Better Back Review 2020 – Correct Back Posture or Scam?

Better Back Review – Introduction

When we were children, we were always told to sit with our back straight to keep a good and straight posture. But as much as you try to alert yourselves, the body naturally starts slouching. This can eventually cause pain in the back as time passes.

So at one point in time, we all suffer from some kind of back pain. This could be due to stress, slouching your back, carrying heavy weight or sometimes it could be genetic too. 

Nobody wants to suffer from this kind of pain and everybody wishes that at some point they could do something to fix it. It is a fact that back pain is one of the leading causes of disability all around the world today. 

It is one of the most common reasons to take an absence from work as per data. Well, now there is a product that can help reduce the problem drastically called the Better Back seat support, which is a posture corrector to help get a better and painless back.

What is Better Back?

A Shark Tank approved product, Katherine Krug who aimed to find a solution to the back problems that people face launched the product. 

The better back is a device that helps in improving the posture with the help of strapping a brace around the back and then wrapping the straps of it around your knees. 

The basic requirement of this product is that it needs to be worn for 15 minutes regularly. Wearing it for so much time helps regain the natural body posture and whether you are sitting or standing, your posture will improve with the help of Better back.

Better Back review

History of Better Back

Katherine Krug who thought of this great idea and went to Shark Tank to pitch it to the sharks launched this product. With the hope of getting at least one shark in her kitty, she went and convinced them to take her on board. Since then, the product has been widely recognized and also has performed very well in the market. This Better Back broke all records on Kick Starter as it surpassed the million-dollar mark on the campaign. She was able to raise over $1.65 million when her goal was only $12500.

She was the first single entrepreneur to have achieved this much success on the Kickstarter campaign intending to help find a solution for their poor postures. 

The Process

The Better Back comes in a zip-up pouch and measures 10×9 inches. The product’s thickness is about 2 and a half inches meaning that it isn’t too bulky or big a product to you. But yes it definitely wouldn’t fit into your purses. The product once taken out of the package comes with padded back support with two nylon straps that are attached and have to be worn on your knees. The straps also include kneepads that help in supporting and cushioning your kneecaps or shins.

Once the loops have been placed properly and the pad is positioned according to your comfort, the straps should be a tug on the sides to make the whole thing upright. After this, you could clip the straps on each leg together, which will help improve your posture and alignment better.

Once the Better Back is pulled up and made to stand upright, the knees act as the pillars of this device and the pad is pulled forward. It is similar to someone pressing your back to get you to sit up straight. 

This device does not take more than 5 minutes to wear and is a great sign of comfort. It is quite effective and helps one improve their postures in a short period.

How does it Work?

An alternative to popping pills; Better Back serves as a natural solution to help get rid of any kind of a pain in the back. If you keep on taking those pain killers you end up having a variety of side effects like mood swings, dizziness etc. This also hinders with your lifestyle eventually. 

Better Back works quite effectively and saves the effort of visiting a hospital, which eventually helps in saving time and money. This product is non-invasive and is completely natural that helps to provide solutions to people who suffer from back pains and are unaware of the causes of it. 

In case your problem has already been diagnosed by the doctor, it is recommended to consult the doctor before using Better back.

The device aims to target the muscles in the spine. For example, when somebody sits they would be pushed to sit straight, which is not the normal posture of our spine. Better back, the spine maintains its original position and also keeps straight by reducing pains in the back.

The Better back device also comes with a hot/cold pack, which is known to perform two main functions:

  1. It helps in reducing inflammation in the back.
  2. It also helps with providing nutrients to an injury or for the whole healing process of the body.

The product is ergonomic in its design and is quite functional as well. What it does is that the chair ends up taking the natural shape of the back and eventually all the strain and pressure would go away when you are sitting down.

Just wearing it for about 15-20 minutes a day is enough for it to start working and showing results that you would love.

Features of Better Back

The product was recognized quite soon and has tons of features packed inside it:

  1. Portability: The product can be applied anywhere because all one has to do is wearing it for about 15-20 minutes. The product is lightweight and although not too small, it can easily fit into the luggage or backpacks when you are travelling or just moving around. People, who suffer from severe back pains, can carry this with them even for vacations or business trips.
  2. Affordability: As per studies, Americans spend about $50 million annually to help get rid of back pains, which could include equipment, appointments or even therapy.

Better back puts a stop to this problem, as it is a one-time investment that helps in saving millions of dollars. It is affordable and of great use.

  1. Fast and Easy to Use: One of the simplest and easiest products to use, Better Back requires one to just strap it to their back and reap the benefits. For people who are looking to prevent severe back pain can also make use of this product and yield great results from it.

Benefits of Better Back

The product is great and has also been featured in Business Insider, Reader’s Digest, Yahoo and the Doctor’s. It offers several benefits including:

  • Affordable: The product is quite affordable and comes with a one-time investment.
  • Instant Support and Relief: All you have to do is set the time for 15 minutes and it will help give quick results by relieving your back pain.
  • Works Right Out of the Box: There is no installation involved and it is quite easy to use this product.
  • Fits Most Sizes: It doesn’t matter what size you are: tall short, skinny or chubby, the Better Back is made to fit all and can be customized for proper fit.
  • Easy to Travel With The product is lightweight and can fit easily into a bag. Does not have the hassle of recharging it or buying batteries. 
  • Makes every Chair Ergonomic: Better back can be applied to every chair and can work effectively wherever you sit.
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee: In case you are not happy with how this product works; you can always send it back within 30 days for free.
  • Posture Correction: Better back helps with correcting the posture 100% and in no time helps retain the body’s natural posture.
  • Reliable: This product is reliable and durable and works for a long time. No charging is involved and it is 100% tech-free.

Disadvantages of Better Back

The product is great and has no problem in yielding quick results but it comes with a couple of cons:

  1. When you initially start using this device, it might end up making your back muscles stiff, if you wear it for too long.
  2. The main drawback is that this product can only be worn when the person is sitting down. You cannot make use of it while standing, which might be a disadvantage for some professions like doctors, nurses etc.

Who is it for?

The better back can be used by anybody who is suffering from back pain or even wants to prevent any kind of back pain caused to them. It is a small device that targets the pain at the root, making it work effectively to improve your sitting posture.

For people who are doing desk jobs and are sitting most of the time in front of their computers, Better Back comes to the rescue. Businessmen, architects, and even people sitting at home can use this device and reap its benefits.


Better back as a product speaks for itself and is an ultimate solution for those who suffer daily from their back pains owing to their bad posture. 

We all have the tendency of slouching, which ends up ruining our natural posture, and eventually, we end up taking painkillers for it. But, with Better back life becomes much easier as it is a great solution for correcting your posture. It is a simple one-time investment and helps fix back pain for a long time. It not only yields quick results but is also something easy to use.

It is lightweight and portable and can be carried around anywhere to maintain a great posture. For it to work, you don’t have to wait for a long time because it yields results within a few minutes. People, who use this device regularly, can reap the most amounts of benefits of regaining their original posture. So, get this product, put it on daily for about 15 minutes and enjoy the ride.