LiveTemp Pro Review 2020 – Is This the Best Infrared Body Thermometer?


Tracking your body temperature regularly is a simple, fast and free to way to understand your current health especially in times of the Covid pandemic. This can be quite annoying when it comes to normal thermometers because you have to put them in the mouth, which can often induce nausea and vomiting. Some people also put it in their armpits that can be a little unhygienic.

When it comes to children, taking their rectal temperature provides the most accurate results. But that can be quite a troublesome process with children constantly moving.

With the invention of Live Temp Pro, you can experience the benefits of a contactless infrared thermometer. This thermometer makes use of infrared modern technology to record the body temperature instantly, without the possibility of touch. It is developed to work in a super-fast way and is quite accurate with its results as well.

The Live Temp Pro is gaining popularity in many countries like United States, Canada, and Australia etc. The users of this product highly recommend this product.


The Live Temp Pro thermometer is a heat sensor thermometer, made to check the temperature of human bodies quickly and accurately. It makes use of infrared waves emission technology and can work easily from a distance. It can easily measure the temperature of any surface or person.

Infrared technology is used to calculate the body heat and the results are produced within a matter of a few seconds. It has to simply be pointed at the subject and then the handle needs to be squeezed for the result. The Live Temp Pro can measure the internal temperature for testing any kind of fever and external temperature for testing objects from a distance of as much as 15 feet away.

This particular device is being used by health officials all over the world today because of the speed it offers in getting the body temperature with accurate and precise results. Within a second, the result is achieved. The presence of a digital LCD screen makes it possible to take the reading and record the temperature.

This device is gaining a lot of importance with the coronavirus pandemic but otherwise, also it is quite useful to have, especially when you have kids around. It helps assess their body temperature hassle-free.



  1. Infrared Sensor: The Live Temp Pro comes with an infrared sensor at the pointing nozzle through which the body temperature of a human is measured. It doesn’t only help in calculating the body temperature, but can also determine the temperature of liquids, spaces and others without any touch.
  2. LCD Display Screen: This LCD Display screen displays the temperature reading in big dark digits that make it quite visible and clear to see by anyone. Once the temperature has been examined, it will pop up on the screen and the screen will illuminate green, if the temperature is in the optimal level range, yellow if it can be disturbing and red if the temperature is high.
  3. Control Buttons: The Live Temp Pro comes with four buttons under the display screen. The upper one is used for turning the backlight on and off. The side buttons are for alternating on the previous and other readings. The down button is the sound button, which can be used for stopping the alarm.
  4. Handle and Measuring Switch: The handle is similar to a gun and the measuring switch works like a trigger. You can hold the device like a gun and pull the trigger to record the temperature, after which the result is displayed on the LCD screen denoting the temperature level.
  5. Battery cover: The battery cover is used to cover the battery space, where the battery is placed.


The Live Temp Pro infrared thermometer works with focused, reflected or absorbed light, wherein a lens is used to focus infrared light from one object onto a detector called a thermopile. The thermopile then absorbs the infrared radiation and automatically turns it into heat. The more the infrared energy, the hotter the thermopile is. The heat from the thermopile gets converted into electricity and this is then sent to the detector, which uses it to calculate the temperature of the subject that the thermometer is pointed at.


  1. Quick and Instant Measurement: The Live Temp Pro thermometer helps in measuring the temperature quite accurately. It helps in saving time and quickly yields results. This infrared thermometer provides the readings within seconds.
  2. Use of sensors: The Live Temp Pro thermometer uses sensors to understand body temperature. While measuring the temperature, a certain distance is maintained and no harm is caused to the person.
  3. Easy to read: The temperature is easily visible on the screen of this thermometer and there is no need to squint your eyes to get the readings.
  4. Ease in using: You have to hold the device close to the person’s face. Anyone and everywhere to assess the temperature can use it easily.
  5. Portable to use: The Live Temp Pro thermometer is quite portable and you can carry it easily wherever you go. The product is quite small in size and can fit anywhere.


