Dodow Review 2021 [Updated] – The Best Sleeping Aid Device Yet

Having trouble sleeping at night? Had a long day and now cannot get your mind to stop talking at night? Especially during this pandemic when most of us struggle to sleep because anxiety, over thinking, panic wears in, there has to be an asleep solution. Because sleep is an essential thing in the world to keep yourself fit and healthy, it is imperative to relax your mind and de-stress yourselves before sleeping.

Insomnia is something that can happen momentarily, or you could make a long-term affair with some. It screws up with the body clock, creates hormonal imbalances and creates havoc in mind and the body. But, there is a solution for this today that comes in the form of a device called Dodow. It works like yoga, wherein it is a type of metronome that helps with the whole breathing process.

Dodow comes with a blue light that is subtle and helps one concentrate on their breathing, calming down the infinite thoughts that are running through your head. It is not just made for treating insomnia, but also for those who are going through stressful menstrual cycles and those looking to fix their sleeping pattern.

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Dodow Review – What is Dodow

  • Dodow comes in the form of a small device that is easy to use and can be placed anywhere in your bedrooms. It is so tiny that it can be placed anywhere, without having to make space for it. Even if your side table has only a little, compact space left; Dodow would perfectly fit there.
  • It has a circular design that works with a touch-sensitive pad on top. Only a single touch on the place is enough to turn it on and send that blue light to your ceiling.
  • The light gradually expands to cover almost the whole ceiling, before the size of the light diminishes. All you have to do is slowly inhale and exhale in time with the light to relax and calm your mind to fall asleep.

Dodow comes with scientific backing as well as our old age yoga practices, unlike other sleep devices. They say when you are losing your mind and having a panic attack, deep breathing helps you calm your nerves. It works a similar way with Dodow, and it follows a step-breathing pattern that helps imitate the way one sleeps. As soon as you start getting into the relaxed mode, Dodow also helps slow down your breathing and the focus on the light, so that it is the light that you must focus on rather than your thoughts.

How can you use the Dodow

 Get rid of your sleeping woes and start using Dodow to make your lives simpler. The timeline of the sessions can range between 8 minutes to 20 minutes. A smaller session for 8 minutes would be useful if you do not need too much relaxing and your mind is comparatively calmer. For the times that you are struggling to sleep and are stressed out, the 20-minute session would be appropriate.

To use this device, the following steps need to be followed:

  1. Choose the place where you want to place the device in your bedroom.
  2. For an 8-minute session, softly touch the surface once and for a 20-minute session, tap on it twice.
  3. Get into a calm, comfortable and relaxed position/posture.
  4. Startup at the ceiling where the light is being projected.
  5. Inhale and exhale to match the changes happening with the light.
  6. Sleep naturally without the use of any medications or stresses.

Once your session is complete, the device automatically turns itself off. In case you are not completely satisfied or relaxed; you can tap on the surface again to start another one of those sessions and remain worried free. There is no limitation on the number of times you can use the sessions to make yourself sleep. Dodow automatically turns itself off to save the battery power, once the session has been completed.

There are several recommendations as to where/how you can place Dodow for optimum utilization:

  • The light shouldn’t be disrupted by obstacles when reaching the ceiling
  • It should be put somewhere close to you, for making it easier to tap on
  • Any objects that are on your side tables/nightstand can be moved around a little for avoiding any obstruction
  • Check again to make sure that the light is facing the ceiling
  • A small table next to your bed or just a stand would be enough to place this device.

Where can you use the Dodow

A lot of us nowadays are forced to move away from our homes, look for new jobs and settle down in an altogether new city, country or state. Even when we go to a hotel, adjusting to the bed and surroundings can take a little bit of time. Where you might be used to a soundless sleep, you might be now in a place where you can hear the sound of traffic, people etc.

Dodow can be used in any place that you go to and can be used repeatedly every night to make yourself fall to sleep quickly and easily. For those who love to travel, this device is compact and can be carried on wherever they go.

A great thing about Dodow is that you do not need electricity to use it, it runs on rechargeable AAA batteries and hence, can be even used on those adventurous camping, hiking trips with your friends or on any surface that can project a light. This device is built on convenience and for convenience only.

