Key Smart Review 2020- A Pro Key Organiser

Key Smart ReviewWhat is Key smart? 

Key smart is an innovative design created for the storage of a large number of keys. With a similarity to the swiss knife, in shape and size, key smart it is pocket friendly and can be carried anywhere. It helps in the storage and maintenance of a large number of keys at work or home. Key smart is available online on Amazon, manufacturer’s website and many other websites for purchase. The most popular model of this product is the classic model. This knife can be used in any situation and also organize your keys efficiently for you to carry. The traditional model of this comes in many spacers which stores up to 14 keys and keeps them separate for avoiding confusion. 

Who can use Key smart? 

This product can be used for multiple purposes. A school teacher can use it for storing numerous keys daily for their cabinets or doors. Many other professionals can use key smartly as it comes at a very affordable price. Security guards and janitors can make great use of this key holder. For anybody carrying a large number of keys every day, key smart is a convenient tool for them. 

Keysmart review

Features and specifications of Key smart: 

  1. It is a key holder with a tracking chip embedded inside. 
  2. It can be connected to smart devices via Bluetooth. 
  3. It has a built-in LED light. 
  4. It can hold ten keys together at one time.
  5. It included two screws, bottle opener, 12 spacers and micro USB cable. 
  6. The bottle opener has a loop ring for key fobs. 
  7. It can work up to 2+ months once charged depending on the usage. 
  8. The material used is plastic with stainless steel hardware. 
  9. The Tile app is available on IOS and Android to locate the Key smart Pro and make it ring. 
  10. The dimensions of the key smart are (without keys): 3.75”x 0.75”x 0.5” (9.53cm x 1.92cm x 1.27cm) 

Components of the Key smart Box: 

This product comes with all the optional accessories which can be used with the Key smart. The items included in the box are: 


The package will come with the new Key smart and a small postcard with the various details. You will also be provided with a hashtag which can be used to post about the product on various social media sites. 


The small bag consists of the spacers which will be needed. These spacers look like flexible and small washers which will be placed between your keys when they are added to the holder. The bag also contains screws which let you attach the top to the bottom of the key smart to its outer shelf. 

A URL will also be provided for you to see the video instructions in case you want to see the instructions to put the product together. 

Optional Accessories

The Key smart comes with many additional accessories which help to use the product in many ways. Their accessories are listed below: 

  • 16 GB USB drive: 

This USB drive helps to quickly transfer files from one industry to another, which makes it easy to keep track of your documents and projects. The purpose comes with adequate storage to keep safe multiple files and documents. 

  • Pocket clip: 

The pocket clip enhances your fashion sense. For people who do not want bulk to show in their pockets can use the pocket clip by attaching to your bag or the belt loop. 

  • Bottle opener: 

The bottle opener as the name suggests can be used any time to pop open a bottle during parties or just for a cosy evening at your home. This bottle opener opens all kind of bottles. 

  • Screwdriver: 

The screwdriver comes handy in many situations. It fits into the end of the key smart and also helps to take care of day to day jobs whenever needed. 

  • Quick connect: 

The quick-connect can be easily attached to your bag or any other object. It looks similar to the carabineers which are used by hikers. 

How to assemble Key smart? 

To assemble key smart, the following steps should be followed:

  1. The first step is to remove all the screws located at each end and lift off the top piece of metal. This shows the blank keys and spacers inside. 
  2. Then the first key will be placed on the top of the metal piece that sticks up from one end. 
  3. When the second key is added, it should be placed on the opposite end. 
  4. Then a spacer is to be set on the top of each key. 
  5. As the keys are stacked, and the spacers are used, alternate on both sides to make sure that the keys are stacked evenly. 
  6. The final step is to add the top piece and use the screws to secure the top and bottom of the tool together. You can use as many spacers as you need. 

The Various Key smart Models: 

Key smart Leather: This model is with a fashionable look and is precisely for the street smarts. A compact designed to fit in any pocket comes with the same features as the classic model, but the leather adds the extra touch to it. The leather is so soft that it easily slides against any fabric. The leather shell is the unique feature of the product, which makes it desirable to many customers. It also helps to keep a grip on the tool when your hands are wet. It does function the same way as the classic model, but the street style look adds the extra touch to it. 

  1. Key smart Rugged: 

This design with a bottle opener and a pocket clip is an upgrade of the classic model. It has a rugged design which is apt for its higher price. With the bottle opener you can pop open a cold beer and the pocket clip helps the tool to not go too deep into the pocket. It also includes a metal loop which lets you store your key fob on the device. The price is a bit high, but the functionality and the design of the key smart rugged give it a lovely look. 

  1. Key smart Bright: 

The model with a LED light helps to overcome the fear of darkness with just one click. The precise beam helps to lighten up the area. The light is placed on the outer end, which does not use up the space for the keys given by the manufacturer. This model is also compatible with all the accessories without any hassle. The beam light is on the outer shelf of the key, which makes it even more efficient. 

  1. Key smart Pro with Tile App Location: 

The pro model helps the ones who are in a habit to lose their keys frequently. The pro model comes with a tile app that helps in locating the holder in case someone losses it. The Tile Smart Location is already installed in the holder. In case you lose your keys, then you can pull up the maps and track the key smart through GPS. The app then plays a short song or noise on the holder for the user to know where they lost the key holder and same can be done in case of mobile phone is the user loses their phone then the keyholder can help them locate it. It is consistent with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. 

Why buy Key smart? 

Here are some benefits of the product: 

  • The product helps in solving the problem of carrying multiple keys and then losing them. 
  • The product helps in saving damages done to the clothes as too many keys weigh down the clothes and cause the lining to tear apart. 
  • The key smart manufacturers provide with expansion packs that can add up space to your products with some accessories too. 
  • The material used in key smart is of top-notch quality. 
  • The key smart has a universal design as it can be used to store any key without any problem. Key smart use the S design to hide different types of keys and keep the jagged edges from sticking out. 
  • The key smart models come in multiple colours, and it provides a wide variety to the buyers to choose from. 
  • It provides a two-year warranty. 

With benefits, there are also some drawbacks of the product as follows: 

  • The key smart can confuse the users as to which key they need if there is a bulk of keys in the holder. As all the keys are on the outer shelf, the user as to know what the specific key looks like which can be troublesome for the customer. 
  • The accessories that are provided with the product are causing a problem for the customers as they do not know how to use them. The main problem was with the USB as the whole keyholder had to be taken apart if the USB has to be removed. 
  • The process of assembling the key smart is not provided with the product, and it can be difficult for the customers to search the instructions on the internet time and again. 


 The product after it’s ordered from Amazon can be returned quickly if it is damaged or does not suit your needs. A period of 21 days is assigned to file a return request. The time frame begins from the day the package is received. It is the responsibility of the customer for packing the product and sending it back to the company without any harm. But for the Pro model, the company will accept the return after deducting 15% of the restocking fees, which is for wiping the data from the device. 

The product also comes with a two-year warranty if you decide to use it. The contract includes the following points: 

  1. Any damage caused by sliding the device in or out of the pocket. 
  2. Any damage caused by dropping the device on the ground. 
  3. The warranty covers the wear down of spacers along with any cracks in the shell. 


The key smart is a price worthy product as it provides a zillion benefits to the customer. The company has designed specific models keeping in mind the uses that the customer can put it to. The leather model is waterproof, whereas the classic model is suitable for everyone. The tech enthusiasts can use the pro model. The key smart review above can help in making the right choice.