There is a manual provided with the product package that gives detailed instructions on how to use this product. For easy usage, the infrared thermometer can be used in two ways; either by contact or by hovering.

Contact Method:

  • Turn on the thermometer
  • Make sure the forehead and face of the patient is completely dry
  • Next, place the thermometer on the patient’s forehead
  • Once the temperature has been taken, it will notify the user through a beep or some kind of sound. This process usually takes not more than 3 seconds to record the body temperature.
  • Now once you have read the results, you can remove it.
  • For the accurate internal body temperature, it is recommended to add a degree to the recorded reading.

Hovering Method:

  • Turn the thermometer on
  • Place it about an inch or two away from the forehead
  • Press and hold the button or trigger on the thermometer in order to display two red circles on the forehead
  • Then, move the device nearer or further from the forehead until the red circles merge into one circle. The patient is required to be stationery and not move for it to work.
  • Next, you can release the button and wait for the thermometer to indicate the temperature.
  • Lastly, check the reading and add a degree to the recorded temperature to get the temperature of the internal body.


  1. Intelligent Thermometer: This infrared thermometer is quite smart and can take the temperature of a person from a safe distance without any kind of physical interaction. It also records every reading it gets, giving you a history and filing system.
  2. User Friendly: This device has a simple interface and comes with four buttons to help one navigate and one single main button that triggers the thermometer to take the temperature of the subject.
  3. Contact Free Temperature Measurement: This infrared thermometer comes with no-touch technology and offers accurate readings without causing any germ contamination. You have to simply bring the device close to the patient’s forehead and without any kind of touching; the Live Temp Pro will provide quick and accurate results.
  4. Super fast and accurate: The thermometer makes use of a super fast processing chip and helps in recording someone’s temperature within a few seconds. There is no danger of any physical contact and no need to wait for 10-15 minutes to get the correct temperature reading. The color alert will notify you immediately if the body temperature is high.
  5. Monitors temperature changes: With the use of the side buttons, the ThermoSense records the temperature of the person you are looking for. All the history of the body temperature is also available with this infrared thermometer.
  6. Multi Purpose Functionality: This infrared thermometer can also record the temperature of liquids and other electronic appliances easily and quickly.
  7. Non-invasive: This device is great to use and is completely non-invasive. It doesn’t come in the contact of the subject who’s temperature is being taken and yields quick results.
  8. Very hygienic: Because there is no touch or physical interaction involved, there is less possibility of infections and contaminations when using the device.
  9. Ideal for measuring temperature of babies: The Live Temp Pro thermometer is quite convenient to use and even allows one to measure the temperature of babies when they are asleep. One has to hold the device over the baby’s head and the infrared sensor does its work. Other conventional thermometers can be carrying some sort of a bacterial load for a long time and can be cross-contaminated. The Live Temp Pro infrared thermometer is quite safe to use, as it does not involve any kind of physical touch and accurately monitors your health.



  • The device avoids any kind of contact and reduces the risk of spread of diseases
  • The results are attained quite quickly and accurately
  • The product is quite affordable as well
  • It can be used for both kids and adults
  • The product is very easy to use and is completely portable in nature


  • The product is only available online so one cannot try a sample before buying it.
  • It is available in limited quantity only.


The Live Temp Pro infrared thermometer has gained a lot of popularity and is the best-selling thermometer in countries like the United States, Canada, UK and other countries worldwide. This thermometer is available online through its official website only. Easy to order, this product is quite reasonable and affordable as well.

There is so much demand of this product, which is why there is only limited stock available for this product at a given point of time. It comes with tons of offers and if bought in bulk, can turn out to be quite cheap.


The Coronavirus pandemic has taken over the world and one has to quicken the recovery process before it gets too late. You are responsible for your own health and hence, checking it at regular intervals is a must. Therefore, the Live Temp Pro infrared thermometer helps in checking your body temperature at regular intervals and lets you take the readings without any touch or causing any kind of hassle. The results derived from it are quite accurate and is made to keep your family and your children safe and healthy. Also, the no-contact policy helps protect from any kind of germs or contamination.