iTrack GPS Review – Is this the Best GPS Car Tracker?


We all have become so busy in our lives that often we tend to forget our keys, our phones or something valuable to us. Just imagine if you get out of your house one day and cannot see your car in the parking? How will that make you feel? It’s probably going to make you feel a million times worse than losing any of the other things.

When we lose our phones, we end up asking someone to call on it and track it but what happens with your car? Who will track it? 

Now there is a solution to this problem, called the iTrack GPS, which is a smart car tracker that helps you with tracking your car instantly.

WHAT IS iTrack?

iTrack is a carefully engineered GPS tracker for the car that is magnetic and includes powerful tracking features that ensure you and your family are safe all the time. It helps with the process of accurate location tracking and provides real-time results at the time you need them the most. 

iTrack Review


iTrack makes use of smart technology that has been designed and manufactured by experts in the field. This device is easy and simple to use. The GPS tracker notifies the owner immediately if the car moves without their permission or if it has been removed from its original place. By using your phones, you can decipher the real-time location tracking and track exactly where your vehicle is standing. 

In addition to this, with the help of iTrack, one can see the car’s history, the route, the stops it made and even helps with monitoring your driving habits and patterns. This app works both on Android and iOS devices and is very simple to use. It can help track cars produced from 1996 onwards.


There are quick easy steps to follow to use the iTrack app:

  1. The first step involves making sure that you have a sim card ready that can be used and an active data plan so that the OBD GPS tracker can be connected to the smartphone. Through this, the tracker is enabled to share its location through the help of your mobile device in real-time.
  2. The next step is to search for the diagnostic port in your vehicle. This can easily be found if you read about it in the car’s manual. The only thing that needs to be considered is that the car has to manufactured post-1996. The cars that were manufactured before that do not have a diagnostic port in them.
  3. Once you have found the diagnostic port, you can then plug in the tracking device on to the diagnostic port. With the help of this, you get the liberty to access real-time data of your vehicle.
  4. The last step involves downloading the app on your phone. Once you have downloaded the app, you have to create your account and simply link the device to your application.

These quick and easy steps ensure that your car is safe and you can sleep worry-free. Any concern about your car is addressed and your car is secured with the help of this device.


This GPS car tracker is mostly a necessity for most of the users out there. It is very useful for people who work in or own the company of car fleets. When you lend or provide cars to your staff, you want to make sure that your car is in safe hands. 

With the help of this app, all the information and notifications are centralized and are accessible through the app on your phones. Therefore, you will never really have to go and check up on your car.

Smart Drivers: Those who are smart drivers can use this GPS tracker that comes with great levels of security. Moreover, this tracker helps them live in a place where they do not have to worry about the parking or any other corner, even if it isn’t within the realms of their eyesight. This tracker is quite affordable and lets one be in a calm peace of mind, where one does not have to worry about where the car is. Moreover, the app helps provide the real-time location of your vehicle.

Car Shares: When there is a nuclear family and multiple members of the family are sharing the car, this tracker can help you with knowing where the car is. You do not have to call them up to ask them where they are; instead, you can easily track your car. Therefore lesser calls and lesser disturbances make for hassle-free driving. 

Sometimes you end up sharing the car with your friends as well. In that case, you would want to see where and how your car is being used. Through the information provided by this app, you can get the location and all answers at the click of your fingertips.

Company Fleets Owners: Lots of companies provide cars to their employees and hence, this GPS tracker helps the owners know whether the car is being responsibly and effectively or not. The company can keep an eye on their employees and their driving habits as well with the help of this tracker. 

This tracker innovation comes with cutting edge technology that helps any company secure their vehicles and also provides accurate and effective results.


The iTrack offers great functionality and usage and is quite easy to use. Also, the product comes with a great price-quality equilibrium. You can track real-time location with the help of this tracker and can find out if your car has been moved without your permission. In addition to this, it helps keep a track of your car’s history and data. With the help of this tracker, you will always know where your car is and how it is being used.

The only drawback of this device is that it can only be purchased online and it comes only in one design as of now.


Any vehicle or car must consider installing this iTrack GPS tracker for their protection and safety. This tracker is quite intelligent and is specially designed to make your car secure and efficient to use and helps gain access to real-time data. Additionally, with the help of the app, one can get access to all the historical data including the route of the vehicle, speed, stops and even the driver’s behaviour. These factors are extremely important when it comes to fleet management.

As someone who owns a car or a fleet of cars, this device provides the ability to foresee any potential problems that can occur with a vehicle and even helps with calculating the fuel consumption of each vehicle. Moreover, it is a great solution or saving time and money as well as improves the overall productivity of the vehicle. 

The iTrack GPS tracker offers great additional benefits such as improved customer service and employee management, safer driving as well as enhanced car safety, and eventually helps with car insurance reductions. With the help of this iTrack GPS tracker, any car owner would sleep better and worry-free because you will always know that your car is safe and taken care of.


The iTrack GPS tracker is very special and is made to provide security to its users. Also, it is quite convenient to use. All the notifications and alerts are sent directly on the smartphones with the app that is connected with it. Moreover, you can remain to worry-free with this particular tracker and you will never have to check your car again and again. It provides cutting edge security round the clock, 365 days of the year. 

  • This car tracker is quite affordable and easy to use.
  • The tracker is small and discrete in size.
  • The iTrack GPS tracker is available on both Android and iOS devices.
  • With the help of this tracker, one can set personalized alerts and notifications that fit the user’s requirements and needs.
  • The iTrack GPS trackers work on most of the vehicles that are made after 1996.


You can ensure that your car is in safe hands with this secure GPS tracker. This device is delivered without any shipping charges and comes with lots of different discounts. 

Discounts up to 50 per cent are available on their official website and come with amazing deals.


iTrack is a great precautionary device and helps prevent any kind of mishaps with the car. It helps take the security of the car to the next level and offers access to real-time data. The app is easy to use and can be download on any smartphone, which makes it more widely accessible and acceptable. It provides you with real-time notifications and makes sure that your car is in good hands.

The history and the usage of your car are easily accessible with the help of the GPS tracker and it works quite well with the operating systems, Android and iOS. With the help of this particular app, you get real-time updates and can sleep and live in peace knowing that your car is being handled well and is in safe hands.

Therefore, go ahead and buy this tracker, which will reap tracking benefits like no other. It is rated to be the top tracking devices available in today’s time and helps its users by securing them and keeping them safe at all times.