Flip Fork Ultimate Review – The 5-in-1 Essential Grilling Utensils Tools


Often on lots of families and friends enjoy having a nice cookout. Grilling is one of the most fun ways to bond with family and cook tasty, yummy food at the same time. Barbeques can be enjoyed in every season and are just not made for the summer. Barbeques can be enjoyed all year long with your family and friends and if you want to truly enjoy the whole experience, the perfect and right cooking tool can make the whole experience of grilling a smooth one. Additionally, the cooking tool can also help yummy, quality food that everybody would love to devour.

The choice of the right cooking tool is Flip Fork. It is a five-in-one tool that helps with flipping, slicing and spearing foods and is an all-in-one tool for quality and simple cooking.


For something as simple as a barbeque, one should first assess what they want to cook and how do you want the cooking to turn out. There are tons of tools available in the market today and to achieve a perfectly seared steak or a medium-rare burger is not everyone’s cup of tea.

  1. DESIGN: Lots of tools offer are available in the market that comes with solving one purpose. Something like a spatula is perfect for flipping burgers, but with a spatula, one cannot manoeuvre the steak around. A long-handled fork is ideal for making the best steaks, but cannot be used to flip and make good burgers. Therefore, when it comes to grilling, different tools offer different purposes.
  2. PRICE: This point is also important to consider before making a purchase and one has to keep in consideration that you need multiple tools when it comes to grilling those steaks and burgers, and hence a single tool will be of huge help instead of collecting different tools. If you buy one multi-purpose tool it would be much more affordable than buying different for all purposes.
  3. BURN RESISTANT: The tools that are being used should be resistant to heat and fire. It is a known fact that if you use plastic tools, they will eventually melt and certain wooden tools catch fire. Hence, always opt for one that is safe to use especially around the grill.
  4. QUALITY MANUFACTURING: One needs to go out there and look for tools with premium quality that can be resistant to the heat and fire and can last for a long time, through multiple cookouts. The most recommended cutlery is the stainless steel cutlery and is durable as well as lasts longer than the others. Not only are they safe to use, but they also are not unsafe for the environment.
  5. EASY TO CLEAN: This is one of the most important factors to consider because cleaning up is never fun. The kind of tools you go out there and buy should be easy to clean and should help save the time spent in cleaning. Also, food that is burnt and stuck on to your tools should be soaked in hot water and hence, the tool must be designed well to withstand washing and other soap requirements needed to clean it.
  6. ANTI-BACTERIAL: Not all bacteria is bad, but the ones around your barbeque are not the ones that would be healthy to have. Some tools for cooking come with anti-bacterial properties and stop the development of bacteria. Different materials cater to this particular aspect and if your design is easy to work with, cleaning the bacteria would also be easy.
  7. COMFORTABLE TO USE: The tool you are using should be comfortable to use. The handle on the tool should be easy to hold and grip for longer periods, without getting tired in the process. Also, they should be lightweight so that the transfer of burgers and steaks is done easily. A handle that is comfortable and is made with high-quality materials can make a huge difference to a perfectly cooked steak and a medium-rare burger.


Flip Fork is exactly the tool that one needs for their grilling days. It is an all-in-one fork–spatula-knife that helps flipping meat by sliding the tool under it, or poking it, as per your requirement. The very same tool can be used to slice meat to see if the insides are cooked perfectly or are still undercooked.

Besides having the ability to flip, poke and slice meat, this tool can also be used to tenderize meat using a serrated edge, or even pop open a bottle using a bottle opener. This tool for barbeques is a multi-functional tool and it is an all-in-one tool that is used through the ease of your fingertips.



