iMemories Review – Save your Memories Forever

iMemories Review- What is iMemories?

In earlier times, we used to have photos that would need to be printed and videos that would be taped. A million memories to keep track of and store; memories are what we share with our younger generations and children and their children so on so forth.

In the current era of digitization, where everything has become digital, what should we do about the old photos and movies lying around the house, stored somewhere in the basement?

There is a solution for these too; iMemories. They are the easiest way to digitize all your home movies and photos, in case you have a difficult time finding a giant screen or projector to share this media with your family.

iMemories was founded in 2006 to turn all home movies and photos into a digital format, for easy viewing and sharing with your family and loved ones.

As they say, “iMemories is the Netflix of family memories”, the company includes an experienced team of digital remasters to create thousands of family memories every day.

iMemories review 2020


iMemories was founded to preserve all your memories digitally. To combine all the media, the company takes all the data and makes copies into discs/pen drives and sends the final product back, obviously with the originals. Reproduction of every single media file that you own can be converted into Blu-Rays or DVDs, hassle-free. The company can also make a combined video of all the photos; making it a much more memorable experience for your family and you.

There are quick, easy steps involved in making this final product possible, starting with;

  1. Start browsing through all your photos, movies and videos, which you want to preserve.
  2. Once you have chosen what all you want to preserve, go online, create an account on the website and let the company know what exactly it is that you want.
  3. Next, iMemories will send you a fair quote.
  4. On agreement of the price, all you have to do is pay for the Safe Ship kit or prepare your box, including the films and photos.
  5. On receiving the box, the companies will carefully and precisely digitize each item inside by first enhancing the images, making them look brighter and more prominent.
  6. Once all this is done, it is your discretion on what to do next. You can download the originals onto your computer for sharing, at an added cost or you can come back later to opt for different services because you already have an account with them.

Following steps can be followed to download videos from the website and make your life easier: 

  • Go on the website and log in
  • Click on the media you want to download
  • Press the download button/icon
  • Save the media onto your devices
  • Repeat the process to add more


iMemories are a perfect way to solve your memory woes. Experts have said that people wait for at least three years before they begin retaining memories. Going down the memory lane of marriage videos, anniversary videos, and birthday media is something we all regularly aim to do. With the help of this company, all this is easily possible.

  1. Disc Transfer: Disc transfer is one of the top services offered by the company and can be saved on to a Blu-ray Disc or DVD. With the help of these discs, you can store thousands of photos and videos and get rid of those old videotapes that end up taking so much of your space. A transfer fee and the price for the disc are charged.
  2. Cloud Storage: Lost your device, or dropped it or broke it? Do not worry, with the advent of the cloud storage, and you can store all your photos and videos trouble-free on the platform. To use cloud storage, download the app, log in and access your files.
  3. iMemories App: Free to download; this app allows you to find all images and videos that you have saved. Organizing the files and moving the files to an external drive is made more accessible when you want to make copies.
  4. Thumb Drive: This is a handy flash drive that is easy to use and is compatible with most devices. It can be plugged on to the USB port, and all the data can be accessed to share with others.


That is quite a tricky question, but all potential customers deem it necessary to know how long it takes. The time the process takes depends upon on how much content you want to preserve, but mostly it does not take more than two to three weeks. This does not include the time it takes for the customer to send the product and the shipping time. When you prepare the kit personally by yourself, it could take you weeks to months to do that, but if you order it online, it could reach your doorstep in around one to two weeks. Certain factors are assessed to understand how long the digitization process takes:

  1. The formats that are sent.
  2. The length of the videos and the number of photos plays a significant role.
  3. Which month is it? Lean period or holiday time?
  4. How dynamic is the company at that particular time?

During COVID-19, this service typically takes around six weeks or lesser to get the final product.


Storing those tapes and photos for a long time can eventually damage the product, and by the time you sit to watch them, they might already be ruined. For future generations to preserve memories, iMemories is the need of the hour. This not only helps with saving space, but it also is quite advantageous in viewing.


Sometimes, it may seem a tedious task to sit down and collect your memories, and it is quite beneficial as:

  • The formats that are edited are much easier to store
  • No special equipment or device is needed to view the memories
  • It is effortless to make copies and share with your friends and family
  • They are not susceptible to damages and can be stored for the entire lifetime

Also, if you have some memorable photos out there, you can easily print them out, get them framed and put it up on your walls, to reminisce your memories always.

While it can be a little sensitive on your pockets, iMemories are a value to the cost as the pros associated with it are great and useful:

  1. Safe Ship Kit: These do not cost much and also ensure that the media is in a safe and sound condition. The packaging can withstand any moisture and temperature changes as well.
  2. All Formats: It doesn’t matter as to what was used for these pictures and videos, no matter what format they come in, they can be digitized and shared with you, your family and your loved ones. The company accepts film reels shot on 8mm. 16mm as well as many other formats.
  3. Fast Service: Most customers get their final product within three weeks with the shipping.
  4. A plethora of Services: With the tons of services available like cloud storage, disc transfer, discounts are offered to use them whenever. The choice is yours to pick the service you want, and you can have as many copies as you wish.


As we all know, everything has its set of pros as well as cons. While using the services of any company, it is quite necessary to assess its flaws and iMemories also comes with a few negatives.

  1. There are some restrictions and what you can use and what it would accept.
  2. Sending any image with drug use/illegal activities or copyrighted content is unacceptable.
  3. The company withholds the right to contact any authority for anything illegal, such as childhood abuse.
  4. While you do not have to pay anything for the services offered, you have to pay to get back your content, and there is a fee for each tape and well as every film you submit. The price point is a little steep.
  5. You cannot preview the work before paying.
  6. There are a lot of other companies which offer the same services and even individuals who are working out of their homes.


Our grandparents are very emotional people and want to impart their wisdom and experiences all the time. Videos and photos of family trips, vacations, birthdays, anniversaries, reunions, kids growing are something that our parents and grandparents are always keen to revisit.

When a dear loved one passes away, the media that they hold can also be inherited and combined with remembering them throughout. Instead of letting go of the beautiful experiences and memories once created, it is just easier to send them to iMemories and get back copies for viewing and sharing.

Others interested in using this service are:

  • People who are confused with what to do with old photos and videos
  • Want to store their memories but have no idea how to do it
  • Could work as an excellent gift for family and loved ones
  • Those who wish to are keen on creating a treasure for themselves and their children


Therefore, after knowing all that iMemories can offer, using the service seems like the most viable option because it is a trusted brand and is available at the comfort of your homes. So dig through your closets, stores and basements clear out your garage and look for those hidden photos and videotapes that have been there for a long time. This company offers a wide range of services that make it easy to view the content online, go through an app, and get it stored in discs that you can showcase on your next get together. With the option of using any format, iMemories also ensures the quality by sending back your originals in mint condition. Hence, if you are looking for something to keep those memories intact, contact iMemories.