ODii Review 2020 – Ultimate Grabbing Tool with Power Grip

Odii Review – Introduction

Ever dropped something in your car and thought that you have lost it forever because it is so difficult to retrieve it back. We all sometimes drop things or lose them in places it is almost impossible to get them back from. 

Whether it is something like unclogging your drains, or fixing certain car problems or even taking out a toy from under the sofas and tables, everything seems like a huge deal at that point of time. It can get super frustrating for people to find and then pick up all things they’ve lost from places that have a tiny amount of space. 

But, with the help of Odii, the task of finding your belongings becomes much easier.

What is Odii?

Odii is a Canadian innovation that is considered to be one product that should be mandatory in every household. With the help of this product, you will probably never lose anything that falls under your car seat or furniture. This product is the first and only multi-function retrieval device for your homes.

Odii is a great looking gadget that helps in discovering and recovering things that fall into the most difficult areas to retrieve them from in your homes, workplaces or even vehicles.

The main function of this product is making the whole process of recovery easier for you. It is an easy grabbing tool. When you have trouble reaching things or getting back things that have fallen, Odii comes to the rescue and does the job for you. 

Odii Review


Odii comes in a sleek looking design. It comes in a three-in-one design that includes an extendable metal claw, a detachable magnetic rod and an LED flashlight. This product comes in smart design to help you recover things that you might not be able to in most of the occasions. The design is patented and features a 19-inch flexible claw with a powerful magnet.

The materials used for designing the Odii are plastic and steel making it to be a flexible device that can manoeuvre through tight places. The telescopic grabber claw, the detachable LED flashlight that helps locate the object and the magnetic arm are capable of holding objects that weigh up to two pounds. The gripper gives great grip strength and has the capability of picking up about 5-10 pounds of any object. The gripping arm can also be alternated to the magnetic arm, as and when required.

Key Features of Odii

  1. Extendable Claws: The tool includes claws that extend out from its productive tube. The claws that are attached to the tool are extendable and can grab the smallest out items. In addition to this, it also helps grip the object firmly. Not only can you pick up items with this, but you can also strongly control it through the claw.
  2. LED Flashlight: The extendable claw along with the LED flashlight help in noticing small things in the darkest of places. If you are looking under a table or behind your refrigerator, the Odii tool helps in retrieving those lost items.
  3. Gooseneck Extension: The tool comes with a flexible neck that can be bent as well. It can extend and retract itself as per the preference and you can look for anything tiny and small, or something big that weighs up to 10 pounds.
  4. Magnet: This magnet is 23 inches wide and is completely detachable. Used for picking up metal objects like keys, change or phones, the magnet immediately helps with attracting the item and retrieving it back. If you are looking for something under the car seat or on the sides, this particular feature of Odii works perfectly.
  5. Easy to Store: The product is quite flexible and shrinks down to make for easy storage in the house. The item is compact and takes up very little space of storage.

Other Features of Odii

  1. Grabs and Holds Items Up to 10 pounds: Odii allows one to control the grip strength and you can pick heavy items up to 10 pounds as well easily.
  2. Fits into really tight spaces: The claw that is patented on this device is 19 inches long and has the flexibility of bending easily. Odii makes place for itself wherever it goes.
  3. Powerful Magnet: The items that can be attracted to the magnets are quickly stuck with the help of this device. It can be your keys, phone or even some loose change.
  4. Ultra-Bright Flashlight: The flashlight works great especially in dark places where you cannot see anything. 
  5. Shrinks down for easy storage: The product customized itself for kitchen drawers, or any other small spaces present in your environment.
  6. Perfect for Every Car: We keep dropping items in our cars and with the help of this product one can retrieve all the items that fall into the packed places of the car.
  7. Perfect for every home: Whether a product is lying high up on some closet or is somewhere where it is difficult to reach, Odii can reach anywhere and grab it.
  8. 30- Day Money Back Guarantee: Mostly users are more than satisfied with this product but if there is anyone who is not completely satisfied with this product, then they have the option of returning it within 30 days for free.

Advantages of Odii

  • The product comes with 3-in-1 features and consists of multiple tools that help with the working of this product. With the grabbing tool, you get an LED light and a gooseneck.
  • The product can change its size according to the requirement and can shrink itself for easy and compact storage.
  • The tool made for grabbing can lift to 10 pounds easily.

Disadvantages of Odii

  • The claws that are inside it are flexible but can easily unscrew when being used
  • It requires the need for an extended for certain types of objects
  • You are not allowed to pick up more than 10 items a time. 

How does Odii Work?

The product is very simple to use and does not require any installation or assembling. Once the package is delivered at your doorstep, you just open it up and start using it hassle-free. As soon as you want to retrieve something, just extend the claw and start using the device easily.

Odii looks sleek and similar to a smart spy tool, which looks like you are using a high-tech gadget. This gadget helps in finding items you could never reach out to. The product includes three core elements that include a claw, which helps in grabbing items easily. The Odii claw can reach up to a distance of 19 inches and one can reach those small, tricky places quite easily. The product also comes with a great grip that can lift heavy things until about 10 pounds. 

The other elements that come with Odii are a detachable and flexible magnet with can be used along with the claw or even without it. The Neodynium magnet can be extended up to 23 inches and you can pick up all the metal things present around you. The LED flashlight also comes in quite handy and helps find and retrieve things in dark corners. The LED flashlight is also detachable and can be used easily anywhere.

When you combine the three elements, the device is great and full to use. It also becomes quite versatile when all these items are used separately or even together.

User Review

Odii is made to recover and retrieve objects that are out of your reach and hard to recover. The magnet is flexible, telescopic as well as detachable and can be used either with or without the claw. The magnet is a Neodynium magnet and can be extended for up to 23 inches, which is quite a lot for grabbing on to things. The LED light is also amazing, which is again detachable and can view objects that are in dark spots and are difficult to locate.

Where can you buy it?

Odii is available directly at the website where the money-back guarantee offer is also available. Other places put fake items and do not sell authentic products. 

The manufacturer of the product is working to provide this device at a great price. 


This device called the Odii is a great tool and handy tool for homes as well as workplaces. When one faces trouble finding things and recovering them, this product will find the solution for you by providing help with looking for things that you almost gave up on. 

It can be used in your homes, your cars, your garage, storage areas, basement or any other place that has compact spaces and settings. An all-in-one tool that is universal and is great to buy for retrieving important items. 

The design is quite efficient and offers three services at once and it is a flexible product that can fit into most spaces easily. So go and invest in this one-time purchase and get rid of your problems with the help of this great innovation.