Charge Hub Go Review – The Best Power Bank for your Phone

It is impossible to live without our phones now. Wherever we go, whatever we do, no matter what, surviving without them is almost next to impossible. Especially in today’s digital world, phones are considered to be a necessity, and moving around anywhere without them is out of the question. From young kids to older adults, all have become tech-savvy today.

The only problem we face with phones is that they run out of battery very easily, obviously depending on the usage. For people who are constantly working, keeping them charged for a long period of time becomes difficult. Once you see the battery dying, panic surrounds you. But, worry not because now there is the Charge Hub Go+ power bank.

Charge Hub Go Review- What is the Charge Hub Go+ Power Bank?

Considered to be one of the perfect power banks for everyday use, Charge Hub Go is actually a portable wireless charger, that helps charge them and bring the battery life up, while you are on the go. It offers portable charging services without any kind of compromise.

With the help of this device, one can charger multiple devices other than phones like their tablets, wireless headphones and digital cameras too. It is one of the most convenient products to carry around and its design comes with the capability of housing two cables within its chassis, at the convenience of moving around with a small, compact device.

The Smart Speed Technology the product uses is patented and even provides information to the Charge Hub Go as to which device has been connected to the charger and make sure its charged at an optimal speed.

We often face issues of overcharging or slow charging, but not anymore, with the Smart Speed Technology, this issue is solved and just the optimum charging speed is applied to the devices.

Also, it is a great device to move around with due to its size that can fit almost anywhere you store it, on the go.


Charging Capabilities

It comes with a 5000 mAh capacity and has enough bandwidth to charge one phone completely and fully at least. The sleek and easy to carry, lightweight and slim design along with the built-in charging cables, help move this device around easily without any compromise on its functionality and usage. Also, its 5W wireless pad is what stands out the most in the product.

The 5W wireless pad it comes with is displayed with a raised ring on the front of the device and is compatible with most Apple phones, as well as other smart phones that supports the whole process of wireless charging.

Design of the Charge Hub Go

The device comes in a great compact and functional design. It looks similar to the other power banks but it has an easy access to the USB-C and reversible micro USB cables that are built in on the sides. When they are not being used, the cables tuck away.

At the bottom of the device there is a USB, micro USB and USB-C ports as well. The USB does the work of charging your device from the battery, and the micro USB and USB-C are for charging the battery from a wall adapter.

It provides the flexibility of using the USB chargeable device in any way; connect it to an adaptor or attach it to the USB port of a laptop.

The power bank that is in use is made with matte black plastic and has four blue LEDs, right in the front to intimate on the status of the process. The device is 5.5×2.9×0.4 inches in dimensions and about 5.6oz. Considered to be quite a durable device to work with, the Charge Hub Go is not waterproof or shockproof. Hence, it does not have the ability to withstand rough conditions.

Features of the Charge Hub Go

  1. Charge Hub Go charging speed: The device comes with a patented smart speed technology, which enables the device to recognize the smartphone as soon as it is plugged in. Along with that, it is also ensured that the phone gets its maximum charging speed without overcharging or slowly charging your mobile device. According to the instructions provided, it is recommended to charge only one phone at a time, or else the speed slows down.
  2. Compatible with any device: Any device can be charged with the Charge Hub Go. All Apple devices and even Samsung phones can be charged from this device with a hassle-free and completely wireless charging experience.

Also, incase you have an old phone that does not work with this technology, you can attach it to the built-in cables on this device or you can bring your own charging cord and charge it using the USB output. Irrespective of the model you are using, this device can charge it without any inconvenience.

  • Charging Capacity of the Charge Hub Go: It has a charge power of 5000M mAh. It has enough power to charge at least one device and it also comes with a 5V/2A wired charging output for it to be compatible with any device.
  • Safe Charge Protection: The Smart Speed technology on this device ensures that the device being charged does not get overcharged or overheated. It provides the optimum charge that a device requires.
  • Money-Back Guarantee: The Charge Hub Go comes with a 30-day money back guarantee. This product comes offering utmost quality and makers of this product are sure of its functionality and hence, offer the advantage of money-back guarantee.
  • Pricing: The product is well priced and includes a separate cost of shipping. If you buy it through an ongoing deal, you are definitely at an advantage. Lots of discounts and offers are associated with the sale of this product.

Advantages of the Charge Hub Go

This product comes with the best technology and has been known to be a great device in its category. The customers are quite satisfied with this product and mostly; there are positive reviews about this product only.

The Charge Hub Go pro offers tons of advantages that come associated with its Smart Speed technology:

  • It is an affordable product and according to the value it offers, it is reasonably priced.
  • The Charge Hub Go is lightweight and easy to carry around
  • The product comes with built-in cables for charging that tuck inside when not being used.
  • The device has the ability to charge multiple devices at the same time but recommends charging one at a time only.
  • The technology comes with fast charging and optimum charging as well.

Disadvantages of the Charge Hub Go

While mostly this device is great to work with, it offers a couple of disadvantages that need to be taken into account before making the purchase. Firstly, the battery of the device is not that big and secondly the option of quick charge is not supported with this device at all.

How does the Charge Hub Go Work?

The usage of this device is super simple. The primary thing to do is to check the charge of the Charge Hub Go device. Once you know how much charge it holds, you can assess if it needs a charge or not.

Once you know the charge on the device, all you have to do is press the power button that is placed on the side of the unit. Once that is on, it will be ready for charging one device or multiple devices at once.

To start wireless charging of your phone, you have to place the smartphone on the circular indicator that is located on the Charge Hub Go, and it is imperative to make sure the wireless charging area of your phone is directly on it, for optimal charging as well as connection. On being placed right, it would be on the perfect stable horizontal position, which is ideal for giving your device an optimal charge.

In order to use the Smart Speed Technology, you would have to make use of the wired charging of the device. The convenient thing about this product is that it can be use to charge any phone there is even if doesn’t use the built-in cables. You are provided the flexibility of carrying your own cables to charge the phones.

The device comes with 4 LED lights that indicate the charge remaining on the Charge Hub Go. Also, this device is compatible with and supports multi-charging, meaning even if you add more devices to it, it will charge them. But for faster charging, it is recommended to charge individually.

How fast is the Charge Hub Go?

The Charge Hub Go comes with a charging capacity of 5000 mAh, and you can fully charge your phones once at least. Also, it has the capability of being paired with any smartphone without any hassles or worries. If the phone is USB compatible, then there are high chances that it will be consistent with the Charge Hub Go.

For wireless charging, it supports 5W charging, which is a little slower compared to the wired charging option, but perfect when it comes to wireless charging. The drawback is that if multiple devices are plugged into it at once, it charges them at a slow rate.

The cords that come with the product are One1 type C and one Micro Lighting Reversible Cable. Once the juice runs out, you have to attach it to the wall adapter or it can also be connected to your laptops or PCs.


The Charge Hub Go comes with great ratings and is considered to be a battery pack that functions as a portable wireless charger and can also connect devices that don’t have the function of wireless-charging.

It is quite a compact and lightweight product to use, and it’s straightforward to move around with this product as well.  The sleek design of matte black it comes with, makes it look all the more attractive and fun to use. The charging capacity of this product is also top-notch, and the most critical aspect is that it doesn’t overheat the phone, which is a common thing while using other portable charging banks.

The product is a great choice and with the patented Smart Speed Technology, it is much better compared to its competition. Also, the money back guarantee it comes with shows how confident the makers are with this product and definitely there is no harm in trying out this product for a certain period of time.

It is a value for money product and very convenient in the times we are living in today.