Bondic Ultimate Review – The Best Liquid Plastic Welder

Bondic Review – Introduction

Are those trips to the dentist taking away the better of you? Dental care is essential but so crucial and so painful. A majority of people struggle with the fear of visiting the dentist, and this is considered to be one of the most common concerns amongst children as well as adults.

To reduce the fears and the problem of the visits you make to the dentists, a solution is available now. It is called Bondic. Created by a practising dentist, this product is a solution that is easy to use and makes the dental experience, a not so painful one.

What is Bondic?

Conceptualized by a dentist, Bondic is adhesive, which is quite like the dental cement that is used across the country in most of the dental offices today. The product comes in a small, compact bottle and has a thin viscosity, making it look similar to glue. On taking a closer look at the product, it can be easily ascertained that it works better than any other glue one has used before.

What this adhesive does is that it is used in the form of dental glue to keep the metal wires from braces attached to the teeth and bones for a long time and can be used for materials including metal and wood as well. Once a bond is created with the use of this adhesive, a UV light is directed at the liquid glue, which helps with easy drying of the liquid. Later, all you have to do is sand the surface.

Bondic review

Attributes of the Bondic

Bondic is an excellent solution for all bonding needs relating to your dental care. It is a widely used product and because of its authenticity, is quite a reliable product.

  1. The adhesive comes in bundle and trial packs.
  2. You can use the adhesive on metal, wood and a few plastic products as well.
  3. It works well with liquid refill kits also.
  4. It is so useful as it does not stick to the skin.
  5. When stored properly, it remains standardized in its liquid form and is always ready to use
  6. It can also shape the adhesive if used as a filler.
  7. This is one product that is compatible with all kinds of acrylic colour powders.
  8. The temperature setting for this product is between -40 degrees to about 150 degree Celsius.

What can you do with Bondic?

Along with its application for dental purposes, the adhesive can also be used for repairing broken and damaged electronics and creating new threads. The adhesive can be used for a variety of purposes and is quite dynamic:

It can help reduce the strain on an item.

You can replace a damaged piece of plastic with this adhesive.

Helps to form a bond/connection between two materials

In places and products where you cannot use a traditional glue, Bondic comes to use

Helps in repairing minor leaks and gaps

You could even add insulation to the wires with the help of this adhesive.

One of the best properties of this glue is that it can be used as a medium for repairs. Let us say you broke a decorative item and it means a lot to you. With the help of Bondic, you can add the adhesive to your article and use the UV light to repair that piece of art. Additionally, it can be used on low-voltage wires and plumbing material like pipes as well.

Who can use Bondic?

When you go out looking for glue at any stationery shop or hardware shop, usually one has a tough time finding an adhesive that maintains their liquid consistency even when exposed to air. It happens so many times that in case, by mistake, if you leave the cap open or close the lid, you know that the product is a waste and cannot be preserved for long-time usage anymore.

But, Bondic is one of those adhesives that will not dry out. Irrespective of the time you store the product, it still retains its consistency. This helps with keeping the adhesive secure to complete your list of things.

A fact about Bondic is that it can last for up to a year or even longer, for a period up to 3 years. For people who regularly make use of mechanical equipment, it is quite a hands-on product. It also works on most of the plastic surfaces as well as for car repair.

Also, if you love doing those art and craft projects at home, it keeps your materials nicely intact and is quite a useful product, for all your bonding needs.

The product comes with a kit that includes a UV light source and an adhesive, along with the storage case.

How to use Bondic?

Sand: Before applying the adhesive, you should rub the sandpaper across the surface of whatever material/object you are using. Once you are done scratching the surface, blow or wipe off any shavings.

The adhesive comes in a small, compact bottle and helps you to apply the required amount to your repairable items easily. The bond would be used in small amounts and only in spots that the UV light can work. In case you want to glue two objects together; it would be only applied to one of the items.

