React Powered by Charge Hub Review 2020 – The 7-in-1 Car Safety Tool


One can face an emergency at any given point in their lives and it is a known fact that over 5.4 million car crashes happen every year in the United States alone. A lot of car safety experts out there recommends taking safety measures like window smashers or seat belt cutters just to avoid in case of an accident. However, during an accident one is not too alert and reaching the glove compartment to take out these accessories would be almost impossible. Safety devices are considered to be pretty much useless if they can’t be reached during a tough situation.


React is a 7-in-1-car charger that could help save one’s life. It includes 7 powerful life-saving features that are made to protect your family and keep them safe, in case you are stranded on the road or have met an accident or if you are experiencing any other sort of emergency.

React is made with premium quality materials and is simple to use by just plugging it into the cigarette lighter port in your vehicle, making it easy to grab whenever it is needed the most.


Those who drive around a lot and have a lot of travelling to do to make it to their offices and work, have to be extra careful when it comes to car safety. So many times, we are stranded on the road and don’t know how to reach out for help. This is when the React 7-in-1 charger comes to the rescue. This device is safe and can help you and those around you during any emergency.

This device also performs the functions of a regular car charger for phones and other devices during travel. Although tons of devices are available today in terms of safety, no device comes in handy, especially during an emergency. But, the same is not the case with the React 7-in-1 charger. This product is quite useful and is easily accessible. Small children can even use it. The device has been specially designed for emergencies like cutting the seat belt off and breaking free from the windows with the minimum use of force.



This product is easily accessible and can be conveniently used, especially in times of a crisis. The product is a multi-functional car charger that can be used as a handy safety tool and comes to great use during emergencies. The tool can be easily used during the night or when you are stranded on the road alone. 

The multi-faceted property of this device makes it easy to reach the device during a crisis and even solves the daily purpose of being readily available during an unforeseen situation. 

All that is required with this tool is to insert it inside the port of the cigarette lighter with the standard connectors.


The React 7-in-one charger includes:

  • An Extremely sharp cutter for seat belts
  • Window smasher with a powerful steer tip
  • Car Charger with SmartSpeed technology for Ultra-fast USB charging
  • 2200mAh Powerful Power Bank
  • LED Flashlight with powerful 140 Lumen Power
  • SOS Beacon with red light for long distances
  • Loud Safety Siren for long distances

Razor-sharp seat belt cutter and window breaker

Usually, during an accident, the windows and seatbelts always tend to get stuck. This can be quite dangerous and can trap the passengers inside the car in such a scenario. The sharp cutter and the power window smasher those are included in the React 7-in-1 charger help in assisting you and freeing you from such a situation. 

These devices are built for the safety of you and your loved ones and one can save themselves from getting stranded or getting trapped inside a car. The all-in-one tools are great and can be used well during a crisis. The safety device comes with a razor blade that can help with removing the seatbelt during an emergency and the blade has even been tested on a 5000 pounds towing harness, proving its functionality and strength. Moreover, the cutting tool is quite strong to cut through belts but has also been engineered to be safe if unintentionally used. The blade is used to cut the seat belt only and not people or things. 

Hence, with this particular safety tool, one doesn’t need to be strong. This device is quite simple to use and is multi-purpose for emergencies. Also, this device can be used hassle-free without the worry of accidentally hurting yourself in the process of using it.

Steel tip window breaker

The sturdy steel tip on the Window Breaker is quite powerful and can be used for opening the car window easily and carefully. Known as the security hammer or the window opener, the tool is made up of steel that exhibits high intensity. The tool comes in handy with immense corrosion tolerance and strength, making the whole process of cracking the glass even simpler. It is only required to tap the side window’s four edges and the smaller the points the lesser is the toiling.

