Keyless Pro Ultimate Review – Portable Bluetooth Virtual Laser Keyboard


It is not always possible to take a laptop easily from one place to another. It is quite a cumbersome job to perform. Hence, tons of people today are looking for a solution that offers added convenience, making work completely mobile and movable. All that is needed is a flat surface that can help one type faster with a few additional features. 

Keyless Pro is a travel keyboard or laser keyboarding that offers the perfect, practical solution to all your typing problems. These keyboards are compatible with all electronic devices such as smartphones, tablets, notebooks, or personal computers. You only need a flat surface for using these, and they are so compact that you can easily carry them around wherever you go. 

This gadget has become an essential one for those people who travel a lot and have to get their work done on the move. 


Keyless Pro is a virtual laser keyboard connected to your smartphones or tablets using Bluetooth technology. Keyless Pro helps to transform your smartphone or tablet into a computer and lets you use the keyboard anytime from anywhere.

It works as an ideal remote worker and is completely compatible with Android, iOS, and Windows operating systems and smartphones/tablets. It is a great device to be used on the go, and you can easily type with it no matter where you are.

The Keyless Pro laser keyboard also has the functionality of being used as a mouse and helps one use their phones without using the touchscreen. It is completely wireless and reduces the hassle of carrying a keyboard around easily.

In addition to this, it can also be used as a portable power bank for charging your electronic devices with a USB cable. It comes with a bright laser projection that emits a virtual keyboard on any flat surface. The device is wireless and runs through Bluetooth technology. It can be used on all the various devices quite easily. The keyboard that comes up is easy to see and comes with a special mouse model that can be turned on so that a virtual mouse comes along with the keyboard in front of you. 

The Keyless Pro includes a USB built-in rechargeable battery and lets you charge your device while typing. It comes in both black and white colors.

Keyless Pro


Laser Projection keyboards are designed as input devices with infrared sensors to detect any motion or movement in your surroundings. It includes certain components and conditions:

  • It is all about infrared projection: The laser keyboard uses the infrared light projection to demonstrate the layout of the keys. Typing becomes quite simple with these keyboards, and by breaking the key links with your fingers, you can easily type anything on your devices.
  • Bluetooth addition: These laser projection keyboards can be made compatible with mobile devices and computers using Bluetooth technology. You can easily pair a keyboard with a variety of gadgets and devices out there.
  • Limitations of laser keyboards: The maximum distance maintained between the monitor and the user is about 40 feet. So if you go too far away from the screen, you will not be able to type. Make sure you are using the keyboard on a flat surface to make sure typing is done accurately and quickly.


  • Pattern projector keyboard layout: approximately 19 inches.
  • Red Laser light source.
  • Keyboard (mouse) size: W: 240mm H: 100mm
  • Keyboard (mouse) location: 80 mm from the bottom of the device.
  • The surface of the keyboard should be nonreflective and opaque, flat surface.
  • The recognition rate is 350 characters per minute.
  • It makes use of a USB external power supply, which is less than 5V 500mA.
  • It includes a lithium-ion polymer battery.
  • The battery operating time is about 150 min.
  • The battery charging time is about 90 min.
  • It comes in black and white colors.


The Keyless Pro is quite a unique innovation, and it works via Bluetooth technology. You have to stand near your phone and turn the device on. 

  • English QWERTY keyboard layout.
  • The device is small, compact, and ultra-portable for mobility purposes.
  • It includes a lithium-ion polymer rechargeable battery.
  • The design is completely and perfectly portable.
  • It comes with strong durability and utility.
  • It includes a full key size pitch and shortcut keys that make for easy operation.
  • It comes without a physical keyboard and is small in size, making it easy to carry and easily adapt to any working environment.
  • It connects easily via Bluetooth to devices like smartphones, tablets, PC, etc.
  • It uses in-built infrared laser transmission to project the keyboard onto the surface where you are working. You can easily locate the clicking position and input the information or data by optical identification.


Keyless Pro provides an easy solution to old and dusty keyboards that were used before. The laser projection keyboard is made with infrared sensors to detect any motion or movement around. While typing, it breaks the key links, and the input device then receives a signal that a key has been pressed.

