GermCide X Review 2020 – UltravViolet UV Light Wand Guide


It is so important to keep ourselves clean from germs and bacteria to prevent any kind of illness from occurring. Using UV light helps in getting rid of all the pathogens that are present in your surroundings and these UV sanitizers ensure that your home is absolutely void of all these bacteria and germs.

Germcide X is one such product that uses UV light technology to deliver a healthy and happy environment and works by killing 99 percent of the germs and bacteria.


Before you go ahead and buy any kind of sanitation equipment, you have to consider few things to make sure that it will work effectively.

  • A number of germs it kills: Before you go and buy any sanitizer, make sure you know it’s how many can it kill. Also figure out the extent to what all can it destroy and how much would be remaining on those surfaces. You don’t want to go for something that only does a portion of the job and is not effective with the entire space.
  • Design: The design of the light really matters when it comes to choosing a suitable UV sanitizer. You should be able to hold it at a 90-degree angle and should work at a height as well. Something that is easier to store and use is good for every household.
  • A number of batteries: The number of batteries that the UV light uses must not create too much of pressure on your pocket and one should go for a device that uses lesser number of batteries and still work effectively.
  • Recharging cable: One should be capable of recharging the batteries in the UV wand without any stress in order to save time and money. You can easily put the wand and charge it before any sanitizing session and use it for a longer period of time.
  • Safety: When it comes to the UV sanitizer, make sure it is safe to use because otherwise it can pose health threats to your skin. Keep it away from your eyes and skin.


GermCide X is a UV sanitizer that uses the light to kill germs and bacteria present in the environment. Making the use of this ultra violet light can destroy the bacteria from the DNA and help getting inside all the nooks and corners of the surface that you are aiming it at.

The UV light is capable of killing up to 99 percent of germs and other harmful microbes as well that are commonly surrounding your homes. The light ends up damaging the DNA of these pathogens and prevents the spread of such illnesses in a simple and effective manner. It is perfect for large spaces and helps in checking all the rooms in your homes.

GermCide X review


  1. KILLS HARMFUL BACTERIA, GERMS, AND VIRUSES: The UV light radiation is quite effective and helps in getting rid of 99 percent germs that are around your homes, office, and other such spaces. With the use of this light you can protect yourself and your family by keeping your surroundings disinfected.
  2. CLEANS USING ULTRA VIOLET RAYS: The Germcide X helps in not only keeping your homes clean but also helps in getting rid of bacteria regeneration for hard to clean areas. There are no harmful smells produced with this device and you can safely sanitize without the use of any kind of chemicals.
  3. UV SANITIZER WAND: The Germcide wand is used as a UV sanitizer wand and it is easy to use at different areas in the house, wherever can spot any kind of germs. They also work with maximum efficiency and can be used to disinfect commonly used places effectively.
  4. LONG BATTERY LIFE: This sanitizer comes with a long battery life and can be used throughout your homes without the need of recharging the battery. You can repeatedly disinfect areas on a single charge.
  5. PORTABLE: The UV light sanitizer is completely portable in nature and you can carry it wherever you go. It also makes it easy to take it from place to place without any wires or hassle. The device is easy to handle and you can easily pass it over all items.
  6. SAFE: This Germcide X UV light sanitizer does not cause any kind of allergic reactions or breathing problems on usage. It helps in killing germs and bacteria effectively without using any kind of harmful residue. It is a safe product to use in your kitchens and homes and you don’t have to worry about any kind of side effects that it can cause.
  7. GRAVITY LIGHT SENSOR: The Gravity Light Sensor that is included inside the wand and works automatically in whichever position it is held. The light works most effectively when pointed downwards and is safe to use in such a position. You do not have to worry about harming anyone in such a situation.


  1. Over 99 percent of the germs can be killed with the help of this UV light.
  2. The device can easily be recharged using a simple USB cable.
  3. The design that it comes with is easily foldable when not in use.


  1. The product can be purchased directly through the website only.
  2. The size of the work could possible be longer to cover a larger area.


This product is quite affordable and works quite cost-effectively given the purpose it serves. It comes with tons of deals and offers and there is free shipping available for this product. Multiple devices can be brought together to get the best cost-effectiveness.


We face and encounter hundreds of germs and bacteria on a daily basis. No matter where we are, we will always come in touch with some or the other kind of germs and pathogens. It is not always possible to maintain hand hygiene and hence, the germs get transmitted quite easily. The surface of mobile phones is repeatedly exposed to germs.

Considering the current pandemic, taking utmost care is the only solution and the best precaution that you can take is disinfecting your environment on a daily basis. Hence, the Germcide X is quite suitable for every person and environment and works quite effectively in sanitizing the environment and preventing any kind of illnesses.

Using a UV light is a great solution for larger spaces and is perfect for homes as well. Different spaces can use different varieties of this UV light and make sure that their environment is safe and secure to use.


  • Germcide X helps in destroying 99 percent of the virus, bacteria and germs within a span of 10 seconds.
  • The product is easily rechargeable with USB cable
  • It makes use of AAA batteries and comes in a compact design
  • The device is portable and is suitable for travelling purposes
  • It can be applicable for all services and is integrated with eye protection

What else do you need to know about the Germcide UV wand?

The UV want is made keeping in mind the safety aspect. It is completely harmless when used by anyone, even children. In order to use this product, you have to simply press the on and off button and then tilt the device backward. When you shine the ultraviolet light towards the face, it will automatically turn itself off. This ensures that no harm is caused to the eyes or the face of the person using the device.

With the help of this device, you can get rid of all the germs and viruses in your surroundings and can be used on all the items entering your homes, include clothes and shoes.

This is a perfect device for people who travel often and stay in hotels and can be used widely for cleaning rooms that are not in your homes. Moreover, you can easily scan your phone, laptops and other electronic devices by using this UV light effectively.


Keeping in mind the current pandemic, it is imperative that we keep our surroundings completely clean and germ free and to ensure that happens, this product is great for keeping all hygiene protocols in place. By using this UV light, you can kill over 99 percent of the germs and bacteria and keep all the surfaces completely clean.

This device does not make use of any chemicals and is hypoallergenic in nature, meaning it will not cause any side effects to the people who are making use of this product. Such sanitation wands are quite convenient and easy to use and they also come with a long and durable battery life, making them last for longer. They also do not require too much maintenance and are readily available through the official website.

So go ahead and grab the Germcide X today to keep your homes and surroundings completely disinfected!