This glasscutter that is spring-loaded is quite simple to use, making it easy even for a child to use it. In case you are stuck in a room where there is not much space; you can make use of the hammer and break the glass open. The React 7-in-1-car charger is used as an emergency device that is used for rescuing someone trapped in an automobile, in case a crash happens. The spring window breaker works quickly and provides the best opportunity for you to escape from a tough situation. Again, to use this tool, you do not have to be powerful or strong, the spring-loaded mechanism does the work for you. This device is a great solution for a response device and aims to be a compact and supportive kit.

The only catch is that it works with tampered glass only and not on the windshield or the laminate glass.

Lightning-fast USB car charger and long-lasting power bank

The first and foremost function of this tool is that it functions quite well as a car charger. It provides the function of keeping your devices battery-powered for hours. 

The powerful portable power bank with 2200 mAh makes use of SmartSpeed technology that helps charge your devices a hundred per cent without any kind of hassles or problems. The portable charger provides the opportunity of keeping the phone charged 100% at all times.

The current performance of the USB does not only work on the headset that is charging but also offers a USB charger to other electronic devices. In times of an emergency, it can come in quite handy in terms of emergencies, connectivity and other such situations.

ChargeHub is known to be a pioneer for portable charging technology and has manufactured this 7-in-1-car charger. This talks about the authenticity of the product and showcases the quality that has been engineered in this tool.

In addition to this, the quick USB charger uses the SmartSpeed technology to supercharge any handset and is considered to be one of the most trustworthy and reliable chargers there is. Also, the power bank comes in premium quality and can even help dial 911 during an emergency along with providing super quick charging.

Ultra-Bright LED Flashlight

The LED flashlight provides great quality and brightness that is filled with power. The light can last for up to four hours and it does not even fall out during the time of crisis. 

Moreover, the flashlight can be used during the night for tasks like changing the tire, opening the hood or for even checking something in the trunk.

SOS beacon and Safety Siren

Being stranded at odd hours in the night can prove to be quite dangerous, especially if you are alone. The feature of React’s SOS beacon and safety siren comes in quite handy during these situations. 

The SOS beacon is a powerful red strobing light that has a reach for up to a hundred yards. This tool is considered to be quite essential for preventing other cars from crashing into yours during the night or when you are doing something important like looking for something in your trunk. 

The Safety siren also comes with a far and wide reach and helps steer people away who are unwanted or helps in grabbing someone’s attention if you need any assistance. 

Both the features of the SOS beacon red light and the safety siren can easily be switched on with the touch of a single button.


  1. It is within reach at all times: The product is easy to use and requires to be plugged into the cigarette lighter port, making it easy to grab during an emergency, when it is needed the most. The product is small and compact and can be carried along easily.
  2. It is perfect for night-time emergencies: The LED flashlight that comes with this tool can come in quite handy when you want to inspect your vehicle or change a tire. Moreover, the SOS beacon helps prevent other cars from slamming into yours.
  3. You will always have a fully charged phone: This tool acts like a normal charger and helps to keep your phone charged at all times. Moreover, the 2200mAH portable power bank uses SmartSpeed technology to charge the devices quickly up to 100 per cent when you are on the go.
  4. It allows you to be someone’s hero: React is a safety device that comes in quite handy when you are alone or you are with your loved ones, especially during an emergency.
  5. 30-day money-back guarantee: The tool is great to use and is multi-functional but if for any reason, the user is not satisfied with the product, they always have the option of returning the product and getting a refund within 30 days.


The React 7-in-1-car charger should be considered a necessity for every vehicle. This tool offers the best life-saving tools within your arms reach during the time of an emergency. 

Not only in terms of a crisis, but this device is also quite handy in case of a non-emergency and is great for daily usage. It is easy to use and a great product that provides great satisfaction and peace of mind, in terms of the safety precautions it provides. One of the best tools to be used in cars, the React charger is quite a useful device during those road trips and it even keeps your phones charged 100% all the time. This device is multi-faceted and quite simple to use, making it comfortable for children to use it as well.