Flex Safe Review – Is This Travel Safe Legit

Flex Safe Review – Introduction

Ever gone swimming with your friends and wondered who is going to be the responsible one to take care of all your valuables? It is impossible to go anywhere without our phones nowadays, but we must be individually accountable for our personal belongings.

One would never leave his or her valuables just like that and go in for a dip, with the bag being completely unattended by someone. The world that we are living in today comes with its own set of troubles and securing your surroundings, and things is not a choice, but a responsibility. But, now there is a solution to take care of such problems, Flex safe from Aqua vault.

What is Flex Safe?

If you have ever watched Shark Tank, you would know that every idea is scrutinized to the hilt and then considered to be invested in. One such product that was exhibited on Shark Tank is Flex Safe. Flex Safe is a handy and compact gadget that allows you to lock all your valuables like car keys, phones, wallets and jewellery inside by securely locking it into a fixed object.

The product is pretty safe and challenging and is made of ‘slash’ proof material. It fits loungers and pool chairs, boat rails, golf carts when on the course and handles of strollers. Invented by Rob, Jonathan and Avin, this product was launched in September of 2016.

Flex safe review

Feature of Flex Safe

Flex Safe is considered to be like any other fashionable bag available in the market, but comes with tons of features as well:

  • It is lightweight but is also made with durable material.
  • Flex safe is ultimately water-resistant and helps to secure your valuables.
  • It is also slash-resistant and helps in preventing theft.
  • It comes with a magnetic locking flap.
  • It includes a zipper-reinforced pouch that can be only opened by entering a three-digit combination lock.
  • The flex safe comes with mesh pockets as well.
  • It also offers layers of protection, including RFID blocking material as well as EVA foam.
  • It also includes a belt loop and several hooks that can be attached to any object while travelling.
  • The pouch that comes inside has no dividers but comes with plenty of space to store your valuables.
  • It is compact in its design and packs into softball when travelling.

There are tons of objects that the Flex Safe can be attached to:

  • Strollers
  • Wheelchairs
  • Chairs
  • Golf carts
  • Closet rods
  • Umbrellas
  • Bicycles

The Flex Safe bag can be used when travelling and visiting places like theme parks, camps, beaches, water parks, cruise ships and even hospitals.

How does Flex Safe work?

Flex safe is quite simple to use and can be used by anyone. It comes with directions that are stated below:

  1. Take out the lock from your packaging and set up a combination of three numbers for the safety.
  2. Place all your valuables inside the bag and close it.
  3. Next, find an object that is fixed and that you can attach your bag too.
  4. Once you have found the object, fold the flap over the item and snap the lock into place.
  5. When you are done doing your activities and want to retrieve back your valuables, enter the combination code and get access to the compartment. Finally, remove the flex safe bag from the fixed object.

 How much does it cost?

This is considered to be one of the must-haves for most of the people, and no price can match its usage. For all the hassle and trauma one faces during travelling, the Flex Safe offers solutions like no other and ensures that all your valuables are safe and secure.

This product is quite affordable and helps provide tons of security to its users. It ranges from anywhere between $60-$70. But it offers excellent value compared to thousands of dollars you can save from the potential damages that can be caused.

Also, it provides excellent quality and offers a 30-day money-back guarantee wherein if you are not satisfied with the flex safe, and it will automatically be refunded to you on receiving the item back.

Why Use Flex Safe?

The world we live in today cannot be considered the safest place to live in, and there will always be someone who would be taking a nice look at your valuables from a distance. Instead of panicking over this situation and getting stressed out, there is a product that has a solution. The creators of Flex Safe assist you in the process of taking care of your valuables, while you enjoy your time in the outdoor.

Advantages of Flex Safe

  1. It helps in securing and safeguarding all the valuable items with the use of the combination lock.
  2. The material used in flex safe is quite durable and is made with sturdy and robust material, which offers about five layers of protection in terms of the theft or damage that can occur to your essentials.
  3. It is light and compact and very convenient to navigate around with.
  4. The flap and lock can snap on and is compatible with tons of fixed objects that you can attach it to.
  5. The RFID blocking material in flex safe that it makes use of protects from any skimming. It not only helps with preventing debit cards, credit cards, and passports but also prevents it from any theft.
  6. Also, it is made with water-resistant material that makes going and travelling with it, an easy-breezy experience. It is a portable product and can store tons of expensive valuables.

Disadvantages of Flex Safe

There is not much of an issue with this product actually, but the only problem that can be associated with this product is that the combination lock’s number gears could be a little larger. Rest, this product is highly recommended and makes for one of the best innovations for securing your valuables, in the market today.


The thickness and strength and the durability of Flex Safe are exemplary, and it comes with the assurance of keeping the valuables safe and sound. You can even put in random stuff that does not have much value. It is a great product that works well in all kinds of environments and also works with people who are paranoid about losing their stuff. Imagine you are going solo to the beach; you need to carry your phone and other valuables with you. Flex Safe provides a lot of flexibility and can be used in a variety of situations for efficient use.

The product comes with a 30-day warranty and is only available in black colour. The product weighs only about 8-9 ounces and makes travelling easy and super safe. Also, in case you forget the code that you set for its lock, you can contact the customer support, and they would be happy to help you with this process. But for next time, it is advised to jot down the code somewhere, so that even if you forget it, you do have someplace else to remind you of it.

Should you buy it?

While it is a unique solution and is one of the only products that are available in the market to cater to these needs, certain aspects need to be considered before making this purchase.

  1. Safety: One of the essential features to be considered before buying this product, there are specific questions that need to be answered, keeping in mind the safety of the product. Does it make with a lock mechanism? Is it digital or in number lock combination? It is imperative to consider a product that works for you and takes care of your requirements.
  2. Dimensions: When you are travelling, you anyway struggle to work with the spacing. Therefore, it is quite essential to ensure that the product you are purchasing is compact and fits into your luggage. It should also come with enough storage space to include several valuables such as the wallet, phones, passports etc. Some people often need carrying their laptops as well; therefore, buying a larger size would be the appropriate option in this case.
  3. Built and Material: Flex Safe is made with a poly canvas fabric, nylon or stainless steel? The material used to create the product is also important to consider. Sturdy and robust material that can withstand the valuables from theft and weather conditions needs to be assessed.
  4. Versatility: Another point to consider is whether the product comes with hooks, magnetic mechanism, a belt loop or a simple strap. You also have to make sure that it is water and dust resistant.
  5. Added storage pockets: Flex safe comes with a mesh pocket and has multiple storages for even the smallest of products; like combs, pencils or pens. Depending on your requirement, the user has to assess what works perfectly for them.
  6. Pricing: Lastly, it is also imperative to place a price on the product you are buying. If you are looking for quality and durability, then there shouldn’t be a compromise on the price, but it is always better to take a look at what you are buying.


Flex safe is a unique, one-of-a-kind product and caters to needs that no other product in the market can do till date. Along with the durable and robust material that it is made from, it comes with added security features that can help in preventing any theft. The product is considered to be entirely portable and easy to use, for it to be carried out anywhere without thinking about where all your valuables would be.

You can be rest assured that when you are travelling with Flex Safe, your peace of mind will not be disturbed and one would be relaxed knowing that all your possessions are in safe hands. It is an excellent investment for people who especially love being outdoors and love travelling.

Not only does it reduce the risk of theft, it just fits in a lot of your stuff, so if you are travelling with a group of friends, the Flex Safe is an excellent object to put in all your valuables by knowing that it will all remain safe and secure. This product is highly recommended and comes with features like no other.