By holding the light in one hand, you have to aim the UV beam towards the adhesive that has been applied. It is recommended to hold the position for about 4 seconds, and in case the bond is used on a larger space, the light would need to be moved around a little bit.

For a longer-lasting and durable result, it is recommended to repeat these steps a few times. Using several layers of the adhesive would be more beneficial than applying one thick layer. Apply the glue, wait for it to dry and then apply another layer.

Benefits of Bondic Over Standard Glues

While most of you may consider this to be glue, but this product is not glued. It does function as an adhesive but is much better and creates a tighter bond that can last for a long time, maybe even for life. Some of the benefits are listed as follows:

  • Bondic helps in creating not only temporary bonds but permanent ones too.
  • It helps in replacing missing pieces when used as a filler and can help form tight, strong bonds when used as an adhesive.
  • The chemicals and other toxic ingredients that other glues use, Bondic does not use the same ones.
  • It works on most of the materials without requiring different glue for each type.
  • It comes with the convenience of storage wherein you can store the product anywhere without the worry of it drying out or sticking inside the bottle.
  • The adhesive can be used in moulds to create custom parts without the hassle of residue sticking to the bottle.

Disadvantages of Bondic

While this product caters to a lot of needs, it is associated with a few disadvantages as well:

  • It does work on most materials but not on all of them.
  • Cannot work without the UV light and needs this source to work
  • The bonds made might not necessarily last as long as you expected

What comes in the Bondic Kit?

There are different kinds of kits available for this product. The starter kit of Bondic includes:

  • Bondic Bottle: The essential item is the Bondic bottle, which contains the adhesive for multiple applications.
  • Applicator Tip: The applicator tip looks like ballpoint pens, and it allows the application of a thin layer of the adhesive to any surface.
  • UV light tool: Bondic can not work without this tool, but for some kits, you might have to purchase the product separately.
  • Carrying Case: The basic kit includes a metal carrying case that has a bright silver finish. It is big enough to hold all supplies and has enough space for the UV light as well.

Where can you buy Bondic, and how much does it cost?

To buy the legitimate product and one that has an accurate starter, it is recommended to purchase this product directly from their website or Amazon. When you buy a product from Amazon, you can have an idea about the product as well as its review; positive or negative. Both the starter kit and the refill kit are available on Amazon. You can quickly get a replacement for a UV tool on Amazon as well.

Amazon lists the starter getting at a price comparatively lesser to its official website for about $29.99. It also offers tons of deals and promotional offers to buy the product in a more significant quantity.

The official website prices the product higher and also has the hassle of an added shipping cost, which the customer has to bear. The advantage of buying from the official website is that exclusive merchandise is made available such as the gift set and the refill kits. The official website sells the UV light for less than $10.

Should you buy it?

Bondic was started as a crowd-funded project on Kickstarter, and more than 6000 users on that website donated more than $300,000 to help create this prototype that would become fully functional.

An essential feature of this product is that it dries clear, meaning while others glued dry in white colour or a darker/browner colour, Bondic dries up completely clear. Because it is crystal clear, any other acrylic powder of any colour can be added to create a custom colour, matching the product you want to use the product on.

Also, Bondic comes with instructions that are easy to interpret and apply. There are only a mere four steps that are needed for the working of this product. It is not just glue and is moldable for the products that need shape and helps create replacement parts as well.

The most significant competitors of Bondic are the Gorilla Super Glue Gel, but Bondic forms stronger bonds. Another competition is Lazer Bond, which relies on button batteries that can wear out quickly.


Bondic is one of the handiest products available in the market and is capable of handling almost all types of jobs. Not only can it be used for repair jobs, but can also be used to fix leakages before a plumber gets to your place. It works well on interior and exterior jobs as well and is great for kids and their craft projects.

In addition to this, it maintains its liquid consistency throughout and can be stored almost anywhere. Bondic is the ideal choice and is a high-quality adhesive that works on materials ranging from wood to metal to plastic.