Protector Pitch Review 2020 – The Best Self Defense Keyholder Alarm


In today’s date, people have become more aware of their surroundings and have become extremely vigilant when it comes to the environment around them. Everyone is always looking to protect their family and help prevent them from any kind of dangers. So many crimes are being reported every day and sometimes it feels like we are living in a scary world. Nobody can confidently go and roam around in the streets, whether it is at some point of the day or especially during the night. Thugs, criminals are roaming out and about quite freely nowadays. 

Therefore, safety is of primary concern and one must understand the importance of safety for them and their family. For anybody who comes close to danger, must have or know a way to protect themselves during such unforeseen circumstances. Not everybody in this world has taken self-defence classes and is ready to fight the criminals off and hence; proper techniques or solutions need to be in place for a person to save himself or herself at this time. If there is someone who encounters a dangerous situation, they must know a way to get out of it and one such product that can help them is Protector Pitch.


Protector Pitch is considered to be one of the best products for saving oneself from a sudden situation of danger or emergency that they might encounter. This device creates a loud alarming sound with a great amount of frequency and pitch and helps disturb the attacker or the thug. Anybody who is within the proximity of about 300 meters is bound to hear the sound easily. 

This device helps people prevent people from a dangerous situation as it causes a sudden noise that can disrupt the attacker. The sound from the device can go up for about 30 minutes, once it is being used. 

The product is made up of plastic that is hard and cannot be destroyed no matter how much force is put into it. The alarm will always keep ringing even if the device breaks. Using the Protector Pitch is very easy and affordable to use and can be bought by multiple members of the family.

Protector Pitch is a personal alarm that has been with the idea of keeping everyone safe and secure. For those who cannot fight, this small and compact protection device can help save their life. The product is a smart and innovative one and is difficult to detect as well.

Protector Pitch Review


Protector Pitch is an easy product to use and works simply by making a loud alarm sound whenever it is being made to use. The working process and mechanism of the product are simple and it can help avoid any dangerous or harmful situation that one may face. The alarm sound goes on for about 30 minutes on every usage. This product is a keychain type of product and can be easily attached to key rings and bag chains. All you have to do is pull the product. If you pull the key chain outwards, you can easily place the alarm in it. When one encounters a dangerous situation, there occurs a sudden sound of a very high pitch that can scare and disturb the person who is attacking you or anyone else. It covers a range of up to 300 meters and helps make people aware of this proximity. Once the alarm starts buzzing, a person who is facing danger can be helped and their life can also be saved. Therefore, the Protector Pitch is a perfect device to keep everyone safe and secure.


The Protector Pitch has been made in such a way that it helps with easily keeping the attacker away without them suspecting about it. It comes in the shape of a normal keychain, which comes in pink, white and blue colours. The product is made up of hard plastic that is quite durable and does not break easily. The device includes an alarm system that is made up of metal and even if the device ends up breaking or getting damaged, the alarm will still go on. The pitch of the alarm is very high and increases with the increase in the range away from the device. It contains 3 LR44 batteries that make the product last for almost a year, meaning that it wouldn’t end up not playing during the tough situations. Protector Pitch is considered to be one of the safest devices to protect people in the streets.


Personal alarms usually come in different varieties and shapes and make high-pitched noise to protect during a harmful and dangerous situation. The personal alarms such as Protector Pitch helps with:

  • Keeping one safe when walking or jogging during nighttime.
  • The devices are completely waterproof and can easily be used for safety for activities like hunting.
  • These alarms are silent, meaning the attacker wouldn’t be able to recognize the device and hence, it will safeguard you during emergencies.
  • These alarms usually go unnoticed and are super safe to carry, providing utmost safety and security.


The Protector Pitch is a useful product and helps keep one safe and secure.

  1. It comes with features of instant self-defence including allergic decimated audio.
  2. The product is completely portable and can be attached to the keyrings and bag chains easily.
  3. All you have to do is press a single button to start the alarm.
  4. The product is made up of durable and unbreakable material.
  5. The Protector Pitch includes batteries that have a long life and there is no replacement required for an extended period.



  • The product makes for a great self-defence mechanism.
  • The alarm of the product produces loud noise, which helps reach people around quicker and immediately.
  • The alarm system is battery-operated and works even without the need for any electricity.
  • The product comes with a keychain, which is easy to carry around.


  • The product is a small one and it is prone to be misplaced or stolen easily.
  • The plastic material that it is made up of, is not strong enough to withstand harsh situations.


The Protector Pitch personal alarm is a great product and can be bought as a single piece or in groups of 2 to 3. Those who chose to buy more than one can always give it to their family and friends. The alarm helps keep the criminals and thugs away and helps provide the victim enough time to run away and call for some help.

Once the package has been delivered to your doorstep, it is ready to use. All you have to do is take it out of the package and insert the standard LR44x3 batteries. The batteries in the Protector Pitch are easily replaceable. The alarm in the Protector Pitch is covered with ABS plastic that helps in protecting it from any breakage or harm. The alarm comes in colours of pink, white and blue.

The product goes with any keychain out there and it looks so simple that it easily ends up going unnoticed. It looks similar to a decorative and regular keychain. In addition to this, the product comes with long battery life and doesn’t end up consuming much battery.

The batteries have an extended life and do not come with the worry of their battery dying out easily and quickly. Whenever you need, the alarm is there to serve you and protect you.


Those who like to take long walks during the night should opt for this product. These personal alarms have become quite an essential item when it comes to self-defence because it helps grab the attention of those around it and ends up scaring the attacker. These alarms are quite effective for self-defence and they are completely legal to keep.

The Protector Pitch is simple and easy to use and no specialized training or skill is needed to operate this particular device. Anybody, irrespective of his or her age and physical ability can make use of this product easily. This product is highly recommended by Police Officers, Campus Safety and Security Consultants as well.

During such dangerous situations, one might not always be capable of shouting, but this personal alarm can help distract the attacker and save a life. The alarm works effectively in scaring the attackers and the chances of them running away increase when they realize how loud it is and how long it is running for.


The Protector Pitch is directly available on the official website and is quite affordable as well. The shipping for this device is completely free irrespective of the number of devices that have been ordered.


Everybody in the world is concerned about their safety as well as the safety of their family. When one encounters a dangerous and unwanted situation, people tend to save themselves rarely because they are not able to raise their voice seeking for help.

If the person who is being attacked is carrying a personal alarm along with them, then they end up getting plenty amount of time in running away and seeking help. All you have to do is pull the alarm to activate it and the alarm looks so normal that it goes completely unnoticed.

With the Protector Pitch, be rest assured that your safety is in good hands and it will help you in all situations. It comes with long battery life and is there for you every time. The product is portable and provides utmost security and safety. So go out there and protect yourselves by purchasing the Protector Pitch today!