Safe Grabs Review 2020 – Silicone Mat for the Kitchen

Safe Grabs Review – Introduction

All the people around the world face some of the other accidents while they are in the kitchen. And it happens so often that people get used to it. Sometimes you try to take a heated bowl out of the microwave or you held a potholder that was so hot that it burned you. It gets very difficult to manoeuvre around the kitchen when things are too hot. You either have to wait for it to cool down or you have to eventually take the risk of getting burned in the process of cooking.

But now to get rid of the disasters that occur in our kitchen daily, there is a product called Safe Grabs, which comes with great heat resistant features for preventing yourself from burning.

What are Safe Grabs?

All around the world, lots of cooks and people who love to cook are looking for something that can help them grab their pots or utensils from the hot bowls. Often on sometimes the fresh ingredients, you pour in might just splash onto your hands and can cause inconvenience to you. 

Safe Grabs provides the solution for such problems and is considered to be one of the best food-grade silicone mats, which are used in the form of splatter guards, trivets, placemats, pot grabbers, jar openers or food covers. Safe Grabs is considered to be a BPA-free, food-grade kitchen mat that is made with silicone and is the safest product to use in your kitchens all around the world.

Safe Grabs Review

How to use the Safe Grabs?

The product is very easy to use and it has received lots of positive reviews from its users all around the world. When you are using them as splatter guards, all you have to do is place it in such a way that the smoother side is facing your food and the grooves upward. On removing the hot plate, you have to slide your fingers under the mat and be careful that your fingers do not touch the item from any side. Next, place the groove side facing upwards towards the plate.

Once you are done taking out your food, all you have to do is rinse the product with water and let it dry, you could even use a wet cloth to wipe the dirt or place it in the dishwasher on top. If there are rigid food stains, just wash and keep the potholder under direct sunlight for some time and then see the results.

Key Features

Safe Grabs are safe to use and have a heat resistance for up to 475 degrees Fahrenheit and are completely non-toxic for all temperatures. Safe Grabs comes as a set of two: one in ten inches and the other in twelve inches.

The product is great to use and is quite easy to clean up as well. You can take out the hot utensils or pots without worrying about burning yourselves and there is no risk involved in using this product. Safe Grabs is simple and can be washed easily.

  1. The Magic Is In the Ridges: This is the unique selling point of the product and sets it apart from other silicone mats. The ridges on one side serve two important purposes:
  • The Ridges even disperse and distribute the heat on the mat. If you use an all worn-out mat, the potholder could cause burns, which would be a big risk. The Safe Grabs is made with food-grade silicone that acts as a safety guard but it also has ridges that add another layer to the mat. No matter what material you use, the heat will eventually transfer and spread everywhere. With the help of these ridges, the heat gets evenly distributed and helps prevent those hotspots that could be a problem.
  • The insulation on the mat helps prevent the transfer of heat from a hotter to a cooler object.
  • The ridges are key in providing a strong grip. The silicone material helps take up the shape of the utensil or pot or whatever it is holding. While using glass or ceramic dishes, your hand could slip but with the help of Safe Grabs be rest assured that such accidents would be completely avoided.
  1. Raised Sides Make Picking up Easy: Safe Grabs is a great innovation in holding the dishes and solves the problem of picking up dishes with the help of its upward edges easily. The edges of all the mats are uplifted, which helps in picking up the dish from any kind of surface. These are also great placemats when dealing with non-slippery and gripping ridges.
  2. Temperature Resistance Makes Them Versatile: It is BPA-free and made up of food-grade silicone that is safe to use and can take enormous amounts of the heat of up to 475 degrees Fahrenheit. They also make for great splatter guards due to their design and material.

Other Features of Safe Grabs 

The Safe Grabs product was featured on Shark Tank and struck a deal with one of the sharks. It is a great product that works as a solution to the problems one faces daily in the kitchen.

