Aculief Review 2020 – A Wearable Acupressure for Your Pains

Aculief Review- Introduction

With all the stresses and problems that are going on in the world today, one is bound to get headaches and migraines all the time. We all at some point of time suffer from sudden headaches or just unbearable ones at times. Usually, the migraines go away themselves, but sometimes they might just stay there and become even more unbearable with time. 

As per the statistics, more than 37 million people today suffer from migraines regularly. Some of them are quite intense and can cause a hindrance in our daily lives and at times could add symptoms like sensitivity to sound or light, nausea and vomiting, tingling and numbness, which can get very frustrating and tough. 

Some people are prescribed certain medicines and some would require an alternative treatment therapy. Migraines could also be caused due to hormonal changes and would require certain lifestyle changes and if nothing else works then you can always try acupressure (acupuncture).

To get rid of the migraines, an innovation called the Aculief is here. It is a device than you can wear on your hands for acupressure. 

What is Aculief?

Most of the times, these alternative techniques of acupressure are usually the last choice for most people. But, today people are becoming more open with alternative options for healing and getting rid of the pain. Lots of products have been introduced for this purpose and help with different kinds of illnesses, Aculief is considered to be one of those. 

Aculief is a gadget that can be slid into your hand, between the thumb and forefinger to help with intense migraines. And to prove it, it is backed by science regarding its working.

aculief review

How was Aculief Started?

Jon Doogan, the founder became aware of the concept of acupressure during college. He would complain about headaches to his friend and his friend suggested him an acupressure technique to get rid of the pain, which worked successfully and that is when Jon decided to bring this smart technique out to the world through a product. 

How does Aculief work?

Aculief is derived from an ancient healing practice in China called acupressure. This technique works by applying pressure on specific parts of the body to release the energy, for it to flow to the acupoints that help to heal the body without using any form of medicines. 

The endorphins hormones are triggered when pressure is applied to the specific body parts, which are considered to be the body’s natural pain combatants. The gadget is used for putting pressure on the union valley acupoint, or HeGu that is in between your index finger and thumb. As per research and science, if one applies constant pressure on the LI-4 acupoint, all pains in the body including headaches will reduce significantly.

Especially people, who are battling cancer and other diseases that cause pain to their bodies, use this technique to gain a certain amount of relief from pain. This technique is more viable and better than most supplements where the traditional treatments are not used.

History of Aculief

As earlier mentioned, Jon Doogan created this device to provide acupressure solutions for people suffering from body pains and headaches. Not only was he looking to benefit himself, but also help others in this process of healing by providing solutions for their pains regularly. 

Aculief is a patented solution for people who suffer from headaches and who are looking to adopt alternative options as their solution. Aculief is the short form of Acupressure Relief and has helped hundreds of people around the world. This device is also used to relieve the stress and tension we face in our lives and even works in improving our body’s energy. 

Aculief is one device that is a wearable one and helps use the technique of acupressure with equal pressure on all sides. All you have to do is wear this device and clip it on the LI-4 joint. 

How do you use Aculief?

This device does not require any kind of effort to use. It is non-intrusive and does not allow the body to intake any kind of chemicals that may reduce the pain temporarily but might harm your other organs in the process. Especially for those migraines, Aculief is the solution to your problem and helps you use traditional methods that were used in ancient times to help relieve pain in the body. 

The product is designed specifically for the LI-4 point of your hand, where pressure is induced on a particular point. As soon as you feel you are going to have a headache, you can quickly grab the Aculief gadget and start using it for it to do the job its been assigned to do. No medications are needed to support this process. The package usually includes two of the devices, but at one point in time, you would only be required to use one.

Users who have made use of this product state that it takes only a couple of minutes to show the results, but for people with more severe pain, could take a little longer. You can wear this device for as long as you want and it doesn’t cause any side effects or problems in your body. For pregnant women, it is advised not to use this product as it can induce contractions and problems with lactation.

How does Aculief help you?

As per research and studies, the device Aculief comes with sound scientific backing and it works in sync with the physiology of our bodies. It does not aim to put down any other form of medicine but for those who choose to not keep on popping pills, it serves as a great option. The Aculief is a simple and easy solution that makes use of the natural aspects of the body to combat any kind of sickness. 

Benefits of Aculief

Aculief serves as one of the best alternatives to allopathic and homoeopathic medicines and comes packed with tons of advantages:

  1. The product is safe to use and serves no kind of complications or side effects.
  2. It is a drug-free acupressure device that provides pain relief.
  3. This device comes with scientific backing and provides immediate relief to its users, within a few minutes; one can get rid of the pain.
  4. The product is easy to use and is wearable. For people who are on the go can take this device with them, wherever the go.


The Aculief is available on the official website and can also serve to be a great gift for your family and friends. The product is offered with deals and promotions and there is no shipping cost involved for the same. 

Aculief also offers a 60-day money-back guarantee and ensures that the end-user is completely satisfied with their purchase. If not, the product can be returned within 60 days for free.

Who should buy Aculief?

If you are somebody who suffers from migraine attacks and pains and stress, then you should try out Aculief. It is considered to be much more effective than the over the counter medicines, drugs, hormone therapy and lifestyle changes that you undertake to get rid of the pain. The device is a great pain-relieving solution and even provides relief in terms of time and money. 

In addition to this, those who are willing to use an alternative treatment and are fed up of using the drugs regularly should try out this product. To go hindrance free with your daily routine and cannot afford to keep on taking medicines to relieve pain in the head or even in different parts of the body, then Aculief is made for you. It is a traditional and simple technique using the most natural method to get rid of your illnesses and make your lives healthier and happier.

Is Aculief Durable?

The Aculief gadget is packed with benefits and is also quite durable, which makes the product last for a long period. The product is a one-time investment and is rest assured that once you start using this product, you will end up having lesser headaches and even lesser pain. The product is effortless in its use and is so compact that it can be carried with you no matter where you go. It is also completely waterproof and you do not have to worry about it getting spoiled, anywhere near water.

Awards and Accolades

The Aculief device is made to relieve any kind of tension that one faces in terms of migraines and other pains. The product is widely acclaimed and is recommended by brands like Elle, The Wall Street Journal, The Hallmark Channel, The Huffington Post, Yahoo, The Doctors and the Grommet. 

Aculief has also received an award from Natural Expo West for the Best New Product.


Aculief as a product is great and is universal in its size. It can fit all types of people and whether your hand is small or big, Aculief will definitely come to your rescue and will fit into your hands easily. 

The product also comes in different colours and offers a variety of options as per your liking. It is quite a comfortable device to wear and to move around with.


The Aculief known as Acupressure relief is great to use as an alternative method to taking over the counter medicines for solving with pain in the form of migraines, headaches and more. This product is great to use and is widely available and recognized. Founded by a passionate lover for Acupressure, Aculief provides quick relief to your daily lifestyle.