Fix Me Stick Review – The Ultimate Virus Removal Device

Fix Me Stick – Introduction

Those who are technically sound know that if the malware goes past the antivirus utility, the results can be very hazardous for your computer and you. It might even end up just completely shutting down your PC or disabling it, which might frustrate you to no level. You might not even have the capability of booting the whole system again to make it work. 

You might sometimes get lucky if the malware gives you entry into the system but it might still be a hindrance with the installation and working of the antivirus that you have bought. To get out of such difficult situations, there is a new product called Fix Me Stick that helps you scoop yourselves out of big technical problems, but cannot be used as a replacement for any kind of antivirus.

What is Fix Me Stick?

Developed and manufactured in Montreal, Fix Me Stick was launched by Fix Me Stick technologies. It is a USB device that scans your computers, is bootable, identifies if there is any malware or virus in the computer and then works by removing it effectively. 

Once you attach the device to the USB port the Fix Me Stick tool will automatically boot the device into a Linux-based environment and then get rid of the malware present in your system.

This tool is an anti-virus and anti-malware tool that runs every time and check for any kind of malware updates or product updates in your system. It is not static like any other anti-virus software.

If at some point in time this device is not able to cater to your problems, you can directly contact the customer service that will provide you with a keystroke, which will enable the agent and you to sit together virtually and diagnose the problem. 

Fix Me Stick Review

What is an Antivirus?

Before we get to analyzing how the Fix Me Stick works and what are its features and uses, lets first figure out what exactly is an antivirus and how it can end up damaging the entire system. An antivirus is a computer virus that refers to a malware program and works by replicating the copies onto the computer programs or the boot section of a hard drive. On entering the computer system, the virus replication helps to make the affected areas infected.

The effects could include a stolen CPU, or corrupted data etc. 

Now when an antivirus constantly runs on your computer programs, it works by scanning all the files in the system and once that is done the antivirus software analyzes the worms, viruses, and sends alerts on detecting any kind of threat to the system.

Feature of Fix Me Stick

The product cannot be compared to any other anti-virus software and the features are comparatively lesser in comparison to them, but some of the features are listed below:

  • Unlimited and continuous scans
  • There is no cost of shipping involved even with the trial version
  • The product offers a lifetime warranty
  • The product includes a 45-day money-back guarantee
  • Great customer and phone support
  • The updates on this device are free and automatic
  • Helps with virus and malware removal
  • Helps with creating a bootable drive
  • There is no software installation required
  • It offers a user-friendly interface that is easy to use and quick with the whole virus removal process

Benefits of Fix Me Stick

  • This device is simple to use and comes with a great user interface
  • It works quite effectively and in case of any issues offers a lifetime warranty
  • The customer support is quite helpful and available round the clock
  • There is quick access to remote remediation
  • All persistent malware can be disinfected by this bootable antivirus
  • The boot handling is great for UEFI and BIOS

Disadvantages of Fix Me Stick

This device mostly works and is quite useful if used as a quick fix but it comes bearing certain cons that are listed as follows:

  • There is no real-time protection offered by this device
  • The customer support although great, but it is not available throughout incase of an emergency, at odd hours
  • The process is a long one
  • In some instances, the computer might fail to even boot
  • The executable files may at sometimes be left behind

Why is Fix Me Stick different from other Antiviruses?

There are a few reasons but the major two reasons for it being different are:

  1. Power: It comes packed with the power of 10 antivirus programs all at once and it is built on three of the best anti-virus programs called Avira, McAfee and Sophos. The Fix Me Stick offers one of the fastest responses to the threats on your system and has access to seven other anti-virus programs.
  2. Stealth Reboot-to-clean action: This device works so well as it catches the virus even before it starts running. As per experts, the best way for detection of any suspected infection should be done when the computer is shut down first and then checking the storage through the booting process. Using a USB device is considered one of the best methods because no rootkit can hide when the antivirus is running.

What sets this product apart is that this device helps in creating a bootable USB drive rescue scanner. Fix Me Stick overcomes the challenge of allowing the booting process from the USB, even though modern computers are built on Unified Extensible Firmware Interface, which could be a huge challenge during its working.

The Fix Me Stick is a real deal, keeping aside the occasional booting challenge it comes with. This product is not a registry meaning it does not introduce any new malware onto the system. The product comes with great reviews and people are raving about its effectiveness.

How much does the Fix Me Stick cost?

Firstly, the product comes with a 45-day money-back guarantee unlike any other device designed for the same purpose. Secondly, there is a subscription planned attached to this device and one plan can cater to about three PCs. 

However, the premium package allows for it to be used an unlimited number of devices that can be paid monthly or annually.

Fix Me Stick Helps During an Emergency

This product can help rescue its users when there is a sudden emergency of any kind of malware or virus infestation. This product should always work alongside an anti-virus software, which offers real-time protection against any new virus entering the system and even helps with the clean up of the computer. 

As and when Fix Me Stick solves an emergency, the anti-virus software should work by regularly scanning the antiviruses on the computer system.

Fix Me Stick – Automated Malware Removal

Once this device boots, it establishes an Internet Connection, scans and checks for any kind of updates and downloads the latest malware signatures, with which it starts is malware protection scan.

There is no involvement required from the user’s side and the scan does take an ample amount of time. At an average, the scan would take about an hour. Once the scan is done, the Fix Me Stick helps in cleaning all the problems that it found on the system and allows the user to see the results. What Fix Me Stick does is that it cleans the malware traces from the file system and even if it cannot disinfect a file, it completely quarantines the file and saves an encrypted copy as a ZIP file.

Fix Me Stick- Reboot to Clean

For a system that needs cleaning and can boot Windows, the Fix Me Stick is required to be inserted and the Fix Me Stick program is made to run. Eventually, you can reboot and start the Fix Me Stick to get rid of the entire virus in an emergency.

The Fix Me Stick takes care of all of the possible hindrances one can face including Secure Boot and any pending Windows updates. When such problems are detected, the device helps assist and guide the user for reaching a clean, bootable state on the system.

Now in case ever, by mistake, the Fix Me Stick’s clean up has made the Windows fail to boot, all you need to do is boot the Fix Me Stick and choose the option of Undo Quarantine. This will help in restoring the system to its previous, infected state and then you can contact the customer service to help you fix this problem properly.


Fix Me Stick is a great device to get rid of any kind of emergency that you face with your computers, relating to any threat in terms of the malware and viruses. It is not a solution for anti-virus soft wares and is not a replacement for them. It is a handy tool that helps when you deal with some kind of persistent malware. It is super helpful when it comes to solving urgent problems and can work well with antiviruses to protect your system from any kind of damage in the future.