Xtra PC Review 2020 – Plugin the Speed


Computer becoming too slow and the processor becomes super tedious to work with? Investing abundant working hours and still not getting the results you are looking for?

Xtra-PC comes to your rescue as it offers the perfect solution for people working with old and groggy computers, who have no patience in dealing with installing new software from time-to-time or buying a new computer every single time.

Now let us understand why your computers can become slower over time:

  • Specific programs take a significant portion of your space
  • There is not much space available on your device
  • Background apps are always running, without seeking permission
  • Limited RAM
  • Too many files saved on the computer
  • The device might have viruses/malware.

What is an XTRA-PC?

It is a tiny thumb drive that you can plug into the USB port of your computer, like any other pen drive. It works by fixing your slow, outdated operating system and making it a quick, speedy, full-featured LINUX OS operating system instead.

It makes life simpler because you can easily make this problem disappear by buying it and not wasting tons of money on new laptops and computers. There isn’t much hassle or working also involved with this product. The XTRA-PC is fully compatible with computers, laptops and netbooks made from 2004 onwards.



From time to time, we hear people complaining about those devices slowing down, hanging often and just being a menace, instead of a solution. It is a device and how it affects systems cannot always be controlled because there could be tons of factors that cause such a situation to occur.

No matter what reason, it is never an enjoyable experience to deal with an annoying, boring, slow computer. Instead, it is such a frustrating experience that you have to overcome daily.

  • With regular updates on your devices and software upgradations, the device is bound to become slower over time. This is where XTRA-PC provides a solution. It gives your old laptops a speed boost and works the way you got them in the first place.
  • XTRA-PC allows you to put the Linux operating system into your computers, with the use of a simple and compact flash drive. By potentially increasing the speed of your computers and by providing extra memory on the external drive, this product helps improve the performance of the old, worn-out machines you have been using.
  • Every computer uses an operating system for its running, and all these systems charge a licensing fee, including tons of software and programs, you never really make use of. By making use of XTRA-PC, you can surpass this whole headache and use Linux as your operating system, through an external device.
  • People who have limited knowledge of computers, really struggle with the installation of the software and just how to use it. The customer support provided by the makers of this product is commendable, and provide help like no other for present and future use as well.


Try to recall how easy it is to put in those pen drives and use it for whatever purposes you want. Using the XTRA-PC is as simple as that and comes with quick, easy steps for usage:

  1. On arrival of the product, open the package and start your device.
  2. Insert the XTRA-PC into your USB Port on the computer. Keep in mind that you close the running programs before inserting it.
  3. A window should come up asking what you want to do with the device.
  4. Click on that pop-up and download Linux onto your computer.

Although it is a simple process, the time taken can vary based on the speed of your Internet. It could take minutes to download or even hours, but once it is done, you will notice some changes on your screen or the homepage.

Finally, once it downloads, you can use the operating system from your homes, work, or anywhere else.


The Linux OS provides the same operating system as any other PC and offers all the features a regular PC does. Some of them are listed as follows:

  • Sending messages and checking your Email
  • Listening to music and viewing photos
  • Browsing through websites and social media websites
  • Downloading files
  • Use of spreadsheets, word programs etc.
  • Watching shows, movies and videos
  • Working on documents and files

All programs and software can be accessed with the help of the Linux OS. The only important thing to keep in mind is that all files are not transferable. While you are looking to ramp up your speed, to have access to all your favourite programs, it would be mandatory to scan for viruses and check with the Internet Service Provider for a signal booster.


For anyone who is frustrated using the same, old tedious and slow computer, this product is a perfect choice. While you can delete all your unnecessary files and programs to free up your space and improve your speed, the XTRA-PC is suitable for users who are comfortable with using a different operating system and some others include:

  • Computers that stopped working due to viruses and malware
  • Those who have old computers with even older operating systems
  • A computer that has a limited hard drive
  • Computers where the operating systems got wiped out

Any computer that comes with a USB port and a good Internet connection can use the XTRA-PC.

There are tons of programs that you can add with the use of the brand new Linux operating system that includes:

  • Games
  • Anti Virus Software
  • Photoshop
  • Netflix
  • Document editing soft ware’s, and so on.


Anything new takes a little bit of time to adjust, and it takes time also to understand the feel of the product you are using. While some have excellent knowledge about operating systems and computers, others might struggle with downloading the software and using it.

The XTRA-PC has several pros and is listed as follows:

  1. It is excellent for people who are beginners. For those who want to learn Linux basics and are comfortable with that operating system, XTRA-PC is a perfect buy. A USB stick that includes the operating system already installed and instructions to help use the system is one of the ideal deals for those beginners out there.
  2. Malware is the files that you accidentally pick up while surfing the web and downloading programs/games. With the use of XTRA-PC, you can stay safe from viruses and other hazards to an extent and even helps prevent from downloading dangerous/harmful files.
  3. The XTRA-PC device helps you with staying safe on the web. The cookies you leave after using the website can help track your online movements usually. To avoid that circumstance, the XTRA-PC enables you to browse the web anonymously, without providing any detailed information.
  4. The old computers that were lying around can now be made of use.
  5. All three products offered by this company come with an updated version of the Linux OS.
  6. Significantly improves the speed of your computer.
  7. Yahoo, USA Today and ABC are some of the leading websites that make use of this product.
  8. Based on how much speed and storage you want, you can choose the product.

Once we have considered all the benefits attached to the use of this product, there are some negatives that a customer can come across as well that include:

  1. It takes a bit of time to set up the product.
  2. Programs and software that your older operating system used would no longer be viable to operate.
  3. High chance of files being blocked on your computer.
  4. The shipping rates are a little high for this product.
  5. It is not entirely clear as to how to use it with a Mac.

Now that we have understood the pros and cons of this product, it is also essential to know where you can buy the product. It is readily available on websites like Amazon firstly but the reviews there are relatively low. Therefore, using the original XTRA-PC website is safe, avoids duplicity and would come in its original package.

The website offers:

  • A good warranty
  • Quick shipping
  • A diverse range of products to choose from
  • Numerous payment methods and systems
  • Continuous customer support

A significant advantage to note is that all the purchases made through the website come with a 30-day money-back guarantee as well.

Considering all the points associated with the device, the company XTRA-PC has different types of products as well, which are as follows:


To save a little money and at the same time to understand the basics of the product, it is recommended to try the Turbo16 first. The original site gives it for 10 dollars cheaper and helps in ramping up your computer speed to quite an extent.


It helps increase the speed of the operating system 1.5 times more than the TURBO 16. Not only does it help in making the computer run faster, but it also offers additional storage. Important documents, photos, files can all be stored on this site.


The best XTRA-PC is available in the market today with features like no other. The pro is the best model and doubles the speed of the Turbo16 along with providing an additional 64GB of storage data for saving files, photos and videos. Moreover, it comes with the file rescue software and also lets you restore some files from the old computer.


The XTRA-PC is an excellent product that comes with a reliable customer service that is made available throughout, and the delivery is made within two business days, which is quite commendable. In conclusion, the device is quite a suitable device for any computer/laptop. By boosting up the potential speed of the computer and upgrading the performance levels, this product adds a lot of value.

It helps you save time and money by making your daily tasks enjoyable, comfortable and keeps you safe from malware, data leaks. Not only is it a handy product, but it also works on most modern computers without the hassle of buying a new one. All you need to make this product viable is own a laptop with a USB port and system requirements that suit the product. So don’t worry about getting frustrated and annoyed, and the XTRA-PC provides you with support and solutions like no other.