Crea Clip Review 2020 – Easy Styling at Home

Crea Clip Review – Introduction

We as women are never satisfied with our haircuts. Just the day we get the haircut done is amazing because our hair is blow-dried. The rest of the days, our hair seems dull and boring. Getting a haircut is a tough job for every woman, as each of them demands a different kind of haircut. Woman spends a lot of their money in salons every 2-3 months for their hair beauty. Maximum times they leave unsatisfied with their haircut and some of them even try to do their own haircut and are left disappointed with it. The money they spend is just not worth it in the salons. This is where Crea Clip comes in use. It is a home device designed to enable users to cut their hair without making any mistakes.

One of the best investments for people who are looking to cut down on their salon visits or those who know their hair the best and want to cut them on their own.

What is Crea Clip? 

Crea Clip is a device that helps you cut your hair at home without any mistake and it can help in cutting your Family’s hair also. It is close to a professional cutting tool. One blade in the device is used to cutting bangs and other is used for creating layers. It is a diverse styling option available for people with different tastes such as:

  • Bob
  • Bangs
  • Layers

The device is designed for people who want salon style trims at low cost. It is suitable for all hair types. Whether the user uses 1a or 4c, the end result will be a clean haircut. People with different textures of hair; learn gradually how to cut their hair correctly. It is recommended to first watch tutorials before using the device on their hair.

The product also comes with a smooth edge that guides you where to cut your hair from, so that you don’t make a mistake by cutting it unevenly. Even kids can use this product because it stays securely in one place without wiggling around too much.

Features of Crea Clip:

  • Great for all Hair Types:

Whether your hair is thick, long, short or thin, Crea clip will do an excellent job in trimming the edges and giving a great haircut. A purchased set comes in two clips. The larger one is for long hair while the smaller clip is for bangs and short hair.

  • Saves Money and Time:

The device saves people from making unnecessary trips to salons and pay service fee for the services.

  • Available Video Tutorials:

There are various tutorials that are available online from which people can learn how to use the Crea clip.

  • Perfect Trims:

The device has smooth edges, which act as a guide when making the cuts.

  • Great with Kids:

Kids can be tending to be very fidgety and it is a device, which will not cause any harm to the kids. The device is designed to stay in place even if the child moves a lot while getting their hair cut.

How to use Crea clip:

  • The first step is to clip the device to your hair.
  • Make sure it is straight using rotating level
  • The next step is to align it to the desired hair length.
  • Then you cut along the Crea clip.
  • The last step is to cut the hair as intended.

The Idea of Crea Clip

Crea clip was launched by an award-winning celebrity stylist; Mai Lieu. The whole concept and idea behind this product were to create a device that can offer an alternative to expensive haircuts and make the whole process simple as well as innovative.

There are tons of things that you can get once you buy the Crea Clip:

  • The large clip is made for long hair and layers and the short cip is for shorter hair and bangs
  • You would also receive permission to access a video tutorial library guiding you as to how you can cut hair. The tutorials are in Spanish and Japanese as well.
  • With the use of the rotating level, there is accuracy with the cuts and every cut is precise.
  • It comes with a secure lock that holds all of the hair together, making it easier to handle.
  • It also comes with a smooth edge that can create a clear guide.
  • You can adjust the thickness and texture with the help of its flexible body.

So what does Crea clip make your hair look like?

Crea Clip is one of those products that have become so famous that it is almost sold out every single month. Not only does it comes with two clips that cater to short hair and bangs as well as for long hair, but it is also so versatile that it works on almost hair types and gives the perfect results every time.

The smooth edge that it includes makes haircuts become a hassle-free affair and ensure that there is no odd edge or cut. Also, it can actually be used by everyone and is super simple to use for adults as well as kids.

Where can you buy Crea Clip?

It is most advisable to purchase this product directly from the manufacturer because it offers the best kind of deals and discounts. Added warranty and benefits are also provided and there is no need to waste anytime on other unauthorized websites.

The Crea Clip package includes a variety of items that are listed as follows:

  • A small clip
  • A large clip
  • A rotating level
  • A video library tutorial
  • A secured lock
  • Flexible body and
  • Smooth edges

Advantages of Crea clip:

The most prominent advantage of using the Crea Clip is that instead of spending time in travelling and visiting the salons every quarter, you can avoid this effort by saving on the time and even getting great results. The time that you could invest in getting your haircut done, could now be utilized in doing your hair according to your preferences at ease. Getting professional cuts at home is now an easy task and can sort out all your nightmares and fears relating to literally the most important asset.

Not only does it help with saving money but also the cost involved in travelling is so much of a hassle each time. Whether you have the transport available or not is also something that needs to be assessed. Also, when it comes to kids, a haircut is the most problematic experience for them. They do not adjust to all environments and sometimes even create a ruckus on their visit. Therefore, with the use of Crea Clip one can avoid this issue relating to kids and just get their work done quickly, without having to put them through the trauma anywhere outside.

Precise – If you see closely, you will see that each Crea clips has a rotating level. It is perfect for those people that have no clue how to cut their hair in a straight line. With the use of the levels given, you find the perfect balance and create precise haircuts. It is great for all hairstyles including layers, bangs, bobs, one-length, etc.

Even – Once you open the clip long curved, you will notice that it has teeth just like combs. It is so your hair will be evenly distributed and you get the same length throughout the process.

Easy sectioning – The clip long curved makes it easy to hold and section all the hair at once. If you notice how usual hairdressers hold your hair with their fingers while cutting your hair, that is how you do it but since it is longer, it will be much easier.

Convenient – You don’t have to make appointments and go out of your way just to get a simple trim. Now, you can do so in the comfort of your own home!

Saves money – Not only do you save time, but you also save a lot of money. Usually, a woman spends about $80 at the salon every month. That’s almost $1000 a year! Imagine all the things you could’ve spent on instead. But now, you don’t have to splurge on gas money or a simple trim anymore. You can just stay home and do it yourself.

Functions of Crea Clip

The result of the Crea clip is sometimes much better than your visit to the salons as well. As this device comes with two blades, the effect that it has on the hair is quite different and unique. It enables the ladies to cut their hair in layers as well, which most women opt for.

Moreover, it can be used by people who have different tastes and you can even do different styles with it.


Crea Clip helps your entire family to save a lot of money and unnecessary visits to the salon every month. There will be no hassle of any hair appointments. If you don’t have time then you can simply use the device for making your hair better. If you don’t like other people handling your child’s hair then also this device is very useful as it does not harm kids in any way and it sits still even if the child is moving around a lot. It can save your child the embarrassment of having a bowl haircut. Men can also be benefitted from this as they can also cut their hair with this device. There is no flaw in this product as it shows you if you are cutting your hair straight or not. It is a must recommended product.

If you are someone who loves his or her hair and give hair care an utmost priority, then this would be a great product for you. Additionally, those who like to keep up with the trend and experiment with their hair can also go for this product and test it.