Copper Protector Review 2020 – Zero Touch Gadgets to Prevent Germs


There are tons of illnesses and viruses that we are not even aware of in today’s date. Thousands of bacteria are floating all around our environment today and we truly have to take care of our selves when it comes to dealing with the hazards of the environment. Especially, in the era of this pandemic, the world is dealing with these dangers. There is no way to avoid picking up the dust and bacteria in our daily lives as we go on touch doors and other surfaces. One cannot avoid opening doors or the buttons on the lift but can avoid coming in direct contact with them. This is possible to a great product called the Copper Protector, which is a key to help touch things without coming in direct contact with them.


  1. MATERIAL CONTENT: When it comes to one’s family, they always want to use a product that helps protect them against germs and bacteria, therefore the door opener one chooses needs to be an alloy, which is resistant to microbes. Also, the device should have the properties of self-cleaning. Mostly, door openers are made of brass but brass does not self-clean the way copper does.
  2. DESIGN: The design of the key adds to its functionality and the key must come with extra hooks and knobs to cater to different kinds of surfaces. If it doesn’t come with the extra knobs, the condition of the key will deteriorate over time and hence, would not be of much use eventually.
  3. BUTTON AND TOUCH SCREEN COMPATIBLE: Lots of different kinds of door opener keys don’t work on all kinds of buttons or touch screens. The product must be versatile enough to use on an ATM as well as a store.
  4. EASY TO CARRY: Always make sure that the key must come with an extra hole that can be used for carrying other keys along with the door key. This addition to the key is helpful when it comes to remembering where you kept your keys and is available for use whenever required.


A copper protector is a tool that helps to keep you and your loved ones safe from catching or touching any unwanted and harmful germs and bacteria. It is made with 99.9 per cent copper and is anti-microbial. This tool is quite handy as it helps in reducing or eliminating the transmission of bacteria, viruses and other microbes that could prove to be harmful to your body. With the help of this antimicrobial tool, you can avoid the hassle of touching surfaces. Moreover, the product is easy to move around with and is quite compact to be carried easily anywhere, any time to open a door, window or any other surface outside.

copper protector review


  1. This copper protector key can be used to open doors safely and securely without the need of touching the handles or any other screens.
  2. The tool is made with authentic and 100 per cent copper only.
  3. The product is easy to carry as it also works as a key ring and can also be attached to the pockets of your jeans or trousers.


  1. The product can only be bought online and you cannot go physically to see this product.
  2. The design of the key can be a little difficult to use when it is new.
  3. The key makes it difficult to write something or sign your name on any kind of touch screen.


The product comes with authentic copper that makes the product easy to use when you are outside your home. Also, this particular comes packed with tons of features to make it an ideal buy for everybody.

  1. REDUCES EXPOSURE TO GERMS AND VIRUSES: We as individuals constantly come in contact with different types of bacteria, germs and different types of viruses daily. We often use ATMs or visit stores that are being used by hundreds of people daily. By using the Copper Protector, one can avoid this situation and keep themselves away from having to touch these surfaces. This helps in reducing the exposure to different germs and bacteria, which prevents one from catching on to major or minor germs and bacteria, by ensuring that there is no contact with such places.
  2. SELF SANITIZING: The Copper material comes bearing anti-microbial properties and avoids the settling of germs, bacteria and other viruses to settle on its surface. The copper used bits of help in deactivating and eliminating the germs and prevents from any sort of illness that if life can be transferred to your body. Copper ions have the property that they interfere with any organism’s ability to reproduce and multiply, which makes it impossible for the bacteria to live on copper. Copper Protector works by damaging the DNA of the bacteria leaving the key clean and simple to use.
  3. 99.9 PERCENT COPPER: The Copper Protector is a hundred per cent authentic and is made with pure copper, which is a natural antimicrobial, metal. This is used commonly to avoid any contact with contaminated surfaces. Copper comes with properties of preventing exposure to such germs and bacteria from settling on to the key. 
  4. DOOR FRIENDLY DESIGN: The design of this copper antimicrobial makes it look like one with extra pieces that include a hook, which can be easily used to open doors that have handles. Door handles come with lots of germs and bacteria that could be harmful, and every time you open doors, you could get sick. Moreover, the key can be used easily to move around with and you will never really have to touch a door handle again with this key.
  5. KEYCHAIN READY: This anti-microbial key comes including a small loop that is used to attach the Copper Protector to your purses or key. This provides the convenience of using the key whenever it’s needed. If you attach an extra ring to it, it can be used for all other purposes as well.
  6. TOUCH SCREEN FRIENDLY: This key includes a small copper tip that can be used to poke touch screens and touch screens are common nowadays. It can be used to enter pins, account numbers and any other transaction at the ease of a touch. You can also choose anything at a distance, which helps keep your hand away from capturing any sort of germs.
  7. LONG LASTING: Copper as a material is long-lasting and does not wear out easily. When it comes to plumbing and other uses, it is the number one material that is recommended. While the colour might fade, the antimicrobial properties are always here to stay.
  8. EASY TO HOLD: The Copper Protector comes including a large comfortable ring that is quite easy to grip and even hold for longer periods.
  9. ANXIETY FREE: This is one of the best features of the Copper Protector. With the help of this key, you can prevent yourself from being exposed to harmful germs and bacteria. Therefore, one always maintains their peace of mind by using this product in and around their environment.


The product is available online and helps provide consumers with this product for their protection and safety. The copper protector is available at an affordable cost and comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee if the product doesn’t deem to be satisfactory for the user.


The Copper Protector is made from 99.9 per cent copper and copper as a metal is antimicrobial. Copper helps in reducing and neutralizing viruses, bacteria, germs and other such harmful microbes. If any germs end up landing on this material, they automatically are eliminated and do not spread. 

The copper protector can be attached to your key chain and is quite a handy tool to use. This copper key is self-sanitizing and you don’t even have to wipe it after every use. Copper has the natural properties of killing all the germs that land on its surface.

In addition to this, the key comes with a comfortable grip that makes it easy to use and even though the product can change colour over time, it does not lose its effect.


During this pandemic especially, there is the fear of touching things or coming close to the virus. The Copper Protector key makes life much easier by not touching surfaces directly and prevents one from germs and viruses. This key is made up of antimicrobial materials that do not let any germs or bacteria stay and neutralize them as soon as they become exposed to it. Moreover, having this protector can help protect your family and you. This product comes with quite a durable design and helps in touching all surfaces at a distance. To ensure absolute protection and preservation for you and your family, this product offers great value and comes at quite an affordable price.