Ella Pen Ultimate Review 2020 – The Best Eyebrow Liner Tool to Buy


Nowadays, almost every single woman in the world is wearing makeup and it has become an important part of her lives. Not only does it end up changing the look entirely, but also adds to providing a certain amount of self-esteem, confidence and excitement as well.

As we all know, eyes are one of the most important assets on our face to work upon, especially when it comes to making up. The whole eye look can make or break the look for you. And eyebrows and eyes have a great relationship, wherein they compliment each other when it comes to applying to make up. Both these features cannot survive without each other and hence compliments the face by enhancing the overall look of the person involved.

Eyebrows are an important part of our body and are quite important when it comes to considering the facial elements. They showcase the emotions on our face and constantly depict something with the up and down movement involved. Eyebrows are considered as a strong form of communication and truly work in making the eyes look beautiful as well. Hence, eyebrow pencils are quite imperative to make the eyebrows look beautiful, long and glamorous and your whole day can be made with the help of these eyebrow pencils.


Ella Pen is the solution to all your eyebrow woes. It is simply a tinted contouring pencil that is used for lining your eyebrows. Yes, it is a simple pencil but it can end up making all the difference in the world to your overall face. Not only will it make you look good, by using the pen you would end up feeling great.

Ella Pen is great for people who face eyebrow hair issues or those who want to fill the spaces and gaps within their brows. This pen uses micro detailing technology, which is unique when it comes to eyebrow pencils. Professional make up artists and beginners are happy to see this innovation in their field as it comes bearing tons of benefits.

ella pen review


When you use the Ella Pen, you must know that it comes packed with features like:

  • These pens are waterproof and sweatproof. This means that this product will not smudge off or be rubbed off by sweat or any kind of touch. 
  • The product is designed keeping a lot in mind and also provides solutions to a lot of makeup problems.
  • They are considered to be high-quality tint pens
  • It helps create incredible and gorgeous delicate lines on the brows
  • The eyebrow contouring has lasted almost over 12 hours, which is quite different from the original eyebrow pencils.
  • It includes a four-forked hint that makes for efficient application
  • The Ella Pen is perfect and great for thick lines as well
  • The Ella Pen comes in four distinguished tint shades; Dark brown, medium brown, beige and orange-brown
  • The pen is also quite useful for filling the gaps in the eyebrows.


This pen is used to enhance your eyebrows and hence ends up making everyone love this product. It helps in contouring in a way that no other eyebrow pencil ever does. The product has been made with a lot of detail using advanced technology of using the four-forked tips, that ends up making the product handy and easy to work with.


This particular technology has been around for a certain period, but the concept is still unknown to many. This technology is applied to the smallest facial element that ends up adding a lot to the face. The Ella Pen includes precise and accurate tips that help in symmetrically giving results and also help with saving time. These eyebrow pencils are great for avoiding any mess and ends up giving impeccable results.


Eyebrows that have not been groomed for a long time and are uneven end up looking quite floppy and messy. Lots of people around the world end up using micro-blading or even go for plucking their eyebrows, which can end up causing more of a problem than a solution. 

The Ella Pen eyebrow eyeliner is a great tech alternative to the regular eyebrow pencil and is quite a healthy option for all the ladies out there. The product is durable, lasts long and can be customized easily, providing superb results to everyone who uses them.

  1. The Ella Pen ends up providing natural-looking strokes on the eyebrows, which look similar to your brow hair.
  2. This product is not only extremely durable but also is waterproof.
  3. This product is a healthier and much affordable alternative.
  4. Ella Pen can be customized according to one’s personal preferences.
  5. The product comes in a variety of colours that are good enough for all eyebrows.
  6. This eyebrow pencil can be used by anybody, professional or beginner.
  7. This product yields great results and offers beautiful outlines.
  8. The Ella pen is safe for your eyes and face.
  9. Using this product is easy and completely hassle-free.
  10. The Ella Pen is high in quality and comes with a soft precise tip.


The Ella Pen eyebrow pencil is similar to any other eyebrow pencil, wherein one draws the eyebrow contours according to a person’s specification and liking. There are tons of eyebrow pencils available in the market but what sets the Ella Pen apart is that it is designed with a four-fork tip, which helps to reduce the gap in the eyebrows. The eyebrow pen yields precise and impeccable results whenever used.


The Ella Pen is a great product to buy and helps in beautifying your entire face by enhancing your eyebrow look. There are tons of offers that are associated with this product and is quite an affordable product to catch hold of. Those users, who often make use of this product, can even purchase the extended warranty for 7 years. 

A full refund is available to the customers in case they are not satisfied with the product, provided the Ella Pen eyebrow pencil is returned in the same way it was received.


The Ella Pen is available in three easy steps:

  • Go visit the official website for the Ella Pen eyebrow pencil
  • Add your item to the cart and set it 
  • Buy the Ella Pen and beautify your eyebrows even more

The official website ends up providing lots of discounts and offers that is otherwise not available on any other portal. The product comes with free delivery and it comes in its original packaging, which talks about the authenticity of the product. The Ella Pen eyebrow pencil offers a 3-year warranty if there are any defects in materials or the workmanship. If any of the original parts of the Ella Pen break or are damaged, then the manufacture helps to repair or replace the parts that stopped working.


Using this product is quite simple and requires some quick easy steps to give the perfect look:

  1. Open your package of the Ella Pen contouring pencil.
  2. Next, draw the preferred design that you want for your eyebrows.
  3. Tilt the four-forked tip to get the appropriate amount of thickness that you require.
  4. The eyebrow pencil ends up yielding great results by filling those spaces.


The Ella Pen eyebrow pencil is directly available on their official website and all you have to do is get on the website, select your item and purchase the product. The product is not only handy but is also affordable and easy to use at the same time. This product is a must-have for the entire make up lovers across the world. It ends up becoming an essential part of the daily makeup kit. This product ends up giving great results that last for over 12 hours. The Ella Pen eyebrow pencil is completely waterproof and this contouring pencil ends up giving a completely natural look to your face. In addition to this, this product is completely safe for the eyes and is offered at an affordable price as well.


The Ella Pen eyebrow pencil is a great product to buy and make part of your daily make-up kit. It has been designed keeping a lot of detailing in mind and uses great micro-blading technology to make the eyebrows look more gorgeous. The product has unique four-forked tips that are easy to use and help in filling out the gaps. The Ella Pen is quite different if compared to the other natural eyebrow pencils as one can contour the eyebrows much more easily and accurately.

This product is long-lasting and is completely waterproof, making it a great buy for people who suffer from their eyebrow colouring getting smudged off easily and often. With Ella Pen, one does not have to worry about about-facing such problems and it is also completely sweat proof. Lastly, it is made with premium quality and does not compromise on the results it yields, making it quite effective. The Ella Pen is a convenient addition to your vanity kit and is also available at an affordable price, directly from its website, while offering an extended warranty of up to 7 years.