Last Tissue Review 2020 – The Handkerchief for the 21st Century


Remember the last time you caught a cold you used up a hundred tissues and it was almost impossible to survive without it. Piles and piles of tissues all around you would end up making the cleaning up task even tougher than the actual cold. One cannot even pass five minutes without a sneeze. Sometimes people use towels or napkins, but that also does not last for over an hour. But now there is a product that can solve this issue for you. If you did know about this product first, it would have saved up a lot of time and effort during such a time. The solution the problem is called Last Tissue and it is quite a useful product when one is down with cold.


As the name suggests, last tissue is the last tissue you will buy. The product comes in a pack of six and consists of washable handkerchiefs that help in saving money and also help the environment by reusing these tissues. So instead of throwing away all your tissues in the trash, you can end up doing yourself a great deal of good by using this product.

Are you looking to save some extra money?

When you buy tissues, it might not seem to be expensive but when you end up having a cold, it can become a task. Also, we often make use of tissues every day in our lives for different things. From blowing your nose to wiping off your makeup, there are tons of functions that a tissue performs. Imagine how much you would end up saving if you don’t have to buy a tissue ever again.

Are you prepared to wash and reuse your tissues?

The last issue is quite easy to use but the only work it does involve is that once all the six tissues have been used up, you will have to toss them in the washing machine. The effort required is not much but is required to make more of an effort than just tossing them away in the bins. 

Do you have kids in the house?

Especially if you have kids in the house, they would not like the idea of using a reusable handkerchief ever again. For those times, disposable tissues will be the only solution for you.


The last tissue is compact and convenient to carry and offers tons of benefits of being used on the go while contributing to being sustainable by being reusable.

In one box of last tissues, 6 last tissues are made from 100% organic cotton that can fit into a small, compact case, which is made with 100% silicone. The case can easily be washed in the dishwasher and hence can be disinfected easily whenever required. You can wash the tissues for up to 460 times each, which could last for many years to come.

You simply have to slide the tissues out from the bottom and store it on top of the marked tissue barrier. When the clean tissues are pushed down, you will know which one is the last tissue when the market one will show. After washing, these tissues can be stacked again.

last tissue review


Last tissue is as simple as its name. This is a reusable tissue that comes in a carrying case and you can pack the tissues on top, and then slide the tissue whenever you need it.

Once you are done using the tissue, you can store it inside a resealable pouch, which is situated at the top of the case. When it comes to washing the tissues, all you have to do is toss them in the normal clothes washer. The case of the tissues and the silicone carry case can be washed easily and repacked. Also, because the clean tissues never touch the dirty ones, any risk regarding the cross-contamination is avoided. 

In addition to this, Last Tissue is considered to be the softest tissue ever and offer high-quality cotton organic tissues. The tissues are quite soft when used on the nose and the more you use them, the softer they get. 


  1. REUSABLE SET OF TISSUES: This is the most important and obvious feature of the last tissue, that it is a fully reusable tissue. There is no need to waste any more money on more boxes of tissues that are lying all-around your house. The tissue can be washed up to 460 times and hence can make the product last for almost a decade. This product is a great solution to save on some money and effort as well.
  2. CONVENIENT CARRYING CASE: Often we used tissues that get spoilt without using them, in our wallets only. So many times one ends up throwing away the entire pack without using it. By making use of Last Tissue, one can be assured that carrying case is quite sturdy and durable and can withstand almost anything. The case can be cleaned easily by just tossing it in the dishwasher and then can be easily carried around. The case is not bendable as it is made with hard silicone and does not crack as well.
  3. SOFT, PLUSH FABRIC: Lots of times the tissues we use are not suitable to our sensitive skin. Disposable tissues can sometimes be hard on the skin and can even cause allergic reactions at times but with Last Tissue, one need not worry. The product is made with 100 per cent cotton and is quite soft to use on all kinds of skin. These tissues are smooth and don’t irritate the skin at all.
  4. EASY TO CLEAN: The tissues once used have to be washed easily in your dishwashers. The tissues are quite strong and do not tear easily making them last a long time with every wash. The issues can also be washed manually and once they have been cleaned, they simply have to be put back into the case, making them ready for use again.
  5. HELP YOU SAVE MONEY: Because it is a one-time investment, the Last Tissues are a little more expensive than disposable ones but eventually they turn out to be much more affordable. If you get one for each household, you would end up saving a lot of money eventually.
  6. MORE HYGIENIC: When you first hear of this product, you might not consider it to be quite hygienic but. With this particular product, you can just toss them out for good and then use a clean pack of neatly packed tissues whenever you need them. The tissues can be easily sterilized and disinfected on every use, which is not the case with disposable ones. For the used tissues, they are kept away from the fresh and clean one in the case, so one doesn’t have to worry about any germs being transferred onto them.
  7. BETTER FOR THE ENVIRONMENT: This is quite an obvious benefit attached to this product because being a reusable tissue; it is quite beneficial for the environment. One pack of the Last Tissue handkerchiefs can help replace 2800 disposable ones. By investing in this product, one can help in contributing to the environment and even make themselves feel better about it. Also, the carrying case of these reusable tissues is 100 per cent biodegradable and does not create any landfill waste.
  8. OFFER MORE CONVENIENCE: The most important feature of this product is that it is reusable making it a much more convenient option to use. Last Tissue offers a rotating supply of six tissues that last for a very long time. Last Tissues are easy to use and easier to clean.
  9. REFUND POLICY: The Last Tissues offers a 30-day money-back guarantee and you can get a complete refund if you are not satisfied with this product. The refund policy also is quite convenient as it works even on products that have already been opened. If the product is returned within 30 days, you will receive a refund.


Using reusable handkerchiefs is something that is being adapted from earlier times when everybody used to make use of them. Using the Last Tissue is an easy and convenient option and can be done without having to worry about dirtying your surroundings.

The tissues are made of 100 per cent cotton, which makes it soft and sensitive on the skin and because they come in a pack of 6, they can cater to an entire family. In addition to this, the silicone case is also easy to use and separates the used tissues from the fresh ones quite effectively. Because the machine or the dishwasher can clean it easily, the product is easy to store and well and it is quite long-lasting. 

By using the Last Tissue, You end up saving more than 2 litres of water every single time because the disposable ones are made using gallons and gallons of water. Also, the manufacturing and production of these tissues use much lesser energy compared to the others. Therefore, this product is highly recommended when it comes to contributing to the betterment of the environment and is a small step towards sustainability.


Last Tissue was launched by a company called the Last Object and wanted to revolutionize the whole tissue industry. They wanted a more modern outlook towards the handkerchief that we use so often. The product gained a lot of momentum and success on Kickstarter and hence, proves to be quite a successful product. The Last Tissue is a great product to use and can be rewashed up to 500 times, which can last you for almost a decade. The product is easy to use and comes in a sturdy quality silicone case, which again is quite durable and can withstand almost anything. It is a great step towards contributing to the environment and even comes with the 30-day money-back guarantee, which makes it easy for the consumer to take a feel of the product before actually keeping it with him or herself. Hence, go to buy the product and enjoy its benefits.