CoolFeel Max Review 2020 – Top Choice Wearable Cooler or Not?


Owing to climate change, the summers are getting hotter each year, all across the world. If you are one of those people who hate the summers and struggle with it each time, then finding a solution for you is absolutely imperative.

High temperatures increase the chances of suffering from health problems and can cause the risk of cardiovascular and respiratory diseases.

Every year, health officials around the world recommend taking care of your bodies and always keeping hydrated. But, while we can take precautions, there is no way to avoid from suffering the high temperatures. Thousands of people have to work and commute daily in these soaring temperatures. While most people turn to air conditioning and fans or coolers, it might not be the best idea for a longer duration of time as it might end up hiking up your bills.

But now, there is a device that is much cheaper, portable and effective and does not require any kind of installation – The CoolFeel Max. This device is the perfect solution for the summer.


CoolFeel Max is a portable device that helps keep the air cool around you in a matter of a few minutes. You can adjust its speed through the 3 power levels it has and makes it suit your needs and specifications. The temperature setting is totally in your hands.

This particular product is suitable for anyone and any age. One can use it in the office while working or children can even carry it with them to their playground. All that is required is for you to charge the battery and place it around your neck and press the button to get started.

With high temperatures, everybody is exposed to such strenuous conditions. In addition to this, there are various other factors that affect the body temperature; stress and poor diet apart from the climatic factors. Hence, if you have a device around you that keeps you cool at all times, then all the hassle of the temperature just goes away.

The CoolFeel Max comes with an instant air-cooling technology that helps the air circulate around the user, by hanging a fan around their neck. This product comes in the shape of headphones and the fan on it pushes air through each end, making it work in any kind of temperature and weather conditions. Cooling off the neck helps effectively keep the entire body cool and it feels breezy along the neck, all day long. The fresh air that is circulated works well for performing any activity. Moreover, the device has a low volume and hence, does not cause any disturbance around the environment as well.

The lithium battery used is made for long-term use and the recharging is done through a micro USB cable. The product is compact and can be carried around easily wherever you go.


The device is supposed to be placed around the neck with heads placed in a way that best suits your needs and specifications. Once the CoolFeel Max neck fan is connected, the air starts to come out around the neck and the face, keeping the entire body cool.


If the neck area is refreshed, it helps to cool down the bloodstream and also helps lower the body temperature quickly as well as effectively. Additionally, it also helps prevent the body from the dangers of heat stroke.


  1. The CoolFeel Max offers different intensities that help keep the neck cool according to your specifications.
  2. This product is designed in a way that it is very comfortable to wear and it is lightweight, making room for any kind of movement.
  3. The CoolFeel Max offers a long-lasting battery that can be used for hours and hours.
  4. The product comes bearing guaranteed effectiveness that helps providing a feeling of freshness wherever you go, in a matter of a few minutes.
  5. The CoolFeel Max is perfect for sports practices and helps with other exercises like long walks and cooler running.
  6. This product can help avoid hyperthermia on days when it is too hot to handle.
  7. This product is great for people who are overly sensitive to heat, such as older women and pregnant women.
  8. The CoolFeel Max is an effective product and adapts to any posture without bothering the routine or causing a hindrance in daily life.
  9. The product comes with money back guarantee.
  10. The CoolFeel Max has no charges of shipping.
  11. The product does not cause any neck stiffness when being used.


The CoolFeel Max is a great product and comes packed with advantages that are listed below:

  1. PORTABLE: The product is quite portable and can easily be hung on the neck, to be used at any point of time. It lets you be completely hands free as well and fits perfectly without anyone noticing it.
  2. EASY TO USE: The CoolFeel Max is quite easy to use by just pressing a button and placing it around your neck. It can be recharged with the help of a micro USB.
  3. SILENT: This device produces very low noise and doesn’t bother you or your surroundings. It includes an intake filter and is a high quality silent fan.
  4. ADJUSTABLE SPEED: the user with the power levels can easily set the intensity and speed of the cool breeze. The appropriate speed can be adjusted with the press of a button only.


CoolFeel Max is quite a special product and it is made out of high quality materials that are sold at an affordable price. The product comes with double wind head fans and a long lasting battery. The stylish neck-hand design makes the product look like a pair of headphones.

People who are sensitive to heat and hate feeling hot can use this little air cooler to get rid of the hot temperatures. All kinds of outdoor activities can be performed while wearing this device on the neck such as shopping, strolling, hiking, exercising etc.

During summers, it is recommended to always be hydrated and be chilled. If you have a product like this around your neck at all times, you will definitely forget how hot the temperature is outside, which can always keep your mood uplifted. You can go play with your kids or walk to work, without any hassle.


All the features, specifications and the technology used in this product was thoroughly checked and reviewed before bringing it to use. The CoolFeel Max is not an ordinary device, it is rather a high quality device that has been manufactured and produced using high quality materials and high-end technology.

This product has a double wind head and comes in the form of an ergonomic design that works like a headset. The design is easy and simple to wear and can be hung around easily on the neck. It is highly portable and can be carried wherever you go. You can even wear this neck cooler and exercise or play and perform other activities with it as well.

People have often questioned its effectiveness and have come to realize that because it is a neck cooler, at times when one is exposed to scorching heat, this neck cooler around the neck will help provide cool breeze to the entire body and make you feel super comfortable and cool at all times.

This product is the perfect solution for keeping your body cool at all times and is a device that can be used conveniently. This device is super simple to use and is portable enough to be carried out anywhere, without putting much thought into it.


Anyone and everyone can make use of this device because it is super easy to use, operate and is portable and lightweight. Whether you are an older adult or a child, this product is comfortable for people of all ages. Those who work out a lot and sweat a lot can make use of this device easily and keep their body temperature normal.

On using this device, you will notice a downward trend when it comes to your electricity bills because it is an easier alternative to the AC’s that are run in our homes 24×7. People are using this device in the gym, while walking, running, and shopping and in their offices as well.

The device has been well appreciated as it can easily fit on the neck and is quite comfortable to wear throughout the day. Moreover, this device is an excellent solution to maintaining a stable body temperature during the higher temperatures especially.

The product has been designed by Korean manufacturers who had worked with a team of researchers in Europe. With a team of professionals, this product was designed as a solution for a portable cooling system.

The device constantly produces cold breeze and helps keep your surroundings quite cool as well. No matter who it is, they can use this device easily and for however long they want. You only need to recharge its battery, press the power button and this neck cooler will do its job effectively.


The CoolFeel Max is available directly on the official website. All that is required is to get on the company’s website and purchase the product.

The website provides tons of discounts and deals and offer free shipping as well, for every purchase.

If you are not satisfied with this product then you can return it simply. It comes with a 30-day money back guarantee, if the product does not suit your specifications or style.

The CoolFeel Max is an affordable product and the more the quantity, the cheaper it will be for the user. So, if the entire family buys it, it would come out to be much cheaper than expected. Also, you will get a full refund upon returning the product in mint condition.


The CoolFeel Max device aims to provide the utmost comfort and an experience like no other. It helps in providing relief to the user, wherever they are. The device comes with low maintenance and rechargeable batteries that can be charged with a USB cord. In addition to this, it has no fan blades on it, which prevents your hair from getting stuck in it and harming the user eventually.

Therefore, go out there and purchase this product to keep yourself cool and those around you as well.