Air Bolt Ultimate Review – Is this Smar Lock Worth It?

Air Bolt Review- Introduction

With everything in today’s date being smart around us, we as individuals are becoming smarter too. Everything is digital, and all that we use is bound to become the same too. When it comes to travelling, it has become almost impossible to keep your luggage from being stolen. A vacation is meant to be fun and exciting, but it really takes away half the fun when you have to be constantly concerned about your luggage.

Going to places like hiking, pools, gyms are so difficult because you always have a key in hand to keep your valuables safe. We could do anything to trade that feeling and just enjoy a visit to any of these places, hassle-free. But, now there is a smart solution to that called Air bolt smart lock. It comes bearing tons of features and advantages that induce you to make the purchase.

Traditional locks and customary locks either need a key to work with or a combination that one would need to remember. This becomes a tedious task, and not all the time can you recall what the number is. And in case none of this works, you will have to call in a professional who can help open up your bags with valuables.

What is Air bolt, Smart Lock?

Manufactured and launched in Melbourne, Australia Air bolt Smart Lock was produced with the aim of replacing traditional locks and making a smarter alternative. Air bolt is quite an inferior product compared to the other locks and with its primary concern being security, provides high performance to take care of your luggage and bags. One cannot define it as just a device for locking and unlocking; it is an altogether experience that has been innovated, keeping utmost security in mind.

Initially, this product was made to cover all aspects of a lock whether the functionality, the pricing and the competition. People from all over the world have recognized this product. It was featured in Forbes, Mashable, Ubergizmo, the Huffington Post and the Daily Beast. It is an awarded product, which was accredited by the Good Design Award in 2017.

The Air bolt is a one-of-a-kind luggage lock that helps to keep your valuables and belongings safe and secure. It is one of those products that can be accessed by your phones through an app via Bluetooth technology. So the whole anxiety that comes with keeping your luggage safe reduces with the use of this product.

Air Bolt review

Air bolt Smart Lock Design

It is called a smart lock because it comes with a futuristic look and is quite a small device that is just 55mm wide and 16 mm thick and only weighs about 4.8 ounces. It is quite a handy device to move around with and is compact in nature.

The Air bolt is made up from die-cast Zinc, and the locking mechanism makes use of a stainless steel rope. Stainless steel is used because it is quite durable and strong, making it work perfectly for the purpose it has been designed for. Also, Air bolt comes in a wide variety of colours like Code Grey, Persian Pink, Champagne, Bondi Blue, Amazon Green and Monza Red.

Basics of the Air bolt Smart Lock

Air bolt makes use of a system that simply eliminates the hassle of carrying your keys around or memorizing combinations. To make use of the smart lock, all you literally need is a smartphone. A smartphone with in-built Bluetooth would be the only requirement for getting the lock to open. It comes bearing the latest technology and makes use of the devices that are always next to us.

The Air bolt smart lock also comes with additional features that allow you to keep track of your luggage as well as keep a record on when it was unlocked.

Features of Air bolt Smart Lock

The Air bolt Smart Lock is an accredited product, and it is so easy to use. It comes with tons of features that are listed below:

Easy Phone Access: We all struggle with keeping keys, wherein we have different keys for the house, for the car and now for the bags too. But now, fortunately, we don’t have to worry about handling too many keys, because it simply works with the phone. 