Benefits of Dodow

Dodow is, all in all, quite a beneficial product and can be used for sleep, which many people struggle with today. Young adolescents, teenagers, older adults, the middle-aged, it caters to a variety of people and offers the following benefits as well:

  1. The device does not make use of any chemicals that can cause harmful side effects. Even if you put it on your body for the fun of it, it wouldn’t cause any problems.
  2. The thing with medications is that once you start using them, you get addicted to them, and when you are regularly using them, eventually over some time, the effect of the dosage wears out. To avoid using so much medication, Dodow helps by naturally training your brain to fall asleep without becoming dependent.
  3. We all are dealing with stresses daily nowadays, and obviously, this affects our sleeping pattern ultimately, making it almost impossible to sleep on some days. Dodow helps with focusing on something new and lets you be a calm sleeper, without any stress.
  4. It comes with replaceable batteries AAA, which last for a long time and hence, it comes with extended battery life. The device turns itself off at the end of the session, to conserve the battery.

Disadvantages of Dodow

While Dodow is mostly beneficial, it does come with its set of cons that need to be considered:

  1. It might not be as touch-sensitive as it is said to be.
  2. For some clients, the light turned out to be a little brighter than expected.
  3. It lacks sound compared to other devices.
  4. The light can sometimes become a bit dysfunctional.

Who can use Dodow

Quite often, we come across people who have no trouble sleeping. As soon their head hits the bed, they crash and have the soundest sleep ever. They could sleep almost anywhere, even in the car. Dodow is a simple product that can be used by anyone who struggles to sleep. It includes even those who have night shifts or those who are dealing with tons of stress in their homes/workplaces.

It would work correctly for people who are dealing with chronic insomnia, as per the makes of Dodow. Insomnia can trouble you for weeks, months and even years. To reduce this problem and eventually get rid of it, Dodow comes to the rescue by teaching you techniques to get you into a relaxed state of mind that would help you sleep through the night.

Dodow is also made for people who sleep with noisy partners who snore or make a sound while sleeping. You can easily use this device, without causing any disturbance to your partner.

Should you buy it

There are multiple reasons as to why you should consider buying Dodow and making it a daily part of your lives:

  1. The device comes with a built-in indicator light that follows the whole dimming process quickly. You will easily know when to replace the batteries because the light on the device starts dimming. Hence, every time you put it on, check the light.
  2. Dodow comes in the form of universal design and is so compact that it can be used at your own homes or can be carried out when you are travelling. Whether you are in the middle of a forest or a luxurious villa, Dodow can be utilized almost anywhere.
  3. Metronomes are devices that are have been there since ancient times. Dodow is similar to those devices as it comes with a long metal piece that ticks back and forth to tell the current time. Instead of any tool, it makes us of the light. When you start staring at the light and regulate the breathing, you would end up falling into the same hypnotic pattern like a metronome.
  4. It comes with two built-in sessions; 8 minutes and 20 minutes. If you are not satisfied with the 20-minute long session, you can restart it and go on as long as you want without any hassle.
  5. The Dodow light comes in a soft, subtle light colour that is soothing and helps calm and relaxes your mind. It blends into the background, and the blue colour helps calm the surroundings.
  6. The device comes with a money-back guarantee wherein if it doesn’t work or fulfil your expectations, and there is a return period of 100 days for you to return the product.


Dodow is one of the greatest innovations in terms of sleeping aid technology. It is available directly on its website and is available at an affordable price, and it even comes with a 100-day money-back guarantee. The product is quite different from its competition and comes with scientific backing.

We all know that an adult needs at least 6-8 hours of sleep at night. Getting good sleep helps to keep you happy and energetic throughout the day. It even helps in the process of relaxing your body and recover from muscle strains, injuries as well as from any stress that we face in our day-to-day lives. Dodow is an excellent solution for getting better sleep and comes in the form of a handy device aiding people who struggle with insomnia and those who crave for better sleep. Not taking into account the reasons why one works, Dodow helps in improving your sleeping habits. So try it out and see if it enables you to get rid of your sleeping troubles.