Explore Air Review 2020 – Is it Any Good or Scam?


If you are someone who is into crafting and is looking for something that is reliable and effective at the same time, then there are a variety of products available in the market. The best is the Cricut Explore Air 2, which is an ideal product for all the craft lovers out there.

The Explore Air is easy to use and is a straightforward, effective product that provides the best experience for crafting and cutting activities. It is quite a popular product and proves to be quite useful.

There are tons of reasons why this product is so popular and a top favorite amongst crafters across the world.


Cricut Explore Air cutting machine is a cutting machine that can work with different types of materials like cardstock, vinyl, fabrics, paper, and much more. The product is great for hobbyists and beginners and comes with conventional storage departments and other handy and durable cutting tools, that are quite effective.

explore air review


If you are going to go and purchase this product, you will get the following inclusions with it:

  • A manual instruction guide
  • It comes with the software and the application
  • A German carbide blade
  • An adapter and a USB cord
  • Built-in projects and free images
  • Cardstock sample with a pen
  • Cutting mat with a regular grip
  • Built-in Bluetooth connectivity
  • Easy and straightforward functions
  • Storage compartment

This product is also available in 3 different colors such as cherry blossom, mint green and matte black.


Explore Air is considered to be one of the smartest and most straightforward cutters available in the market today. It includes convenient and easy storage compartments with simple and easy to use functions.

The software that it comes with is easy to learn but exhibits a learning curve. It is a little difficult to learn but you need a bit of patience, practice and passion.


The answer to this is no, you do not need a new computer for making use of this Cricut Cutting Machine. But the computer that you have should have minimum system requirements for the best results.

This particular software is compatible with both Windows and iOS software and all you require is an Internet connection to use this particular feature.


You have to make use of a computer to use the Explore Air. You can make use of projects and stuff without any Internet connection and you can access the whole image library in the offline mode as well.


The Explore Air can perform a variety of functions. Lots of DIY crafts can be made using this:

  1. Personalized cards: The machine includes lovely pens that can be used for making beautiful customized cards. Once you have selected the font from the various options available, you can just sit back and relax. The Explore Air device will end up doing all the work and is also capable of writing through any material possible.
  2. Access lots of printable designs: On purchase of this product, you will gain access to 500,000 printable photos and you can use over 1000 printable patterns through that as well. The best thing about this cutting machine is that it lets you upload your images and patterns when you want to print them. With the purchase of this machine, you will get immense flexibility and unmatched printing power from a single cutting machine. You will be able to learn this machine in no time and easily get awesome crafting results.
  3. Broad Variety of Materials: The Explore Air can be used for both thin and thick materials and is packed with technology to create accurate cuts. It includes a smart set dial that can be adjusted easily to achieve different settings. Moreover, the dial includes a list of materials that it can cut and all that is required is for you to choose a suitable setting according to your specifications. With the help of Explore Air, you can easily gain access to Design Space and then improve your settings.
  4. Scoring Stylus: A scoring stylus is a handy tool that helps achieve perfect results and crafts.
  5. Ability to cut intricate details: When you are looking to make intricate details with impeccable accuracy, you can use this cutting machine and reap its benefits. Different things like snowflake designs, lace stationery designs and spider webs can easily be created with the help of this machine.


The Cricut Cutting Machine cannot cut through too much width and is great for home use or light-duty commercial use only. The dimensions are about 14 inches long and 12 inches wide and this machine helps finish projects quickly and in record time.

Another important to note about this cutting machine is that the cutting width decreases with the option you choose and full width printing isn’t available for inserted images.


Compared to the other cutting machines, the Cricut Explore Air can only be used with the Design Space software. This software only works with the Internet and you need a good connection to access the files on this software.

When it comes to the functionality, this software is pretty simple and straightforward to use and master as well.

The in-built program includes a lot pre-done projects that can be used later and can be accessed easily through your phones, laptops and tablets.

Ideal for hobbyists and beginners, this software is constantly updating itself and coming up with new design features constantly.



  1. APPEARANCE: The product comes in four different colors; gold, baby blue, mint green, and a soft pint and you can choose the color that matches your workstation.
  2. CUTTING SPEED: The wireless signal is picked up pretty quickly through this device and the projects are completed in a quick and easy manner. The Explore Air cutting machine has immense speed.
  3. TEST PROJECT: This cutting machine comes with a test project and you can easily check its manual for detailed instructions.
  4. AFFORDABILITY: Another great benefit of this machine is that it is modern, effective, and affordable at the same time. It is a value for money product and is available readily.
  5. DECENT MAT:  The cutting machine doesn’t have any sliding mat problems and the mat included, comes with a great and usable design.
  6. CUTTING POWER: The cutting machine has the ability to go 1.5mm thick with the regular blade. In case you are looking for a deeper cut; you can use the deep-cut blade that can cut materials up to 2 mm thick. Moreover, Explore Air can be used in over 100 different materials.
  7. BLUETOOTH CONNECTIVITY: The product is compatible with smartphones, tablets, and all kinds of laptops as well. As long as you have good Bluetooth connectivity, there are no cables required for printing patterns and designs.


  1. NO ANDROID APPLICATION: The Cricut Explore Air is not compatible with Android devices and is confined to use in iOS devices only.
  2. BASIC SOFTWARE: The software with this cutting machine is pretty basic and can easily be improved in terms of its features.
  3. LOUDER THAN OTHER CRICUT MODELS: Explore Air is not a loud cutting machine but if you are the kind of person who is super sensitive to noise, then it might affect you.


One can easily utilize the old cartridge system of Cricut and you don’t need to purchase another one to be used for this product. The up gradation of the software is also quite easy and you it can be done in quite a straightforward way.

  • Bluetooth connectivity: The Explore Air comes with great Bluetooth connectivity along with nice storage space for all the other tools.
  • A Double Tool Holder: The double tool holder can be attached with 2 clamps. One of those can be used for the purpose of cutting whereas the other one can be used for writing. Explore Air is multi-functional and is effective in saving time.  You can easily write and cut things at the same time.
  • German Carbide Premium Blade: This blade is a handy tool and a powerful one as well. It is made for cutting lightweight and mid-weight materials. Materials like vinyl, cardstock, poster boards can easily be cut using this tool and the tool is quite durable in nature. It lasts almost 3 times more than the regular one.
  • Cutting Mat with a regular grip: This is a unique mat that makes for great performance. It is made to match materials like vinyl, iron-on, and pattern paper. Also, the cutting mat comes with a standard grip that helps in keeping the materials in place. Removal of materials is also quite easy and it comes with a ruler for flexible use.


Explore Air is considered to be a great product and helps in delivering fast and precise cuts. It can perfectly be used in home settings or for light-duty commercial use. In addition to this, the product is packed with durability and premium German carbide blade.

A great tool for passionate crafters, the Explore Air must definitely be tried.