cloth does not scratch the work, but it does not provide that type of cleaning. That is where the Screen Klean by Carbon Klean comes in use. It is a product by one of the leading companies and it a very innovative product. It can be used for keeping your gadgets up to date and durable for a long time. 

What is Screen Klean? 

Screen Klean is a small compact cleaning pad made with Carbon Molecular Technology to lift away dust, grime or any oil. It is the same kind of technology that NASA uses in the space to lift away dust, and now it is being used in digital devices as it works for all types of gadgets such as smartphones, laptops tablets. The top-notch quality of screen klean is that it is not abrasive. After using for a long time, even the microfiber cloth causes scratches on the screen that can make it blurry over time. The screen klean does not damage your screen as a minimal amount of pressure is used in cleaning the screen, which keeps it new as ever. 

Screen klean by carbon klean review

Features of Screen Klean:  

It’s Carbon Molecular Technology: 

If the screen of the gadget is not taken care of properly, then I can cause the screen to get blurry and have scratches. Screen Klean does not scratch the screen as it uses carbon molecular technology. It lifts the dust through attraction, leaving it clear. 

All-Natural Fighter:

The Screen Klean kills all the traces of microorganisms efficiently. As we get in contact with many people and those bacteria on our hands are transferred onto the screen. This product reduces the chances of the bacteria being spread further as we can come in contact with several germs. 

Replaceable and Rechargeable Pads:  

The Screen Klean can be used approximately 150 times before it needs to get charged. The pads can be replaced too guarantying more crystal-clear screens. 


The product does not harm the environment or the device. As it does not require to be sprayed in the air and the pads are reusable. Also, it does not use any chemicals. 

A Compact Device with Various Colors:

The device is small are portable. It can fit into a purse or a pouch for ladies and an average pocket size for men. It can be carried anywhere. It also comes in various colours, and the customer can choose according to their preference. 

How does it work?

With the carbon molecular technology that Screen Klean uses, it helps to remove the grime and oil altogether, which enables the screen to look spotless, crystal clear, and newer than it ever looked.

The Screen Klean besides helps in getting rid of the bacteria that are floating in our environments as well. It attracts dirt and oil particles away from the screen and grabs the grimy particles that are present. It is the perfect solution for removing dirt, oils and fingertips from your screens.

Additionally, it uses the same technology that NASA uses in space to repel dirt, and can now be used for your digital devices as well. It works for all kinds of gadgets, like smartphones, laptops, tablets, monitors and television screens, meaning anything under the sun that comes with a screen, can be cleaned through Screen Klean.

Advantages of Screen Klean: 

  • The product uses Carbon Molecular Technology, which makes it different than other products and also safer to use. Carbon Molecular Technology is very innovative and is suitable for maintaining your gadgets. 
  • The device is small and compact, and it can be carried anywhere for its usage. It can fit into your pocket or a small handbag. 
  • The product does not smear the screen, but it just merely lifts off the dust and clears the oil. It does not cause any scratch or harm to the screen of your product. 
  • The product is eco-friendly as it does not cause any harm to the environment. The ingredients used for making the product are light and friendly to nature. 
  • The product is also low on cost and can be used for an extended period. The affordability of the work is one of its significant features. It is a multipurpose device. 

Disadvantages of Screen Klean: 

The only drawback of screen klean is that the pad that cleans the screen can fall off sometimes, which can cause problems to the users of the product. As it is evident, that a dirty pad cannot be used on the screen this can lead to the usage of a large number of pads. 

What problems does it solve?

There are tons of solutions available today in the market, but not all work effectively. What they do is move around and smears the grime and oil, which eventually results in attracting more dirt and grime than before. To save your time and effort and get rid of the micro-scratches that damage the glass on your screens, Screen Klean provides the perfect solution. It helps to restore crystal clear transparency on your screens, which make it the best technology for your expensive electronics. 

Does it work?

Yes, and it has been proven multiple times. The carbon molecular technology helps with attracting the dust and facial oils off screens. A one of a kind solution that comes with the most advanced screen cleaning technology, Screen Klean is the only product that works, unlike other cleaning solutions that overpromise and under deliver.

The best thing about this product is that it is non-abrasive meaning it doesn’t leave your screen scratched and there is the minimal effort needed in cleaning any screen.

To clean the carbon pad, all you have to do is slide it back into the recharging station that it comes with, wherein the pad replaces the dirty ‘Smart’ carbon molecules with fresh, new, crystal clear ones.

How much does the Screen Klean cost?

The product retails at about $20, but in case you buy them with the ongoing deals; you would be able to get a better price for it. Also, this gadget comes with one year of warranty and can be returned within 30 days with a full refund. The product comes with free delivery in the US. 

How is Screen Klean different from other micro-cloths and sprays?

The Screen Klean, unlike other micro-cloths and sprays, does not require any repeated wipes and effectively fights off bacteria and other oils for perfect results. The product also comes with no expiry date and is even worthy of cleaning BMW’s and Lamborghini’s. Screen Klean is 100 per cent safe when it comes to preservation of devices and is worthy of making the machine cleaner than ever before.

Where all can the Screen Klean be used?

Screen Klean can be used for any screen and helps in keeping screens clear for viewing. When it comes to the larger screens, it is recommended to recharge the carbon pad twice or more times to make it thoroughly and completely clean. 


As we are witnessing the evolution of technology every day, products must be invented for their better management. If the devices are not maintained properly, then it can lead to a waste of money and also the degradation of the device. Therefore, products like Screen Klean must be launched in the market for the better management of electronic devices. It is an effective way of cleaning any device and also prevents from germs being spread. It is a highly recommended product. It is considered to be one of the most effective products for cleaning screens and preventing them from not spreading any germs. Being non-abrasive, this product makes use of advanced carbon molecular technology that can be compared to no other product. The whole hassle of your screens getting blurry is also eliminated with the help of this product.