  1. MULTI-USE TOOL: This tool is a multi-purpose tool and caters to all the needs in one single tool. It doesn’t matter what you are cooking on the barbeque, this tool will perform all the functions for you. The tool is quite versatile and can be used for all types of meat, fish, poultry and vegetables.
  2. SPATULA: This toll starts as a spatula and one can use the flat sides to flip burgers, steaks and move vegetables around in the pan or just simple stir-fry them.
  3. FORK: At the end of the spatula, there is the tong of a fork for the user to spear the meat and vegetables or flip them by using just the prong. The fork can spear all the different sizes of meat without causing any damage to it and also can flip them entirely.
  4. KNIFE: Once your meat has been cooked, the cooking tool’s sharp edge can be used to slice the meat and see if it is well cooked or not. Also, you can slice the pieces according to your preferences for any kind of meal that you are looking to make.
  5. SERRATED EDGE: The spatula includes a serrated edge that helps in tenderizing the meat before it starts cooking. Also, the serrated edge helps with making the meat soft till perfection while simultaneously preparing other dishes, the same way.
  6. BOTTLE OPENER: The spatula also includes a bottle opener that is placed in the middle of the handle. You can open up a bottle while cooking and enjoy a drink along with it or add extra flavour to your meals.
  7. COMFORTABLE TO USE: The handle on the spatula is made of wood and is smooth to touch and has a great quality finish to make it last longer. There is no hassle of the handle slipping away or even cracking as it is made with premium quality wood.
  8. HAND-SHARPENED BY PROFESSIONALS: The edges on the knife are quite sharp and are three and a half inches long, so whenever it is needed to slice through the toughest of steaks, it is a hassle-free experience. Also, you can easily spear the meat on the first attempt only as the end is quite sharp.
  9. HIGH-QUALITY MATERIALS: The tool is made with high-quality materials and is a hundred per cent stainless steel that is made with high quality and tested design, for long-term use and safety. The wood on the handle is Acacia wood and is quite smooth to touch. Moreover, the handle is quite strong and sturdy in combination with stainless steel. This spatula can last you for years.
  10. EASY TO CLEAN: The design makes for this tool to be easy to clean and because the materials used are stainless steel and Acacia wood, the tool is safe to clean again and again. The stainless steel will never rust and the wood comes with anti-bacterial properties that prevent the bacteria from collecting on the wood. This product can be used for years and is safe to use because of the materials used.
  11. HEAT RESISTANT: Both the materials used are heat resistant and you can easily leave them on or near the grill without any worry of something or someone getting burned. 
  12. LIFETIME WARRANTY: This spatula tool offers a lifetime warranty if something happens to this tool, which is highly unlikely. Also, the company offers great customer service and enables a constant interaction with their clients.
  13. THIRTY DAY MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE: It will rarely happen that one would return this product, but once you have made the purchase, you are given 30 days to decide whether you are satisfied with using this product or not. This tool helps with everything around the kitchen and if not happy, the user has the option of sending back this product to get your money back.


Flip Fork is an all-in-one tool and comes bearing lots of advantages.

  • The product is a multi-functional tool and is quite cost-effective and affordable.
  • Five different functions of grilling and cooking are combined in one single spatula.
  • The product is made from stainless steel and wood, which makes for it to be an authentic and durable product that can last for years to come.


Flip Fork also has a few flaws that are listed below:

  • The tool is considered to be a little heavier than other spatulas.
  • The knife is quite sharp and can be quite dangerous if comes under the vicinity of children and older adults.


The Flip Fork is an all-in-one grill spatula that comes with five different functions. The spatula can be used to quickly flip a 42oz Porterhouse steak and the fork in it can be used to make accurate flips of thin slices of meat quite easily. Moreover, the knife is sharp enough to cut through the toughest of meats. Also, the serrated edges are great for tenderizing the meat and softening it, in no time.


The Flip Fork is a great tool to have in your kitchen. If you have the right kind of tools in your kitchen and for barbeques, there is not even an ounce of doubt that your meals will come out perfect and exactly the way you want them to taste. But one has to make sure that the tools they are using are made with high-quality, durable materials. The Flip Fork combines all of these attributes and serves as a five-in-one tool that gives everything that you would need for cooking in one single tool. With the help of this tool, you no longer have to go buy different tools for different purposes.

The product is made for easy cooking and is quite easy to clean as well, making it to be a great cooking experience for you and your loved ones.