FIXD Review 2020 – Is it a Scam or is it Legit?


Going on a road trip and suddenly see a red light beeping, and you do not know what the problem is? Seeing the engine light blinking too many times? Daily, millions of people encounter problems associated with their vehicles.

There could be several reasons why the engine light turns on; a loose or damaged electrical wire, missing or loose gas cap, bad spark plugs etc. As a non-specialist, it is challenging to assess what is wrong with your vehicle. But now with FIXD, you might be able to figure out the solution yourself.

What is FIXD?

FIXD, launched by a Georgia based Fixd Automotive, is a hardware-software combo that can give you diagnostic information about your vehicle. In this digitally smart world, where everything has become digital, with the help of FIXD, any car can become an intelligent vehicle.

Known as the best diagnostic sensor review, you can put a stop to all your frustrations when it comes to solving issues about your car. It saves you from visiting that showroom or mechanic by providing you with a diagnostic tool that performs a scan on your vehicle to figure out why that light is on. Quickly and smoothly, post the scan; the software describes what is wrong with the car and what needs to be done to fix it.

The car can be attached to different sensors in each of your vehicles, and all can be accessed with the same app on your phones. The scanner continuously monitors your car and figures out issues that could later result in more significant problems, if not addressed.

Also, routine reminders are sent when the car needs servicing, without the use of any special tools or accessories. Things like changing the oil and refilling the water, all can be done, without the hassle of remembering to get them done.

FIXD Review
FIXD Review

How Does FIXD work?

Once you purchase this tool, a diagnostic sensor that works as a scanner is sent, and along with it, you are made to download the FIXD app. Now all you have to do is attach the sensor to the car and wait for the magic to happen.

Quick and easy steps for downloading the app:

  • Open the play store or the app store
  • Search for FIXD and download the official app
  • Install the app
  • Once the tool has been attached to the car, open the app
  • Switch on your Bluetooth on your phone to look for the sensor and pair the device
  • Once the pairing is successful, you will direct the app to scan your car
  • Once the scan finishes, the app displays everything it found, what is wrong with the car and what you need to do to fix the issue

Which Cars Work with FIXD?

To make use of this service, your car would need an OBD-II port and if your vehicle was manufactured later than 1996, then mostly your car would work with this app because all cars built after that usually has the inbuilt port.

The OBD port is found somewhere near the glove box, under or over totally depends. Not only does it work with petrol cars, but it works with hybrids as well and is currently testing diesel-based vehicles.

What Kind Of Problems can FIXD scan?

Surprisingly, the FIXD sensor can identify 6800 problems that can affect your car, or that may cause the engine light to turn on. The app doesn’t showcase all the reasons that may be giving your vehicle an issue, but it does highlight the primary reasons for the fault, for example, if your engine oil temperature is high etc. It also identifies significant flaws in your car that you need to address with your mechanic.

Fixing things like TPMS, ABS, Airbag, regular maintenance and stability control are some of the things that can be addressed with the help of FIXD. In addition to this, FIXD can also keep a check on your maintenance/service schedule and would recommend maintenance on each milestone by sending you reminders as well as maintains a review on your mileage for informing you about the whereabouts.

Advantages of FIXD

Cars are items that you cannot keep purchasing and are used for long periods. Therefore, keeping them healthy and in perfect working condition is very important. The product comes with a sensor that you can set up in seconds and then scan the problems, to prevent any mishaps in the future.

  1. The tool does not need any charging or change of batteries. The engine provides enough power to the device to keep itself charged.
  2. A Bluetooth connection is enough to make use of the entire tool.
  3. The app does not require you to create an account on the app and can be used even if you change your phone.
  4. It determines a variety of issues in your car. It could figure out more than 6000 cases in your vehicle that includes the smaller problems that you can fix yourself and major repairs that could involve professional assistance.
  5. FIXD provides the feature of a budget and the approximate cost involved in repairing an issue in your car as well. It gives you estimates according to your location that includes the cost of repair and labour as well.
  6. FIXD provides tools that help fix your problem faster and in a more accessible manner. It could take just a few minutes to perform a complete scan and get the results on the app. Whether you are on the go, or at home, you can perform the diagnostic scan from anywhere.
  7. With FIXD, you can monitor and scan your cars from the same app. When you have multiple vehicles, this tool helps you diagnose the problems for each vehicle on a single platform and send reminders for the maintenance of each car as well.
  8. It accurately recognizes issues and shows clearly what the problem(s) is. The seriousness of the issues is also determined and whether the question needs to be addressed immediately or can be set off for later is determined.
  9. With the help of FIXD, you can figure out the problem in your car at no cost, and it is a one-time investment, to be made use of at the convenience of your homes. Hence, it is cost-friendly.
  10. FIXD cleans and removes the engine light for you once the scan is performed before even fixing the problem. It prevents the light from coming back again and again as well.
  11. The software works both on Android and iOS devices and is compatible with both systems. Even if you change phones, you can download the app and log back in.
  12. It continually keeps sending maintenance reminders like oil change etc. The app sends alerts and keeps a check on the mileage, which can help prevent those large expenditures, which might occur due to non-maintenance.
  13. It is a simple yet uncomplicated tool to use and is suitable for beginners as well. FIXD helps with diagnosing the problem and fixing your car.
  14. There is continuous monitoring that goes on with this product, as long as the tool is plugged in for scanning.
  15. FIXD offers a money-back guarantee up to 30 days and provides with the opportunity to get a full refund, if unsatisfied with the usage of this product.
  16. With FIXD, there is no hassle and worry about any data breach, and nobody else can access the connection between the tool and the app.
  17. Lastly, it helps keep track of the history of your vehicle on your phones, which is easy to access and use.

Disadvantages of FIXD

With the plethora of advantages that FIXD offers, it does have its own set of cons as well that are detailed below:

  1. Not all vehicles are covered under this app. Cars that do not have an OBD-II port cannot make use of this product. However, FIXD can be used on any vehicle like trucks, vans etc.
  2. While it is elaborated that it can scan up to 6000 issues and more, it looks for problems relating to the engine light only, when you encounter a problem with your car, you would have to get professional help.
  3. FIXD only makes use of a specific email address of the user, for help. You have to wait for days, or even weeks before they come back with some feedback or response.
  4. Some people face issues when trying to establish a Bluetooth connection. It would be not easy to detect and pair with the tool. Sometimes, the app would also lose the relationship in between usage.
  5. It cannot tell you everything that is wrong with your car or provide information about repairs and problems.

What comes in the package?

FIXD also offers the advantage of quick shipping by delivering your product within a few days. It comes in a cardboard box with a flap that you can lift to take out the scanning tool. The tool is inside a soft box that is protected during the entire shipping process. Along with the primary instrument, a manual listing the instructions of how to install the device in your car are explained.

You would need the Internet to install the app on your phone, or the tablet along with a Bluetooth connection. It also includes information about the money-back guarantee it offers.


People who love their cars and want to take utmost care of their vehicles should go in for this product. Someone looking to cater to simple repairs at home would also opt for this product.

FIXD offers the service of providing a full scan on your product and addresses problems quickly, in case it needs to be attended to immediately. Easy for everyone to make use of, the app and the tool come with instructions that make for easy usage.

Moreover, it is super simple to use and identifies tons of problems. The scan can be quickly done in your cars in a matter of seconds, and you have to spend a few extra minutes on downloading the app to start using it. It can all be done at the convenience of your homes or inside the car, for all vehicles you own. Therefore, people who do not like to procrastinate and prevent any future expenditure should go in for this product called FIXD.