  1. The mats can be used in different varieties: As a splatter guard, trivet, placemats, pot grabber, jar holder and food cover as well.
  2. With the help of this product, you can ensure that the hot plates or bowls are lifted safely and securely.
  3. When you touch the mat, it is cool to touch and prevents any kind of burns.
  4. The product comes with the feature of holding dishes with the non-slip ridge systems.
  5. For gripping purposes, this product works well and can even be used to open jars.
  6. The Safe Grabs mat is easy to clean and can be placed anywhere to make the whole process easier. Wash it and place it under direct sunlight to get the best results.
  7. This product is apt for microwave storage and fits well in them.
  8. The silicone mats are BPA-free and are made with food-grade silicone, that is safe to use and great for the users.
  9. The product is great and can be used in extreme temperatures as well: both high and low. 

Benefits of Safe Grabs

This product is great and recommended by tons of people around the world.

  1. Multi-Functional: There are various ways on how to use this silicone mat. You can lift hot dishes from the oven or microwave, or use them as food covers, placemats and even jar openers. The product is completely multi-functional and can be put to use however you like.
  2. Comes in Many Colors: The Safe Grabs silicone mat has tons of vibrant colours to brighten up your kitchens. It comes in six different colour schemes, which can be chosen as per your preference.
  3. Easy Cleaning: The silicone mats are one of the easiest products to clean and are non-stick in nature, so when it comes to getting rid of the stains, it is super easy. The mats can be washed directly, placed on top of your dishwasher or just can be rinsed and placed in the sun for a couple of hours.
  4. Easy Storage: To store the device somewhere, the easiest place would be the microwave and you can place them anywhere conveniently. 
  5. Fridge-Safe: These are also used as great cover mats and can be used to cover food inside or outside the fridge. They have to simply be placed on the top of the dish.
  6. Great Jar Openers: We all struggle to open bottles or jars at times, but the Safe Grabs makes it quick and safe to open those tight jars owing to the silicone material that allows for a great grip.
  7. BPA free: A BPA free label means that what you are using is safe to use. The Safe Grabs mat is made with food-grade silicone and is BPA free, which talks about its authenticity.
  8. Portable: The mats can be used for a variety of uses and do not have to be used in the kitchen only. They can be used anywhere in the house, for whatever small purpose you are looking for. 
  9. Money-Back Guarantee: The Safe Grabs mat includes a money-back guarantee that can be applied in case the user is not satisfied with the product at any given point of time.

Disadvantages of Safe Grabs

  1. If you buy this product directly from the website, it is available in two colours only. On buying from Amazon, all colours are available but the official website provides lots of discounts and offers.
  2. The heat resistance offered is less than 500 degrees Fahrenheit and for baking purposes, this might be a buzz kill.
  3. The product is a little higher priced than the traditional ones available in the market today.


The product is available directly on their official website and the website offers tons of benefits, deals and promotional offers to buy the product. Even celebrities and influencers who back this product offer tons of deals for easy purchase of this product. 

What makes them different from Regular Pot Holders?

Traditional potholders although great to use, can be a bit of a worry because it could have some hot spots, which could catch fire or be hazardous. Safe Grabs are made with silicone and come with a solid construction preventing them from any kind of thin spots, which could lead to burns or injuries.

Safe Grab’s mats are great to be used in the kitchens and help even protecting the counters from any kind of damage from heat, even with the hair styling tools. The product offers tons of flexibility and design, which makes it to be multi-functional in every aspect.

The ridges and uplifted edges are a plus point and make for tons of advantage for its users.


Kitchen hazards are very common, especially when you talk about getting burned. With the help of Safe Grabs, you can get rid of all such problems and be in a safe environment. The way the product is made avoids any kind of hot spots and helps make the task of picking up and placing easier. 

Using Safe Grabs can prevent tons of accidents. Not only is it multi-functional, but the product also offers value for money and is considered to be a great buy. Safe Grabs prevents from any kind of damage and can even be used as lids to cover your foods. Children, who are susceptible to more accidents, can also be around safely wherever these mats are. Hence, a great product to use at a great price, Safe Grabs is a product that takes care of all your kitchen needs.