Peeps by Carbon Klean Review – Eyeglass Lens Cleaner Technology

Peeps by Carbon Klean Review – Introduction

A new pair of glasses can be challenging to maintain as they are expensive and demand high maintenance. You have to clean the fingerprints time and again and also prevent the lens from any scratches. Cleaning them with a microfiber can tire out the person after a point of time then most people opt for using cotton shirts to do so. This is where Peeps by Carbon Klean comes to use. 

What is Peeps by Carbon Klean?  

Peeps constitute a significant cleaning company for all types of glasses. It can clean lenses 500 times better with pads, and when there is a need for more pads, they can be ordered from the website. It a very easy to use and cost-efficient gadget available today. The pads are incredibly soft and smooth, thus eliminating the worry about causing scratches or smudges on the lens. The peeps cleaner leaves the lens oil-free and smudge-free inside out. It will remove the dust that has been building up and leave the lens smudge and oil-free. Unlike the fibre cloths, peeps use aerospace technology, and it has retractable brushes and rechargeable pads, which wipes off the dust, oil and fingerprints. 

Peeps by Carbon Klean review

Who is this for? 

Peeps by Carbon Klean can be used by anyone who wears lenses made from glass or plastic, glasses which have any frame or a prescription of sunglasses. This is a very safe cleaner to use because it is very smooth and soft. Each set comes with small pads which can be used to clean both sides of the lenses at the same time. It does not leave any scratch or grease on the glass. It spreads from one area to another very quickly. For any person wearing contacts, they can also use Peeps by Carbon Klean according to their need. This product also extends the life of your glasses by improving its clarity. 

Features of Peeps by Carbon Klean:

  • The usage of Carbon Molecular Technology, which is gentle on the lenses and doesn’t expire. 
  • Peeps cleaner will recharge itself after each usage. 
  • It uses the safest and the most tested cleaning technology in their work. 
  • Peeps cleaner can be taken anywhere, and it has resistance to heat, water and humidity. 
  • It comes in various colours, and it is also eco friendly. 

How does the cleanser work? 

The peeps cleaner has a cap on one end that opens to reveal a hidden brush inside. The lid keeps the dust away from the brush. You can hold the brush in one hand and slowly dust away from your lenses from each side. This will remove the lint and the skin cells stuck to the surface and also any other kind of debris. The peeps cleaner also slides a case to reveal two small pieces that look like tweezers with soft pads between them. You slide the lens in between the pads as you hold the glasses. You’ll slowly move the lens between the pads to remove any oils or smudges that you see. The manufacturer has also given an option of cleaning both sides of the lenses simultaneously. 

Tips for using the Peeps Cleaner: 

  • The use of a liquid cleaner is recommended in case the lenses of the glass are too dirty. It comes with a concentrated formula that removes any debris. 
  • You should always check the cleaner first to make sure that the pads are in good condition. If there are any rips or tears in the material, you should get a replacement. 
  • A bit of pressure should be used while cleaning the peeps cleaner for better results. 
  • You should not quit using the brush and go straight to cleaning the glasses. The brush helps in wiping the dust, and the pads help with the cleansing you need.

Should you buy it?

This is an excellent alternative to any wipes which are available in the market today. It is an ideal item which performs the function of both brush and pad to remove debris from the lens of your glasses and not damage them in the process. Daily, when we push the glass back up or touch the lens, we leave some amount of oil on it which smudges the overall vision for you. This cleaner removes any such oil or smudges in a matter of seconds. 

Advantages of Peeps Cleaner:

  • The device comes with a small cap on one end and has a hidden brush inside. You only have to slowly brush across the surface of the lens front and back. As the cleaner slides out of the case, it shows two small pieces which have looks of tweezers with soft pads in between. The Peeps cleaner is easy to use, as it requires that only you exhale on your glasses first. Once you hold them and take a deep breath and exhale on the glass, then the peeps cleaner will do its job.
  • The peeps cleaner also work on reading glasses, prescription pairs, bifocals and others. As millions of people have reading issues, this product is beneficial for them. It removes the natural oils and does not damage any lens in the process.  
  • The peep cleaner is safe for all types of lenses as kids use plastic lenses and adults use mature lenses. The peeps cleaner works on these lenses as well as special coating lenses. You can also choose the surface coating, which reduces the risk of you scratching your glass. It does not cause any damage to any coatings of your lens. 
  • The peeps cleaner are also useful for sunglasses as some people do not wear regular glasses every day but as on special occasions may require wearing sunglasses and peeps cleaner is used on them too. 
  • The material used in the peeps cleaner is strong and durable. The cleaner consists of 70% plastic and 10% goat hair. The hair is non-abrasive, which means it will not stick to the lens. It also has a rubber exterior which holds on to the cleaner for a more extended period. 
  • The price of the product is affordable, and it offers so many features in such a low price of $20. This comes with a bundle of packages and also free cleaners for their customers. The kit also includes spray cleaners and microfiber cloth which helps to clean the glasses in the best way. This all is included in the $20, and it is a steal deal. 
  • This product has a pocket-size variant. This size comes with arms which perform the functions of tweezers and also has a brush on the opposite end. It comes in a case which can easily fit into the pocket of your pants, suitcase or even a glove box. 
  • The peeps cleaner is the only one which is approved by NASA as it is allowed in simulations and space shuttles. It is best for the astronauts or others who use glasses quite often and need to clean them. This cleaner does not release any particles which can interfere with their stability. 

Disadvantages of Peeps Cleaner:  

  • The peeps cleaner sometimes does not work, as it should. Some people companied that they would prefer a microfiber cloth to the cleaner. 
  • The pads sometimes leave the lens with streaks as it pushes the oil around the lens. 
  • The customers also complained that the cleaner is very fragile and breaks easily. 
  • The users also complained that the cleaner sometimes left their lens with scratches or left tiny cracks in the lens. 


The peeps cleaner is an efficient product which comes in a variety of colours and at an affordable price. It is handy as it can be stored anywhere and it helps clean in whatever we want and in whatever way we want. The cleaner comes with pads and brushes that help in better cleaning than the fibre cloth that is mostly used by the people. It is a must recommended product for efficient use.