It would be best if you typed on the colorful virtual keyboard similar to a real keyboard that you would be using. The laser keyboard displays a virtual keyboard onto a flat surface. The inbuilt sensor on top will sense and detect which letters you are typing and then eventually type them on the device that they have been connected to via Bluetooth.

The Keyless Pro virtual keyboard is a simple and easy device to use and works quite effectively. The keyboard is displayed through a projector and is connected wirelessly or with a USB cord to a device you need to type on.


  1. USE IT ANYWHERE: All you need with a keyless pro is a flat surface, and that will make for faster and more accurate typing. The virtual keyboard shines in front of you, and you can easily connect it to the device to start using it. The design is quite portable and makes for easy affordability as well.
  2. KEYBOARD AND MOUSE: The Keyless Pro shines upon flat surfaces and creates a full standard size keyboard in front of you. The size and intensity are completely adjustable according to one’s needs and preferences. It also comes with advanced optical identification technology that is quite accurate. 

A completely functional and precise virtual mouse is made using smart technology and features. 

  1. TYPING FOR DAYS: The Keyless Pro comes with a built-in rechargeable battery that provides two full days of battery life. You can also use it as a power bank for charging your devices while simultaneously typing. It can easily be connected with a USB. The intensity and size of the keyboard can be easily adjusted, and you can easily control the consumption of power.
  2. BLUETOOTH: The Keyless Pro makes use of the latest Bluetooth technology that lets you pair it with your other devices. It works easily without any kinds of delays and disconnections. The device is compatible with all devices like smartphones, tablets, and PCs. Connect it with the device of your choice.


Keyless Pro is a compact and easy device that uses laser and infrared light to project a keyboard onto a plain and flat surface. It is quite easy to plug the device from your smart devices.

Let us see how to use it:

  • Choose a plain, smooth, and non-reflective area. If a proper, flat surface isn’t chosen, it won’t work effectively.
  • Switch on Keyless Pro and wait for the blue light to turn on.
  • Select the smart device to which you want to connect the Keyless Pro.
  • Activate the Bluetooth on your smart device and pair it with the Keyless Pro.
  • Open the browser where you want to type.
  • Instead of typing from the smart device, you can easily type from the Keyless Pro. 
  • A small beep sound comes as you type a character onto the input device.
  • The character that has been keyed is read through infrared light-CMOS combination and is displayed on the targeted page.
  • Aside from Bluetooth, the Keyless Pro keyboard is connected via a USB cable, which is ideal for devices that do not have Bluetooth or incase you want to use the keyboard and another device at the same time.
  • The Keyless Pro can be used as a mouse as well. When you move through the virtual keyboard, the device detects the motion and starts functioning as a normal mouse.


  • The Keyless Pro is a compact device that is light in weight.
  • It comes in a portable and small size, making it easy to carry anywhere. 
  • There is no need to carry your laptop around. You can connect this device to any smartphone or tablet and use it on the go.
  • It helps in cutting the cost by reducing the need to manufacture keyboards.
  • It can also be used as a power bank to charge other smart devices.
  • It is also quite a handy device and can be quite helpful during seminars or presentations where the laptop is not easy to carry.
  • Keyless Pro makes you gadget-savvy and technologically ahead.


  • It can only work on a flat and plain surface for keyboard projection.
  • It can work at a distance of 40 m only, and beyond that, there is a high chance of disruptions and typos.
  • Be careful of not letting it pass through your eyes directly as it can cause damage to it.


This device is here to provide a solution to all your typing problems, and it is also quite an affordable product to buy. It can also be shipped worldwide. To purchase this device, you have to get on to the official website and pay for it. 


The Keyless Pro is a great and highly portable device that displays a virtual keyboard onto flat surfaces for easing the process of typing. It makes use of the latest technology to ensure that you can type without having to carry your cumbersome devices from place to place. It can easily be connected via Bluetooth to your smartphones, tablets, etc., and then you have to wait for the magic to happen. Portable and lightweight, this device can be fitted anywhere and compatible with all the different operating systems. Therefore, go ahead and buy this product to make your life easier on the go.