  1. And if anything does go wrong with the phone, there is a backup code as well.
  2. One App, Multiple Locks: It doesn’t matter how many luggage locks you have. You have access to all the locks and can keep up a check on them with just one app.
  3. Proximity Alert: This lock comes with an alarm that would ring as soon as someone comes near your belongings. The alarm is loud and works well and alerts you as soon as there is someone in proximity to it.
  4. Share Access with Friends and Family: We often send stuff to our relatives and friends. With the help of this device, you can lock the baggage with this smart lock and grant access to it no matter where you are in the world. The security settings and permissions can be configured in this app easily.
  5. TSA Approved: The Airbolt Smart lock is approved by the TSA, and without the use of any bolt cutters, the TSA has a unique key that allows them to open up your luggage.
  6. Unlocking Notifications: Whenever your smart padlock opens, you are notified of the activity as well as the location where it was unlocked. It comes with a great tracking feature that helps know where the luggage really is.
  7. Rechargeable Battery: The smart lock is small and does not require too much paraphernalia to function. The Bluetooth lock comes with a rechargeable battery that needs charging once a year. It also includes a micro USB cable that you can charge it wherever, whenever.
  8. AES 128-bit Encryption: The Bluetooth technology used with this smart lock is encrypted with AES 128-bit Encryption, which is similar to what banking institutions use. Hence, it proves its viability and security.

How does Airbolt Smart Lock Work?

As mentioned numerous amounts of time, the Air bolt smart lock works with Bluetooth technology. It only requires the user to download the app and pair it with your phone to start making use of it.

It comes with a step-by-step tutorial that comes with the app to help configure some settings for making use of this device easily. Details like the name of the device, a picture and a back up unlock code for extra security can be added as well. Also, there is an added feature that enables one to set up the proximity that you require for your phone to unlock the device.

The built-in alarm system alerts the user when anyone is in proximity to it or when the bag moves away from you. Hence, worrying about where your bag went is no more needed and you can just enjoy your time hassle-free.

In addition to this, it comes with a log system that has the details of when the lock was opened. There is tons of accuracy and security associated with this product as it provides accurate information about when the bag was last opened and its location.

If you are visiting a crowded place and are one of those extra paranoid people, do not worry because the smart lock comes with a GPS technology that can help track the bag, no matter where you are. You also have a better chance to look for the bag even if the lock has been removed.

Benefits of Air bolt Smart Lock

There is not much to say about this bag because it is one of the best innovations to keep your luggage and belongings safe and secure.

  • The security features are excellent, and that calls for a great performance by this device.
  • It comes with LED indicators
  • It also has an alarm for proximity sensing
  • An Excellent app for a companion
  • Approved and Accepted by the TSA
  • Made with a stainless steel cable that is braided and covered

The disadvantage of Airbolt Smart Lock

One cannot find many disadvantages that can be associated with this product, but if you have to talk about one, then the only problem that one can encounter with this device is that sometimes there can be signal interference. When there is a problem with the signal, the app slows down a bit, and you might have to be patient in these times. Other than that, the device is perfect with its attributes and advantages.

Air bolt Pricing and Warranty

You can buy this product online and is not costly as compared to the benefits it provides. It is available on various online portals, and occasionally; there are deals and promotions that go around for buying this product at a better and affordable price. The Air bolt smart lock retails at $78.99 dollars.

When it comes to their warranty, the company allows 30 days for returns in case there is anything wrong with the device. The only catch is that you have to return the product without actually opening it or using it and has to be returned in the exact same condition it was received.

All you have to do to return the product is to email their support team, and you could be asked to record a video of what is faulty with the device and send it. Incase they deem the reason to be fit; you are sent a new device and which you will have to pay the shipping.

Air bolt- TSA Compliant

Air bolt completely respects all standards and regulations that have been set by the TSA, and you can travel with it wherever, without any kind of restrictions. The standards of TSA could be applied at an airport where the representative might have to open your luggage using a master key.

With the feature of the detailed log, you can assess exactly how many times your luggage was opened.


Started with the help of a crowdfunding campaign in 2015, Airbolt literally made about four to five times more than they had aimed for. This product is highly recommended and is used everywhere to ensure your luggage and belongings are safe and secure. To come up with such a product, it took a lot of time and research. It is a great innovation that needs to be constantly upgraded to make it work with the changing times.

Moreover, Air bolt aims for complete customer satisfaction, and with so much that this product is offering, one is bound to try it. It is a value for money product and takes even the slightest details like maintaining logs and location tracking an important aspect of the product.